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Busy Early Arrival

D and I landed at Zaventem 25 minutes earlier. Boy was the airport busy this Monday morning.

Fortunately for me, I did not have to line up at ‘All Passports’ but was allowed to go along with D and whizzed by immigration in minutes. I luv Belgium.

However, we did have to wait for a while at the baggage claim because a gazillion planes landed at the same time.

This trip has been smooth like butter. UA has won me over for now thanks to a very good partnership with Aer Lingus. Damn it, there goes one of my many mini boycotts.

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Before Flying Home

By midday today, our one bag is packed. It is half full.

Since D and I did not want to be cooped up in the house the last day we are here, we asked M to drive us to the town centre so that we can check it out by ourselves. Mom came along because she wanted to get out of the house as well. We were dropped off at the library, took a walk around town and ended up at Rec Bar drinking beer.

We then decided that the family (all eight of us) should have dinner at some place nice. M suggested a burger place, which turned out to be a great eating place. Everyone was happy and satisfied and we spent the evening watching tv together.


Mega Cavern

Today, M took the day off. The four of us (dad stayed home) went to visit the Mega Cavern.

Wow, I never know this thing (they call it a building) exist! Goes to prove that one will never be too old to still be surprised by life’s little and big things.

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Malaysia Day

Today is Malaysia Day. I am spending (not celebrating) this day in Kentucky with two other Malaysians, my parents.

On the theme of not celebrating, we went out for a Korean dinner. My goat stew was simply delicious. After dinner, we went to drink some beers at a local brewery pub known as 3rd Turn Brewing.

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This Familiar Feeling

So here I am visiting my youngest brother after a four-year gap. Seeing where he lives, his neighbourhood, doing grocery at Meijer, helping out in the garden, seeing a play by my niece and her two friends and taking long walks around the neighbourhood. Ten years of living in Belgium does not stop me from having this familiar feeling, like I know this place, even though I have just been here in Kentucky for 48-hours. I guess those years in Michigan left quite an impression after all.


Travel Preparation

Today, I clean the house as I usually do on Wednesdays. Then, I do my accounting and finances. I pay bills that are due in the near future and allocate funds to where they will be needed.

Tomorrow, I shall try to freeze any leftover food that the four of us cannot finish. I will also get some snacks ready for the budget flights I have booked. Then, one last kitchen scrap composting and I will be ready for the upcoming trip to America on Friday.

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D and I brought my parents to Antwerp (Antwerpen in Dutch) this afternoon. We walked about the city to enjoy the sights and sounds, stopped to drink beers, and then had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in China Town before heading home.

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We had a simple family gathering at our home this afternoon. One last time for the family to spend some moments with each other before some of us move and travel onwards. Who knows when we are going to see each other again. Overall, it was a lovely Sunday afternoon drinking coffee, eating cake, chatting and playing with the two young boys.

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Boycott Fail

Four years ago, I wrote this. Well, I have just booked some air tickets on the same airline I am supposed to avoid at all cost. I guess ‘monetary cost’ was a strong enough reason for me to allow myself to be herded about the internet like some digital life stock. I do not like my decision. I do not like how I am currently feeling regarding this matter. I guess we just need to face it and hope for the best.