Jibber Jabber

Family Mysteries

I am spending way too much time watching tv. I find myself getting more and more tired and annoyed of the mindless stories, lame plots and weak characters shown on screen.

As antidote to this annoyance, I have started to divert some of my attention towards the stories of my ancestors. Having barely scratched the surfaces, I have already come to the discovery that my Chinese-born maternal grandmother had spent most of her life growing up in Singapore instead of China. A big part of her family left China in 1929 during the Chinese Civil War. Uncovering information regarding my family members (real people) and their life paths (real stories) is far more interesting than any tv series.

As of now, asking questions and creating rough time lines are my only methods on unearthing some family mysteries. I have not started to search for Chinese, Singaporean or Malaysian documents because I doubt that enough (if any) of these survived the years of wars, foreign occupations and migrations.