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Travel Plans On Hold

A trip back to Malaysia was in my travel plans this year. There are several things to take care of back home (yes, home). A tropical vacation of meeting friends and family, closing a couple of credit card accounts, finalizing one insurance policy, and dealing with a pile of paperwork. I was even considering a quick visit to Lahad Datu, and maybe even squeeze in a day trip to Danum Valley…

All those plans went up in smokes, thanks to the contagion. Travels, especially international travels, will not be a smart thing to do until everyone is vaccinated! Bloody hell!

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The mind travels far and wide when one indulge in a good book.

Reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is like entering a time machine, going back in time, to observe the past. The intriguing stories of human beings (specifically Sapiens) had me glued to the book for hours on end.

Incredibly, at certain points of my reading, the mind actually linked some of these past events with stories I have read in some of my beloved science fiction novels.

Does that mean that human minds wander the same subconscious territories regardless of time and space?

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Euro 3

I do not know what triggered it, but a while ago I went rummaging through some documents to look for the car registration. My heart skipped a beat when I read the words Euro 3, which is the European emission standard of D’s car. This joyful discovery meant that we will not get an unpleasant and expensive fine in the mail for driving through the city of Brussels two weeks ago.

Why did I not embark on this search earlier?! It would have prevented quite some grey hairs!

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Meet Up In Ostend

D and I met up with our travelling trio of friends again before they leave for Japan and the US. This time, we chose the coastal city of Ostend (Oostende in Dutch) as our meeting point.

Despite having only a few hours in the afternoon, the five of us managed to see most of the well-known attractions. We had a lovely lunch at a sea-side restaurant, found the hidden Japanese garden which D and I did not know about till now, and took a walk on the beach. We talked, caught up with the things that matter and strengthened our friendships. At the end of the afternoon, we went to a café near the train station to have something to drink. Time flew by and before we know it, we were bidding our farewells at the train station and off they went on a train heading for Brussels.

Man… now I really want to visit Japan?!

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European Holiday

Yesterday, D and I met up with a trio of old friends and acquaintance in Gent. The mother-daughter pair had flown in from Japan two days ago and only have a week here. The third person in the group was someone I met in San Diego more than a decade ago, and he flew in from the US. I had a wonderful time catching up with my Japanese friends, K and I, whom I have known in San Francisco since 2001! D and I enjoyed showing the three of them around our beloved Gent.

After seeing most of the popular sights in Gent, we packed everyone in our little car, drove home to show them our house. They have shown great interests in seeing the house we built. We then had a quick dinner in Kortrijk and sent our friends off at the train station. It was a very joyful meet-up, a wonderful time spent together, and a draining trip down memory lane for me.

In 2011, a 70-year old friend from New York City crossed the Atlantic to come visit me. This year, Japanese friends crossed an entire continent to be here for a short holiday and still managed to meet up. I crossed the ocean in 2007 to experience and live a long term European holiday. I would not have imagined that I possess such strong ties and influence to be able to motivate other people to come visit! How incredible!

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A Pot Of Honey

It was to be a warm day today. So, D and I biked to De Gavers for our picnic lunch of simple sandwiches.

After lunch, we biked to the visitor’s centre, parked our bikes and took a walk to the new look-out hut on the other side of the lake. Both D and I noticed that there had been quite some new add-ons at the harbour area. These installations are mostly catered to school children who are now learning things outside of the classic classrooms.

After the look-out hut, we walked to the office and bought a pot of honey. First pot of honey this year.

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Vulcan Logic

A few years ago, I told D that he has to be smart when trying to get his point across to me. He would need to use Vulcan Logic to break down my reluctance and stubbornness, in order to convince me to see his side of things.

Well, he did it. I was convinced to cycle to Kortrijk for the Mayday event yesterday! My slight dizziness and coughing fit did not seem to have affected my bike ride by much. To my pleasant surprise, I am not even suffering from any muscle pain today. Admittedly, the coughing fit got worse, but the cold evening was to be blamed for that – not the cycling.

Yep, one will not be able to argue against Vulcan Logic.