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E3 2019

It is the E3 cycling event in Harelbeke again. At around 11am this morning, D and I walked to the buses to see if we may spot a few well known cyclists. Then, we went to the podium to see the introductions of the cycling groups. The start of the race was at 12.15pm, and as usual short-little-me only caught a glimpse here and there through the gaps amongst the crowd. I made up for it by holding the camera up high and clicking randomly.

Before heading home, D and I lined up to get a free serving of fries each. There were quite a lot of shuffling and pushing – ah yeah, free food.

Once a year in March, we may walk in the middle of the street. Last evening, we even got to bike in the middle of the street like the cyclists did today. But that’s a story for another time…