Random images that I find funny, interesting, and worth the mention. Enjoy…

Through Thick & Thin!





Star Trek Rules!!!


Gent 2008

2008 - Ghent, Belgium

Two old ladies…taking a short rest and enjoying  their ice-creams within the cool stones walls of St. Jacob’s. A sight to behold, and something to smile about.


2001- Lahad Datu, Malaysia

This silly kitten was sleeping in an empty can next to the paints. It was probably pretty tired and wasn’t able to find a good place to lay down. Funny how it was propped up like so and didn’t even wake up when I took the picture. The darling little kitty was one of many Siamese mix I have when I lived in Malaysia.


1974 - Lahad Datu, Malaysia

1974 - Lahad Datu, Malaysia

I was 3 years old when my dad took this picture. It was in the dining room of my parents’ rented house at the teachers quarters of St. Dominic’s. I love that I looked so frumpy! My t-shirt says I’m A Little Angel. Hehe, yeah right.