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Wear It Once A Year

I find shopping, especially clothes shopping, rather tiresome. Despite my self-imposed boundary in this worldly activity, I still find myself possessing too many clothing items! My non-minimalist wardrobe is the result of free second-hand clothing pieces and necessary pieces I bought at a bargain.

To justify keeping all these items which are hanging or folded in my wardrobe, I try to wear everything at least once a year. Pieces that I have not worn for five years or more go to the mother-in-law’s rommelmarkt pile. Some of these items I collect in a luggage bag intended for the local charity store or to be taken along with me the next time I go back to Malaysia.

So once a year, I will be wearing some weird and colourful blouses, t-shirts that are either too big or too small, and goofy pieces I dug up from the back of my wardrobe.

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A September Bus Ride

A friend and I decided to meet in Kortrijk this afternoon. Because I still love the Belgian public transportation, I decided to take the short bus ride to my destination. It will be cheap, reliable and without stress.

At the bus stop, I met a friendly woman from the Philippines. We chatted and learned to know each other better till she had to get off at her stop to go home. One of the reasons I like public transportation. You never know who you are going to meet and what life stories you are going to encounter.

The bus trip took about 15 minutes, then a short walk to the station’s waiting room to meet my friend M whom I have not seen in about three years! We wandered through the city at ease, paused and sat several times just to chat and catch up. We went to drink coffee and visited a church. M’s Dutch (we never spoken any other language to each other) is still with a heavy Eastern European accent, which I find comforting in a strange way. It means that she is still very much the same person which I have gotten to know ten years ago.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with a dear friend. The bus back home was packed with students who are probably looking forward to their weekend. I walked passed the city park on the way back, there were much to do. All set up for the weekend’s city festival.

Today turned out to be quite a wonderful Friday the thirteenth.

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A Calm Sunday

Yesterday morning, D and I went to the recycling park to toss several bags of ivy clippings. After that, we did a quick grocery run so that I may get all the ingredients I need for the recent appetizer orders I received a few days ago.

In the evening, we biked to the cultural centre to attend the wedding reception of our neighbour. What a night it turned out to be. It was 5am when D and I got home!

A calm Sunday for both of us today…

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Sweet Slumber

When I glanced at the clock on my night stand this morning, it was 8.17am. Oh glorious sleep… how have I missed you in the past week!

Today’s temperature stayed below 20°C. How wonderful it that?! I can finally think straight and function like a normal person again. Without being enveloped in a heat haze, I was able to get a lot of things done at a healthy tempo. This body simply cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Note to self: sleep in a tent in the backyard next time.

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Summer Laptop

Earlier this morning, I turned on my desktop to do some necessary online banking and accounting. The time I spent on my upstairs computer was brief. I do not want the desktop nor myself to get overheated on day two of this end-July heat wave.

To avoid the warmer upper level of the house, I have moved my laptop downstairs. This way, I may still use a computer without having to turn on the fan, or run the risk of passing out.

Currently, the temperature has reached today’s predicted maximum of 35°C. It is likely that the temperature will climb a degree or two before the afternoon is over. Tomorrow’s maximum is predicted to hit a record-breaking 40°C! That is what I call hair-curling heat!

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Moon Landing

It was exactly 50 years ago when human beings first landed on the moon. Being a fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s novels, I for one am truly disappointed that there has not been any progress in that area of exploration.

I have expected at least one moon-base manned by an international team of scientists, researchers, and explorers. If keeping a handful of people alive on the moon proves to be too much of a challenge for Earth, why not just erect an observation station crewed by a robot or two?

Meanwhile, we are using up our precious resources and polluting the planet, using our intelligence to build deadly weapons to kill or threaten our neighbours, and shitting where we eat.

And we wonder why Buzz Aldrin was pissed off?!

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Clover Patches

About two weeks ago, I removed the small clover patch on the front lawn. I do not want it to grow unsightly and out of control. It was not a big loss for I still have two huge patches of clovers in the back yard. One in front of the shed and another next to the wild flowers and fruits trees.

Clover flowers are loved by honey bees, butterflies and many other beneficial insects. Clover roots turn nitrogen into fertilizer. That is why the grass which grow amongst or near a clover patch are often healthier and more robust than those elsewhere. Being drought resistant, clover patches stay green even when the rest of your lawn turn brown!

Thus, I am keeping the two clover patches. It is a joy feeding the honey bees, and seeing little critters hopping from one white flower to the next. I do not need my lawn to look like a golf terrain… how boring is that?!

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Recovery Branches?

This morning, I noticed some small branches growing out from the damaged side of the plum tree. All this time, I was made to think that the fruit tree is going to die off in due course. Is it making an unbelievable recovery because it is a strong and well rooted plant? Or it is branching out franticly as its final death cry?!

Meanwhile, the fruits are ripening and I have already eaten a few. I really wonder what is happening to it…

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Wild Flowers Patch

In the afternoon, I reduced the wild flower patch for the second time this year. I cleared off the poppies and Love-in-Mist plants which were at the end stages of flowering. They were drying up and turning brown around the pear tree, making it quite unsightly. Tidying up the area now will enable the grass time to slowly grow back during the summer months. At this time of the year, the borage herb and the clover patches shall be the main nectar sources for the local honeybees.

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Mini Sphinx

I woke up when the street light came on and shone through our opened bedroom window at 4.30am this morning. I got up to let the blinds down, and then went downstairs to get some reprieve from the bedroom’s heat build-up.

While downstairs, I decided to open the back door for a bit to let in some cool morning air, creating a chimney effect. Before turning the key, I glanced out to the backyard hoping to see an early bird or two. Instead, I saw Marley, our neighbour’s cat, perched on top of our garden shed. What the heck, I thought to myself and had to laugh quietly at the strange and silly sight. It did not even care to look surprised when I opened the door, but stared at me for a bit, did a lazy stretch and hung one of its paws over the corner of the shed. One had to realise that the poor thing have a fur coat it cannot remove in this unforgiving heat.

After cooling down, I closed the back door and went back to bed. I fell back to sleep with a smile on my face. And won’t anyone? It is not every day one gets to have an early morning chance encounter with the Mini Sphinx of Goudberg!