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Sudoku Winner

For several months now, I have been happily solving the Sudoku puzzles one may find in the city’s monthly magazine. I did the puzzles for fun. And for a laugh, I submitted these solutions to enter the monthly Sudoku competition held by the city’s administration.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the city on Monday afternoon, informing me that I am the winner of April’s Sudoku competition. I was told to go by the city hall to collect my prize. How cool is that?!

At around eleven this morning, I took a lovely walk to the city hall to collect my €10 gift card. This, I was informed, can be spent at the many businesses in Harelbeke. How blissful it is to have received a small reward and becoming one of the winners. Furthermore, my name will appear on May’s edition of the city magazine. Awesomeness!