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Ladder & Veggie Stew

Not long after lunch, D and I set up the ladder inside the house so that we may reach and clean our roof-side windows. We have two of these unreachable windows and the last cleaning of the outside glass was many years ago.

It took us about an hour of trial and error to get one of the bigger windows relatively clean. I think we should have a redo when we start on the smaller window next week. At this point, we have yet to develop a more efficient approach and method.

Later in the afternoon, we went to buy meat straight from the butcher at the farm. If one wants to eat meat, at least make sure that it is quality product that comes from ethical farming and breeding. Next, D and I ran some little side errands of buying a bike light, a silly impulse purchase of cheap coloured lights, and a bit of grocery before heading home. After a short stop to unload our afternoon purchases, we drove off to Lokaal, met up with D’s mom whom has registered herself and I to eat hutsepot (a vegetable stew). An evening filled with good food, good drinks and cheerful company.

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This afternoon, I decided to read up on the topic as regards to groundwater. The sudden interest in this somewhat mundane matter must have been triggered by the serious drought this past summer. Even at this early stage of Autumn, we are still not getting regular rainfalls. The dusty windows are a testament to how unusually dry it is.

After an hour of reading, I came to a rather unnerving conclusion. Groundwater, a seemingly bountiful and almost-limitless source, is currently under stress due to insatiable demands. If huge volume of groundwater gets drain out too quickly, the ground surface might risk cracking and collapsing onto itself due to lack of water pressure from underground. There are certain craters and sink holes on Earth which support this claim.

Yep, yeast in a corked bottle…

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A Saturday In October

I woke up at 7.30am this Saturday morning. There goes the idea of sleeping in on a weekend. This however gave me an early start which allowed me to get things done sooner. By lunch time, all my Saturday’s chores were completed.

Later in the afternoon, D and I rode our bikes to the cultural centre to check out a handelsbeurs. Not much to see but we were offered free drinks. At least we were out of the house a bit despite the colder temperature. 

After we got home, D went on to mow the lawn and I started preparing a dinner of fries and stew. 

Just a simple Saturday in the month of October.

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Last Pot Of Honey

Knowing that the midday’s temperature will be above 20°C, D and I cycled to De Gavers to have our lunch by the lake.

After finishing our packed lunch of home-made sandwiches, we cycled around some more to enjoy a bit of nature and the glorious weather.

Because I still half-believe that local honey is a remedy against pollen allergies, I mentioned to D that I would like to purchase a pot of this golden goodness at the visitors’ centre. And what do you know… the young man who went in search for the honey came back from the storage room holding the last pot. Oh boy, what wonderful luck was that? It was like that I have won the lottery!

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Remembering Popo

It has been three years since grandma passed away. For the rest of my days, I shall let the positive happy aspects she brought into my life warm my heart. I will also try my best to learn from her mistakes and avoid the negative aspects she had encountered.

Today is also the warmest October 13th ever experienced in Belgium. I am wearing my blue summer dress for one last time…

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Troubled Rest

My mind was filled with family matters last night. So, when I woke up at around 2.30am this morning, I found myself having problems getting back to sleep. Instead of rolling about fruitlessly and waking up D in the process, I decided to bring my tablet downstairs and read Blindsight, a hard science fiction novel which I have been struggling to finish.

Despite the need for sleep, I somehow managed to read 10 pages and was a bit wiser in following the story. Ah well, at least I got something out of my sleeplessness.

Some strong coffee will probably be needed today. I have many things on my to-do list. One of it is to make some chicken spring rolls to fill a recent order. I shall have to make up for lost sleep one way or another…

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Fat Pants

Hell, I think I am gaining weight from consuming all the pies, cakes and sweet things I made with the overload of apples, pears, figs and walnuts.

And they say fruits and nuts are good for you. Dang it… I am wearing my fat pants and they are not loose! Argh!

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Autumn Window Cleaning

The late afternoon sun in autumn tends to review much.

So today, I made my simple window cleaning concoction, picked up a soft sponge, some rags, the window vacuum, and cleaned the windows.

A few years back, I have learned to ignore the many windows in this house, making window cleaning a low priority chore. I am not ashamed of the not-so-clean windows nor am I afraid to say that I only clean the windows once a month or only when I feel like it. There is no way in the world that I can be pressured into becoming one of those weekly-window-cleaning people.

So once a month (or longer if there is a drought), cobwebs will be swept away, bird poops washed off, and all my windows blink till the next rain fall. And oh, the right shoulder will hurt for days especially in the evenings because old age sucks…

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The pile of unread magazines have grown quietly and steadily in the past weeks. It is getting on my nerves…

This means that it is time for the remedies. There will be no library visits in the near future, an hour every morning dedicated to reading at least one magazine, and very limited computer time. Maybe I can even throw in an hour of reading time in the evening.

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17 Years Ago…

Today, 17 years ago, was the horrible day that devastated and changed many lives. Let us never forget.

A few months earlier, 17 years ago, I met a friendly New Yorker on the plane to Sabah. J was touring Malaysia and I was going home after acquiring my student visa to the US. We remained friends all these years.

July, 17 years ago, I left my home town for the fourth time in my life. I went back to college in Kalamazoo to acquire a diploma in graphic design. In doing so, I have readjusted and redirected my life path once again.

To me, 2001 will never be only that one terrible day which poison has scattered fear and discord into our hearts. We just have to realize and admit that there were many good days when positive and wondrous things have simply occurred. Such is life…