Human Nature, Simplify


After a ridiculously warm and restless night, I woke up yesterday morning with a regret that bothered me for half a day. Bloody hell, I caved in and did not sleep in the tent because of a storm forecast which did not even occur! Argh!

To remove myself from the rotten feeling of self-pity, I asked D if he wanted to accompany me to the library (with the bike) in the afternoon. I need to get out of my comfort zone, be a bit brave and take calculated risks. I felt much better after the bike ride, renewing my library membership for another year, borrowed a book about vegetable gardening, and did some light grocery. Of course, the companionship was most helpful.

Later in the day, we joined the neighbours for drinks and a bit of socializing while their children played in the speelstraat. I walked back home to prepare dinner, ate dinner, rejoined the group and then left to call mom to have our usual Wednesday chats while D stayed on.

And not wanting to wallow in disappointment yet again, I slept in the tent last night. Read a bit, went to sleep, and woke up all rested at 7.30am. Yeah!