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New Venue

This Friday afternoon started with some beer purchasing. Well, isn’t that promising already?

After purchasing the beers, we drove on to D’s sister. D needed to fix a computer issue she has been having on her laptop. The IT support session turned out to be a bit longer than we anticipated but when it was done we continued on to Puur Vlees for our next week’s meat supply. There is no arguing that the meat from this butcher is amongst the best I know, but I still think the place is a bit too far of a drive. Ah well, I will try to make up for it by being a flexitarian more often.

When we reached home, we quickly stored away our purchases of beers and meat and headed off to the Lokaal. Today, Lokaal will be at its new location for the first time. And because it was a celebration, there were free food, free drinks and also live performances. I get to enjoy celebrating this event amongst the people and did not have to cook dinner this evening. Yeah to that.