The Black Hole Of Illness

Damn, it is Monday already. I have not turned on my computer since Thursday and my latest blog-post was last Wednesday! Instead of back-blogging, and despite this sickly haze I am still in, I will try to recollect and jot down what happened during this gap:

Tuesday – Walked to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. Coughing man in front of me was purchasing a serious batch of medication. Pharmacist was coughing too.
Wednesday – Found myself coughing (lightly) while chatting with my mom. I was not able to sleep well that evening due to sudden and persistent coughing fits.
Thursday – Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, dizzy, sharp pain at upper left skull, no appetite. Spend most of today sitting and staring into space.
Friday – Dizzy spell worsened, tired, uncontrollable runny nose, do not enjoy food. I managed to prepare dinner, but today’s dishes remain in the sink (this has not happened since my Vegas days).
Saturday – No longer dizzy but terribly tired, sneezing, using up lots of handkerchiefs, and coughing up phlegm. Food taste like salted cardboard. Despite the lack of energy, I have somehow managed to complete most of my Saturday chores.
Sunday – Felt a bit better but still coughing up nasties. Occasional bouts of sickly feeling while eating. Sharp sudden left skull pain is back in the evening. And what the hell, sore and scratchy throat too.

I hate sick days.