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Michiel de Ruyter

In the weekend, D and I watched a movie depicting the historical acts of Michiel de Ruyter. As with any biographic and historical films, I have expected it to be dramatized and somewhat romanticized. Well, the drama and romance was definitely present. What I did not expect was the philosophical debates that went on in my head for several days afterwards.

Michiel de Ruyter led his fellow countryman to many victorious battles, becoming the most famous Dutch admiral. If the film is to be believed, he had wished to retire and to be with his family. However, amounting threats and his obedience to the prince made him leave his country for one last battle against the French.

The battle-tired man simply wanted to stay home, to live, and be surrounded by his love ones. Dirty politics and blind obedience to authority drove him to a bitter death. And that, bothers me a lot.