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System Struggle

At the grocery store, an old man was having a panicky moment paying with his bank card. He kept telling the cashier that he has input his pin code correctly, that it is the fault of the card reader.

The old man’s struggle and embarrassment reminded me of the increasing difficulty of catching up with the times. It made me think of the old folks and their daily struggles with the ever changing technology around them. How do you use a phone these days? The door bell has a camera and the microwave is talking to the fridge via the internet. Oh for heaven’s sake, don’t get me started on those pesky self flushing toilets, automatic soap dispensers and faucets!

I thought of my ageing parents and wished that I could help the old man. Maybe he has just neglected to press enter? This also made me wonder about my later years. Will I be able to catch up and be in tune with this fast forwarding global culture of ours? Will I too struggle with my payments one day? Oh good grief…

In the quest of advancement, we need to simplify things. Not make things so complicated that we eventually forget or do not know how it works anymore.