Bus Ride

As a follow up action to my post on the 9th of this month, I took my first bus ride in Belgium yesterday!

It has been a while since I took a bus.┬áSo, I was quite relieved to have Liu, my classmate, guiding me through the system. No need to fumble about … though I am no stranger to that. I can be the idiotic foreigner if the occasion calls for it.

Anyway, the bus ride from Kortrijk to Harelbeke was quite nice. Not too many passengers, no one got loud or rowdy (San Francisco), no noisy teenagers (Kalamazoo), and no stinky people (Las Vegas), well at least not yet…

From now on, I will be taking the bus after school. Save D some time and trouble. There will be a short walk from bus stop to home. But I like taking walks. It clears my head and free my thoughts.

I’ll be taking the bus to school one day soon … but one thing at a time.


One thought on “Bus Ride

  1. I took the bus to school this morning. And guess what? I stepped on the bus that goes the opposite direction. Why? When I know full well that I stop at this side of the station when I return home! Luckily I know to ask first and manage to catch the right one heading the right direction. The idiotic part happened today and hopefully not many more times.

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