Jibber Jabber

Want Beer!

This Monday afternoon, D mowed the lawn while I removed dandelions and unsightly plants which do not belong. After D had loaded the car with a very full bag of yard clippings and an empty beer crate, we first stopped by the library so that I may borrow a book which has finally became available. Next was the pharmacy where I did my thing while D stayed in the car. From there, it was to the recycling park to toss our yard clippings. We then made a quick stop at a budget grocery store because asparagus is fifty percent off! Our last stop before heading home was a drink centre where we stocked up on beers and tonic water.

It was supposed to be 10°C cooler today, but it sure does not feel like it?! Damn, I really want a beer now, but it is no-alcohol Mondays. Bleh…