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Backyard Camping

The nights are going to be hot hot hot this week. So, D set up an old tent in the backyard for me. First reason in wanting to do this is because I have never ever camped in my life. Camping is simply not in my culture, my lifestyle up till now, nor was there ever a need or opportunity. Secondly, the backyard might be more refreshing than the warm and stuffy bedroom, thus allowing for better sleep. I will know as soon as I try it, this evening…

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Dry Heat

Today is the first day of a week-long heat wave! Since we are currently in the middle of a serious drought, the upcoming dry heat will definitely be fatal to a lot of living things. For weeks, grass has dried up and gone dormant. Certain plants will not survive this summer. Heck, there were already a few drownings in the past weekend when we were still below the 30s. These poor souls wanted to cool off by jumping into a body of water. Unfortunately, there are some of us who are oblivious to the dangers of thermal shock.

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Little Drops

It rained a little yesterday. Enough to have made our terrace wet. D said that the short light rain was like tiny droplets on a hot pan. We probably need like days of heavy rain to replenish the water tank and to water the plants sufficiently. But in my opinion, every drop counts. I am a glass half-full type when it comes to facing the dry season. It might be my imagination, but the grass seems a bit greener this morning.

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Spider Army

One of the ways in dealing with the current summer heat is to keep the back door open in the evenings. This ventilates and cools down the house quite effectively. Unfortunately, doing so also lets in the occasional stray flies or mosquitoes. Flies I can get rid of relatively easily because they are big and noisy. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, just drive me nuts. Summer is never the favourite season of a mosquito magnet.

Then… I started noticing a few strange but definite disappearances. Maybe this has something to do with the cobwebs which I have left undisturbed? How cool is it that I have an army of spiders which are gobbling up those pesky mosquitoes and fruit flies? Oh yeah!

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Currently, I am reading (listening to) the hard science fiction novel known as Seveneves. This is not my first encounter of the works by Neal Stephenson. A few years back, I have read Snow Crash, a novel containing high speed chases, virtual worlds, avatars, robot dogs, and etc. Admittedly, I can no longer remember most of the storyline nor the ending of the novel.

Seveneves on the other hand will be more memorable. Reason being that there is a specific geeky part in my brain that caters to remembering stories related to the survival of humanity through intelligence and resilience.


Two Types Of Potatoes

This afternoon, D and I did a quick grocery run to purchase some of our monthly staples. Because there are no ‘old potatoes’ available anymore, we ended up buying two types of new potatoes – 5 kilo red and 5 kilo regular. I like red potatoes…

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Stir-Fried Lettuce

Chinese do not usually eat raw vegetables. So being from Chinese ancestry, I have been eating stir-fried lettuce when growing up in Malaysia.

Now living in a land of abundance, I realised that this happens to be the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a whole lot of lettuce. All you need to do is to cook the lettuce leaves in a little bit of vegetable oil, add some garlic and a dash of oyster sauce. This method allows you to reduce a whole head of lettuce into just a bowl of green veggie goodness. You may eat this with rice, noodles, or heck I put it in between my bread.

I might be the inventor of the stir-fried lettuce sandwich?!