Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Gradual Removal

D and I were unable to agree on how and when we are to remove our Christmas ornaments. His mother removes everything only after Three Kings Day, which is 6th January. Whereas in my household, I (the one putting up the decorations) had total freedom as to when things are to be removed. And this is usually when I got tired of them. That, or other ornaments for another feast day had to go up. I also do not like an absolute one-time-removal because it leaves behind these sad little empty spots. One does not want to be sad this time of the year…

Therefore, I have come up with a simple solution to this silly dilemma. I shall only remove one or two things everyday. This process will be called gradual removal. It can also become a game for D – to spot what was removed on a specific day. Ha!