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Winter Survivors

Today will be the warmest day of the week. Ideal weather for me to tidy up the back yard a bit. First task I did was picking out the dead ivy leaves from the hedge. It may seem like a pointless task to most people, but I find it strangely therapeutic. Then D and I planted out two tomato plants which were given to us by his father. After watering the tomato plants, D went back into the house. I stayed on to manually removed dry moss, unsightly weed and dead grass using a special turf rake. Because it got too warm and I was sneezing non-stop from grass pollens, I only managed to clear out a small patch next to the terrace.

What amazed me the most today was finding, in my vegetable patch, plants which have survived a not-so-mild winter. A bunch of garlic greens, one lovage plant (lavas in Dutch), a few dill plants amongst my strawberries, corianders (wow!), and lemon grass (double tropical wow!). Winter survivors…