Jibber Jabber

Eight Euro Short

This Friday afternoon, D and I went to Kortrijk to check out a 3-day side-walk sales. As usual, I am the least interested half when it comes to buying non-food items. My head started to spin after half an hour of clothing stores.

Fortunately, we proceeded to the next thing on our afternoon agenda without much delay. D and I dropped by our go-to Asian market so that I may purchase a few items I need. On our way home, we stopped by the local grocery store to take advantage of certain coupons and promotions. My shopping cart balance was €8 short of getting a discount. Damn, sometimes you just cannot have it all.

After I have put away the grocery, D and I biked to the Lokaal. We bought a loaf of bread for tomorrow and some meat for next week. Even though we were tempted to order snacks, D and I managed to convince each other to just have one drink each. We then biked back home to prepare a late dinner. Money saved.