Belgium, Jibber Jabber

Coffee Time

This Sunday afternoon, we had a family of five over for coffee time. D has known H since the early 90s, and I have known and met H and his family on several occasions for years now. There is no better time than the present to re-connect and to get to know each other a bit better.

Quirky H and his lovely wife have very well-mannered children. We had two medium sized cakes, many cups of coffee, countless glasses of fruit juice and some shiitake chips. After a while, someone jokingly made a remark that the gathering felt a bit like a visit to some West Flemish grandparents. We chatted, laughed and ate some more when I fried up some of my home-made dumplings and spring rolls.

At the end of the day, D was laughingly accusing me of gorging our visitors with food. How I adore people, particularly children, who have healthy appetites and appreciation for unfamiliar food.

I think I can easily be that nutty grandmother who feeds the grandchildren like pigs and spoils them rotten…