Belgium, Events


Today, my parents arrived in Switzerland. After their river cruise, they will come visit me. Two more weeks and they will be here!

After lunch, D and I went to our favourite Asian grocery store to stock up on some necessary items. The newly located store is definitely bigger and brighter. It will take us some time before we get familiar to the new venue. New or old, I still walked out of that store with a lighter wallet.

After putting away my purchases at home, we headed off to a recently popular Friday event known as ‘Lokaal’. This is a weekly market event which takes place inside an old but spacious venue that used to be a frame-making factory. The market consists of about ten stalls selling local produces ranging from diary products, fruits, vegetables, fishes, breads and meats. Oh, and this won’t be a Flemish thing if there wasn’t a bar and cafe. In the few hours D and I spent at the market, we ended up buying and drinking a bit too much.

In the evening after dinner, we were off to a birthday gathering, meeting people whom I haven’t seen in years.

Yep, this was one of those days filled with many happenings – big and small.