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Saturday Recharge

I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.
~Audrey Hepburn

I used to do the above when I lived and worked in Las Vegas. With the exception of Sunday church attendance, a stop at the gas station and maybe some grocery shopping afterwards.

Here in Belgium, I have learned to do speedy recharging. All I need is a few hours alone on an occasional Saturday.

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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~Jim Rohn

My mom, my si-fu, made discipline and structure an important aspect in our home life. Growing up, I am instilled with the life structures of fixed meal times, nap times in the afternoons, time for school work and revision, outside play time at 4pm, time to read, tv time and bed time at 8pm. In such, I have been building bridges to accomplish my goals and objectives all the years of my life.

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Good Teeth

Is it me or did January just zapped by at warp speed?!

First thing on the list today is my dental appointment for a yearly check-up and scaling. My dentist said my teeth are good. Hell yeah to good genes and regular oral hygiene.

Next, we dropped by the autokeuring to have D’s car checked. Aside from the usual wear-and-tear of a 10-year old car, all is good as well. No extra costs is always a good thing.

In the afternoon, I spent my time going through accounts and finances spanning three continents. Then, I went on to read the news. After reading more about this ludicrous travel ban, I quietly switched on my boycott mode.

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Stretched Too Thin

Someone in the family has been stretched too thin for months now. I am truly sorry for her. Having been in those situations many times in life, I know how stressful it is to be relied on by too many people. You begin innocently by putting out other people’s fires. Then suddenly you are starting to forget things. By the time you realise that you are being drag into a never-ending tunnel, you are already so deeply buried it is difficult to escape on your own.

I have been there, I have done those. My current lifestyle has allowed me to develop the wonderful kung-fu of saying no. Being kind to oneself is not a wrong-doing.

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Naggy Old Lady

Not long ago, I read an article linking alcohol consumption and cancer. In the same week, there was a TV program discussing the same research and findings. As a result, I have made it one of my 2017 objectives to significantly cut down on alcoholic drinks. The fact is I am too young to be drinking alcohol!

Speaking of new year’s objectives, one of grandma’s saying came to mind recently. Grandma said that she does not want to turn into a naggy old lady because it is annoying and useless. Hence, it is also one of my 2017 objectives to prevent myself from turning into a bitter and irritating individual. And grandma… grandma was calm and peaceful till the very end of her life. Bless her soul.

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Gardening Therapy

The November chill is bearable, so I spent some extra time in the garden today. I cleaned up the front and back yard a bit, buried my kitchen scraps, trimmed some grass borders, sowed some veggie seeds which can survive the darker months, tidied up the strawberry patch and added compost to my vegetable garden. I have also cleaned up all my gardening tools and put the garden hose back into the shed. Simply enjoying a nice autumn day in my garden…

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Autumn Garden Clean Up

It is about 10°C outdoors. But a little bit of cold is not going to stop me from cleaning up the back yard. So, I spent about an hour this morning burying my kitchen scraps, removed fallen leaves from around the fruit trees, took out some die-hard dandelions, removed some thick moss patches with the rake, and then raked some compost into those unsightly bald spots in the lawn. My take is, one can always do garden work as long as it is not raining!