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Friday Errands

D and I normally do not run errands on Fridays because of the almost weekend crowd. But today we made an exception. We dropped several things off at the recycling centre. Then proceed to have the car checked and approved. We then went to two drinks stores to stock up on our beers.


Costly Health

“The ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” said Warren Buffett. – Wall Street Journal

In my mid-thirties and at the peak of my career, I have followed my heart and moved from the US to Belgium. Back then, it had seemed to be a risky life-changing decision. My decision has led to ten years of improved health under one of the best (and inexpensive) healthcare systems in the world.

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Home-Made Fries

It took me an entire week plus a day to recover from this horrendous 2018 flu. Today is definitely a better Saturday than the one last week. I completed all my Saturday chores without having to deal with muscle aches or dizziness. Therefore, it is time to celebrate the return of my health with some home-made fries. Back to enjoying making meals for D and I.

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Delicious Deep Sleep

There is a simple and very logic explanation as to why I cannot sleep well when I am ill. Being sick means I tire easily, and that in turn makes me rest a lot during the day. Sitting and napping are not things that encourages a good night sleep. I now realise that I need a significant dose of daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. in order to put my body in low energy mode.

Since recovering from this flu two days ago, I have gradually return to being my squirrelly self. The moving about has at last allowed me to have my usual pass-out type of sleep. I slept well last night. Oh how I have missed my deep, glorious, dream-filled sleep!

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At last, a daytime nap that did not leave me feeling groggy and worse. I actually feel a bit rested now. The restless nights have been taking a toll on my well-being. Now I am on my way of getting better, I hope.

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Down & Out

I wanted to write that I will be putting a fight against this horrendous virus infection. But as the day went by, my body started to ache all over and my head felt like it was filled with lead. That’s it people, I can no longer function properly. Down and out. Slaapwel.

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Ginger Root

A friend once told me that the Cantonese people are known for their heavy usage of ginger root.

So, maybe it is the Cantonese in me that is calling out for ginger lemon tea in order to suppress the beginning of a cough. For lunch today, I made carrot soup so that D may have something warm for his quizzy stomach. But I inadvertently spiced this with a bit too much grated ginger. Luckily, D’s fine palette is in a coma right now?!

At this moment, my brain is actively recalling and searching out recipes that include ginger root as one of the ingredients. Who knows, maybe this culinary preference is going to speed up D’s recovery and strengthen my immunity. One can hope…

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Pick Me Up Walk

Holy crap, I needed to get out of the house! It was smelling like sick and fever in here.

So despite it being rather windy and my head feeling weird, I went out. I made my slow walk to the baker to buy a loaf of white bread, and then to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

It did me good.