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E3 Harelbeke 2017

Yesterday was the 60th edition of E3 Harelbeke. This is probably the most important event of the year for Harelbeke. Schools were closed, some shops as well, and the streets were filled with people. Like all Flemish events, this one was not short on its food, drinks and music.

D and I walked out of our home before eleven in the morning. By the time we were satisfied gawking at the bus row of different cycling teams, it was time to witness the start of the race. After the cyclists were off, the public was offered free fries and small dishes from Michelin star restaurants! Before we left the house, I told D that I will not stand in lines getting push around by idiots clamouring for a sorry portion of fries. Well, luck was on our side and getting these free food turned out to be not difficult at all. I ended up having a pretty decent lunch. I had an entire portion of fries to myself, a lamb and peas dish, two egg dishes and a chicken dish. I also drank two local beers paid by D’s mom.

The best things in life are for free?!