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Pool, Pasar & Korean

In the morning, D spent some time in the pool while I soaked my feet and took photos. Later we went for a walk along the waterfront all the way till the city’s wet market. Our senses were pleasantly bombarded by the many fresh produce that were displayed in old wooden stalls. We bought fruit and vegetables, and decided to come back again.

In the evening, we walked to a Korean restaurant we know from previous visits. The Korean owners recognized my parents and we were greeted with many friendly smiles and warm handshakes. The food was wonderful and we had a lovely meal despite the reduced portion and inflated prices.

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Off We Go

The airport shuttle arrived at our front door at 9.45am this morning. That marks the beginning of our trip to Sabah. Now, there will be two flights, one long transit, and one taxi ride to reach our destination. 

Let the journey begins!

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Beers & Trumpets

This afternoon, D and I plus both our parents went to Westvleteren to drink some great beers. After that, we proceeded to Ieper to witness the Last Post. Despite the fact that this was not my first time experiencing the daily tribute, and that World War One is not really history closely linked to me… a deep sadness did sink in when the trumpets sounded.

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Train To Brussels And Back

Today, I need to pick up my parents from Brussels to come stay with me. D and I decided not to stress it, so we took the train like we did yesterday. The only thing we did differently was to drive and park our car at the train station. Off to Brussels we went in this bizarre tropical heat in May!

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Weekend Train Fares

D and I took the train to Brussels this morning to meet up with my visiting family. We were planning to buy a rail pass which will give us 10 rides for €77. The man at the ticketing counter offered us a better option by giving us weekend fares on our two return tickets. I love trains, and I love Belgium. D said it is easy for me to proclaim that because I do not need to commute heavily by train…

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Flying East

A few days ago, I booked and confirmed four airline tickets back to Sabah for a part holiday part administrative trip.

Now, the search for a decent and agreeable lodging begins. I have to keep in mind that mom despises hotels, dad loves his space, and D would probably be happy if there is a pool he can swim in. Thus, I am narrowing my options down to holiday apartments in the city. Fingers crossed!

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Free Magazines

I have used some of my frequent flier miles from Delta and United, subscribing to magazines for my family members in the US. One of these days, I seriously need to look into the other areas where I can take advantage of all my accumulated miles. It definitely won’t hurt to get other freebies besides magazines. Maybe get more comfortable seats, gain access to some cool airport lounges and services, or even fly free! Why not and what the hell is stopping me?

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Putteke Winter


Last evening after dinner, D and I biked(Yes, I did?!) to De Gavers for Putteke Winter. We did the 5 kilometre walk along the forest path, saw some light shows, music performances, and took pictures. All the walking in this cold weather made D hungry, so he ate fries and drank a beer before we biked back home.

De Gavers is one of my favourite places on Earth. Now I can say that I love it by day as well as by night.

Happiness is when one does not need to travel very far to witness an interesting and lovely event. That and not falling off my bike in a dark and rainy winter night.


Cap Gris Nez


D and I went to Cap Gris Nez, France with a couple of friends this Sunday. It was a wonderful day-trip of Northern France with its breath-taking sceneries, seafood platters, war bunkers and grazing animals. I was so delighted to be able to see the White Cliffs of Dover from across the English Channel!

By the end of the trip, I petted a couple of friendly donkeys. One of them even nibbled on my fingers while I was feeding it.