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Smart Guardian

Even though humankind is still far from living on moon bases (bummer) and orbitals, most of us are already living in a world of robotic helpers. Most of these can be found in factories and laboratories performing dangerous, manual and repetitive tasks too taxing for mere humans. In our homes, our robot buddies are currently limited to the less sophisticated vacuums, lawn mowers, and spying gadgets we surround ourselves with.

Now imagine if we can backup and save parts of our thoughts when we are at peak existence. That these thoughts are kept in artificial brains which are connected to learn current knowledge and laws pertaining to our lives. Then imagine that we may call upon this younger intelligence when we got older and doubtful of our own decision making capabilities. What if our older selves can be legally taken care of by artificial guardians which were created based on our own younger human minds. Will this be the solution to a logic, fair, and kind elderly guardianship?

Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Planting Out

This morning, I moved and planted out several pots of vegetables which I have started indoors. These included a courgette plant, two yellow bell peppers, two red bell peppers and a pot of cili padi plants which never bear fruits in the two years I had them.

Even though it is the middle of May and the temperature is still a bit too cold for comfort, several of these plants are getting too big for their pots. Some of the leaves on the round courgette are turning yellow. Therefore, I shall risk a bit of a temperature shock on this specific plant instead of having it die indoors from stunted growth. The bell peppers I have a lot to play with since these were sprouted from store-bought paprikas.

Fingers crossed!

Health, Jibber Jabber

Turtle Neck

When the temperature dropped last week, I started wearing a turtle neck sweater in order to keep myself warm. I would even layered up with a fleece jacket when it got really chilly. My outfit choice has led to a significant reduction of coughing and sneezing.

I am no longer coughing today. Wearing a turtle neck sweater for almost a week has cured me from my illness!

Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Month End Errands

The month of April is at its end. So, this afternoon, D and I went out to do some month-end errands to refill our pantry. First, we purchased some beers. Then, we went to the Delhaize next to the beer place to buy Marmite. We then went to another grocery store to buy four crates of sparkling water. The last thing we did before heading home was going to the Lokaal at Deerlijk to buy a box of fruit juice and some meat for the next few days. We did not stay to drink this time because D has tasted everything and I am avoiding alcohol and cold drinks because of a persisting cough. There will be plenty of opportunities for that after I have recovered.

Belgium, Jibber Jabber

Spring Forward

Today, we moved time an hour forward. So in the next couple of days, little adjustments will be made to our daily routines. These include waking up later in the day, having our meals 60 minutes earlier, and experiencing later sunsets. My afternoon computer time will be affected by the setting sun. I have to move important computer time to the mornings to avoid afternoon glares. Ah well, one adapts when one needs to.

Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Weird Weed

The super dry and hot summer last year has contributed to an unsightly front yard full of weed. And these are not the typical dandelions which I have managed to put under control over the years. I do not know these unwanted plants… they can be a cure for cancer for all I know.

Yesterday, I spent hours (yes, hours!) tidying up the front and back yards. When I heard D declaring that he is not going to mow the lawn anytime soon, I stopped cat poop removal and concentrated on weed removal instead.

Yard work is hard work, especially this time. My thighs are sore from the repetitive squatting.

Jibber Jabber

Moody Glares

I was planning to clean up the front garden today. Removing weed and nasty piles of cat poop so that D may mow the lawn sometime this week. However, that is not happening because it is just too damn windy and cold.

Doing online mathematics exercises, going through my Python lessons, and reading articles on my computer were good options, but the strong glares from the back window were too much for my poor eyes. So I chose to read a magazine in the living room and eventually fell asleep on the sofa. I probably did not sleep that well last night.

Oh well, sometimes one just needs to slow down, take a break and go with the flow.

Human Nature, Jibber Jabber

Spaced Out

People tell me stuff. I think it has to do with the fact that I do not talk much, thus making me a good listener. And maybe it has to do with this trustworthy face of mine, who knows…

However, I was not such a good listener last evening. I caught myself spacing out several times during my weekly chat with my parents. There are big chunks of the two hour chat which I can no longer recall, especially when mom was recounting old stories or her daily activities this past week.

The mind wanders, it is a fact.

Creative Business, Jibber Jabber

Who’s Recording?

Just read What Google Knows About You.

Out of the six suggested methods of limiting what Google knows, I am only able to protect myself with the first three. I am constantly signed in and use email regularly. To my surprise, I also seem to watch quite a number of YouTube how-to videos – and Google knows!

My question is, who exactly is the watcher? Is it like your creepy nosy neighbor? Or is it more similar to your loud mouth cousin who cannot keep any secret? The general consensus says that it is a humongous emotionless electronic brain which filters out the juicy stuff, trading these off to businesses, which will then haunt you with your own regurgitated data.

Which is it?

Jibber Jabber

Life Stories

Each of us are composing our own life stories everyday that we live. Some among us will be fortunate enough to have an incredible story to tell. An exceptional few will have their wonderful tales continued on in the form of legacies.

Having read many autobiographies, I know that I am in the process of writing my own life story, each day that I live. However, it is not until today that I realized that I am not just the writer, but also the editor and reader of this story. As long as we still breath, there may always be reviews, rewrites, and for our life stories to move onto an unexplored path.

Damn, I have just wowed myself!