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Not Hundred Percent

Tomorrow morning, I have to go to the hospital for a follow-up of my injured finger. It worries me a bit that my right hand is still not at 100%. I am hoping for the best, that my hand just needed another week of healing. But, I should also be prepared to accept and deal with any possible complications.

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Dental Checkup

This afternoon, I went to my no-bullshit dentist to have an annual check and scaling. As with my previous visit, the dentist once again suggested that I should consider having my two upper wisdom teeth removed. It is not urgent, but for the best. I should really ponder on this matter. Get rid of them or leave them be?


Injured Finger

It has been two weeks since I have injured my finger. My right hand is no longer swollen, but there is a small bump that is painful to the touch. While my hand is definitely healing, the injured finger’s dexterity is still at its minimum even though it has been buddy-taped to my index finger since day one. I read that this is normal. I also read, on a climber’s website, to not let the lack of pain fool me into overusing my finger and re-injuring myself. I need to remind myself to take it easy…


Boxer’s Knuckle

In the attempt of flicking off a small but painful splinter, the tendon of my right middle finger “popped” out of place!

After pulling the finger a couple of times, thinking that I have dislocated it somehow, D and I decided that it was best to go see a doctor about the matter.

At the local practice, the doctor who could not diagnose my injury forwarded my case to a specialist. So, at 11 o’clock yesterday morning, D and I ended up at the general hospital to have my hand looked into…

I was told by the hand surgeon that it was not a serious injury and I should heal in three week’s time. Damn it, that is a long time in my world!

In the afternoon, and still reeling in disbelief, I kept myself busy like I typically do. Everything I do had to be done in slow-motion.

By late afternoon, my right hand was swollen and I could not use it properly. Eventually, I felt a light numbing pain which extended from my injured finger to my upper right arm. The seriousness of the situation might be best noted by the fact that D had to peel the potatoes we were to have for dinner.

I read online that this condition is unofficially known as Boxer’s Knuckle. Some people needed six weeks to heal. There were even reports of an unlucky few whom never regain full flexibility nor grip strength.


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Eating Well

There is an English television program called Eat Well For Less, which D and I enjoy watching if we come across it by chance. The topic of eating well has always been an important aspect in our European Asian household. Whereas, the theme of eating healthy and on the cheap further intrigues me.

D and I have already been applying a lot of the tips and tricks mentioned in the television program. We have switched to cheaper white goods when it comes to basic food items like milk, sugar, flour etc. When it comes to meat and fresh produce, good quality makes up for the reduced quantity. I cook most of our meals and only eat out occasionally.

In my opinion, gradual minor lifestyle (habits) changes is the key to great, healthy, budget eating.

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Red Beet Goodness

This morning, I harvested a few bunches of red beets from the vegetable patch. The beets and their leaves were promptly washed and cut up. They went into a small pot along with a few cloves of home grown garlic, a couple of potatoes, water and some spices. These were then simmered for about an hour. After enjoying a lovely bowl of red beet broth for lunch, I used a hand-mixer to turn the leftover broth into a creamy red beet soup. Looking forward to some warm and yummy soup this evening.

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To Not Be…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That is a question that I have been asked countless times in my life. When I was a child, my answers had been a medical doctor, then a dentist, and later a veterinarian, because I loved all my pet dogs, cats, fishes, a turtle and a monkey. When I get to understand matters such as finances and rights, I realised and accepted what the world has in store for me and have thus carved my paths accordingly. I went off to business school and half a decade later, to design school.

When one has matured into a semi-stable personality, the real challenge is to distance oneself from the sort of people that can possibly mould you into the person you do not want to become.

What do you not want to be when you grow older?

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Sweet Slumber

When I glanced at the clock on my night stand this morning, it was 8.17am. Oh glorious sleep… how have I missed you in the past week!

Today’s temperature stayed below 20°C. How wonderful it that?! I can finally think straight and function like a normal person again. Without being enveloped in a heat haze, I was able to get a lot of things done at a healthy tempo. This body simply cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Note to self: sleep in a tent in the backyard next time.

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Warm Bedroom

D got up earlier than I this morning! We were unsure of the exact reason, but the most probable culprit was the increasing warmth in the bedroom. Welcome to the first day of this year’s first heat wave.

I have to admit that I slept relatively well last night. The comforter was taken out, leaving behind the cover as a light blanket. Our bedroom window was kept opened till 5am, I wore loose fitting cotton outfit to bed, I prepared an ice baby, and have followed some logic pre-bedtime procedures.

The temperature will be rising these next few days, making the bedroom uncomfortably warm. A good night sleep will be sort of a blessing for people without air conditioning. My backup plan and final option will be sleeping in a tent, like I did last year.