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Summing Up

The snow carpet has completely melted away this morning. Temperature is currently at 8°C. Not much of a winter anymore, just rainy and gloomy. This allows me to quickly empty out the kitchen scraps bin. Dumping and burying the contents of a full bin into my back-of-the-shed compost area felt good.

One of Belgium’s most influential philosophers has passed away last week, but the sad news was only made public this week. A man with a stubborn logic but gentle manner, he had advocated laws concerning abortion and euthanasia in a very Catholic Belgium. He was a strong believer that overpopulation is the source of human miseries. We are on the same side here, Mr. Vermeersch. Rest in eternal peace…

I have borrowed my in-law’s sewing machine. With all the sewing projects planned, I shall be an industrious squirrel next week. Next week, D and I would need to go on our shopping and grocery errands for we are low on sparkling water, beers, drinks, and so forth. And because it is still January, I shall probably have to tolerate a visit to the shopping mall to look for some fancy pants. Ha!

Soon, I shall be implementing the Swedish Death Cleaning into my life. Cleaning out my crap so that those surviving me will not have to dump my stuff away heartlessly. The Marie Kondo ways are too mild for me. Because of all the moving around since my twenties, I find my organizing habits very similar to a lot of the KonMari applications. Yep, Death Cleaning is the next level for me.


Belgium, Jibber Jabber

Snowfall 2019

Today, we woke up to the first snowfall of the year. Yeah!

A pretty snow carpet laid in our backyard before the morning was over. In the mean time, I managed to conjure up an excuse to go to the shed. I just wanted to walk in a snowfall, leave some footprints in the fresh snow and revoke my strange liking for white winters.

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New Plates

After 10 years of white square plates, D and I decided that it is time for an update to our dinnerware. So with the gift certificate we got from the parents, we bought ourselves a set of rounded, non-white plates and bowls.

Dinner does look fancier on these plates, even if I am serving the normal fare.

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Backup Plans

D and I have until next Monday to complete our New Year’s gifts purchases. But since neither of us like last minute shopping stress, we decided calmly what to buy and which store to go to this afternoon.

Before leaving the house, I casually did a search for alternative stores. Just in case. Well thank my lucky stars I did! One of the stores we needed to go to was close for Christmas holidays. Score one for backup plans.

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Shopping Sunday

Yesterday evening, D and I went to a friend’s winter garden party which was about 40 minutes drive away. We met some friends, ate hot dogs and had a couple of drinks. We got home after 1am, and went to bed at around 2am.

After 6.5 hours of sleep, I woke up and could not get back to sleep anymore even if my life would have depended on it! Damn, I can never sleep in like normal people…

I got up from bed, drank my coffee while thinking I might need a couple more if I am to survive this day. Surprisingly, I went about my Sunday errands without feeling tired.

In the afternoon, we went to Kortrijk to check out its Christmas Market and koopzondag (special Sundays where shops are open for business). We did not purchase one single thing, nor did we stop for drinks at the many cafés we walked by. Well, I guess being amongst people was sufficient fun for us. One other reason is that D’s family do not celebrate Christmas, so there was no need for any frantic shopping and annoying shuffling at shop counters. Thank goodness!

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T’is The Season…

This afternoon, D and I stopped by a total of five places to do our pre-holiday errands!

First, it was for beers we wish to serve at our Christmas Eve dinner. It was not a surprise to either of us that we ended up with more than the two bottles intended for the event…

The next two destinations were grocery stores where we only bought a handful of items. Fortunately, there were no impulse purchases involved.

We then proceeded to a bargain shop to do a simple survey for possible New Year’s gifts. We did end up buying a couple of things we need.

The last stop was the fishmonger, where we bought that one item that we have on our list. Since it was late in the afternoon by the time we got there, there were not much left to tempt me.

T’is the season to be spending money left and right!

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Pancake Robot

It is open-door-day at a DIY store this afternoon. So, D and I went to take advantage of some free drinks and pancakes while doing some light shopping. It is really impressive how the pancakes were made. The pancake stand has a machine which squirted out the batter on a huge hot plate in three orderly rows. The stand can handle hundreds of orders and need only be manned by two individuals. A person to flip and move the pancakes into a pile, and another to sell and serve these to the customers. The robot makes delicious pancakes and can be entertaining as well.

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Social Media Outbursts

Oh it is so very easy to post personal opinions on any social media platforms. We are damn courageous to let it out when we are behind the screens (digital shields). Aren’t we all so clever, to know what is happening in our world, all the time? We are so well-informed by the gazillion tweets and heeds, which appear every five seconds at our finger tips. Do you not see that I am just embracing the freedom of speech when I choose to lash out in public?

Well, does the public really care about your take on politicians, foreigners, family, friends and enemies? Even if someone responded, are they really on your side or do they just want to appear cleverer than you by adding something (anything)?

For years now, I have heard many declarations and threats of people who will leave their countries (homes) if a certain person becomes president. I have yet to see someone do it…

Until one has walked (barefoot) in the steps of a village girl who has to collect drinking water from the river, be a bit considerate with your words.

Be responsible.

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Decreasing Birthrates

Lately, I have been coming across articles and tv segments announcing the alarming decrease in birthrates. Some of these articles made the phenomenon (which is only happening in a handful of advanced nations) seems like the end of days are upon us. Hell no… look around, there are simply too many of us. Look at all the miseries of the world, I repeat, there are too many of us!

The thing is, we, the societies with the decreasing birthrates will just have to adjust our systems to embrace this new situation. Invest and improve in the efficiencies of our healthcare, education, workforce, technology, sciences in general, environment and in decent human relationships.

Less is more. Less miserable mass, more meaningful lives.

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Autumn Garden Clean Up

Today is dry, sunny, windless and not as cold compared to yesterday. Thus, a good time to clear off some fallen leaves, remove weeds from the back lawn and the two tomato plants in the vegetable patch. There are more tidying up to do, but those are for another day. It is too freaking cold to be spending too long outside. Even for a die-hard year-round gardener like me…