Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Autumn Window Cleaning

The late afternoon sun in autumn tends to review much.

So today, I made my simple window cleaning concoction, picked up a soft sponge, some rags, the window vacuum, and cleaned the windows.

A few years back, I have learned to ignore the many windows in this house, making window cleaning a low priority chore. I am not ashamed of the not-so-clean windows nor am I afraid to say that I only clean the windows once a month or only when I feel like it. There is no way in the world that I can be pressured into becoming one of those weekly-window-cleaning people.

So once a month (or longer if there is a drought), cobwebs will be swept away, bird poops washed off, and all my windows blink till the next rain fall. And oh, the right shoulder will hurt for days especially in the evenings because old age sucks…