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Warm Bedroom

D got up earlier than I this morning! We were unsure of the exact reason, but the most probable culprit was the increasing warmth in the bedroom. Welcome to the first day of this year’s first heat wave.

I have to admit that I slept relatively well last night. The comforter was taken out, leaving behind the cover as a light blanket. Our bedroom window was kept opened till 5am, I wore loose fitting cotton outfit to bed, I prepared an ice baby, and have followed some logic pre-bedtime procedures.

The temperature will be rising these next few days, making the bedroom uncomfortably warm. A good night sleep will be sort of a blessing for people without air conditioning. My backup plan and final option will be sleeping in a tent, like I did last year.

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Grass, Beers & Raw Herring

The grass on our lawn has grown a bit unruly due to the recent rainfalls. Because the weather forecast predicted weekend rains, D and I decided that it is best to mow the lawn this Friday afternoon.

After we are done, we rested, drank something and watched a bit of an international cycling race. Eventually, D and I went to our go-to beer place to stock up on our beers.

On our way home, we stopped by the Lokaal for some fruit juice and fresh bread. There was a promotion of free maatjes (soused herring in English) if one buys a drink at the bar. So D bought a beer while I had a glass of water. Being the alleseter, I ended up eating most of it.

The funny thing here is that I have already eaten two maatjes at lunch today! This morning, the mother-in-law dropped by to give me the ones she bought at the farmer’s market yesterday. She later decided that she does not really like Dutch raw herring…

As for me, I will eat almost anything.

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Gentle Persistent Rain

It started raining early this morning. Thankfully it is not the stormy heavy rainfall we have experienced not long ago, but the sweet gentle persistent rain that brings with it many benefits. This is the sort of rain we need to fill up the cistern, to sprinkle the thirsty lawn, to clean the windows, to wash the dust off the ivy leaves and rooftops, and to water the vegetables, flowers and trees so that we do not need to.

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Gent Smaakt 2019

The last time D and I went to Gent Smaakt was in 2016! So, today we made the effort and planned a trip to Gent for this specific event. We also get to visit Barrio Cantina which was a block away.

I still think Gent is one of the loveliest cities in Belgium.


Expiring ID

My permanent resident’s card is about to expire. I need to go to the photo studio to have some recent passport sized photos taken. Then, I shall just cross the street to the city hall to apply for an extension.

I shall do this tomorrow morning. It is a blessing that everything is within walking distance.


Freaky Weather

This morning, I put on a winter coat before going to the Lokaal at Heule. I have been paying attention to the weather forecast and know that today will be cold despite the bright morning sun. On top of that, I really wanted to recover from this annoying cough which I have been having for more than a week. Staying warm was the right thing to do.

As foretold, the morning sun soon gave way to sudden rainfalls and dark clouds. It went from sunny and calm to dark and windy in seconds. On our way home from the market, it hailed a little and then got sunny again. When we were at home, we saw storm clouds rolling in from the North like it was the end of days.

It snowed in the Ardennes today – in May! Two weeks ago, I was wearing a sleeveless dress to the Easter barbecue. This morning, I wore a winter coat and still felt the chill. How freaky is that?!

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Sprouts & Endives

I made soup using one potato, some second-generation endives I harvested from the utility room, and a handful of week-old Brussels sprouts from the farmers market.

To the boiling soup, I added two slices of bacon. These were then chopped up and added back to the soup before serving.

What a delicious soup this turned out to be. Perfect for the cold and rainy weekend we are experiencing now. And what can be more Belgian than a spruitenwitloofsoep?

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Saturday Farmers Market

This morning, D and I went to the new Lokaal at Heule. The general produces are similar to those offered at Deerlijk. But of course, a different location meant that we were buying from different producers.

After a bit of browsing, D and I sat down at the bar area where I had a ginger ale and D a beer. Someone did a good job setting up a cosy and trendy bar area. D and I enjoyed ourselves and even came across a few familiar faces during our time there.

The market is new, but I am sure it will grow more popular as time goes by. Mindful consumers will make sure of that.

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Fibre Fixed

A few months ago, D won two tickets to the Fibre Fixed exhibition at Design Museum in Ghent. Since the tickets will expire by Easter, we thought it is best that we make the trip to one of our favourite cities this Friday afternoon.

The exhibition about carbon and synthetic composites was interesting. I took quite a lot of photos with my old school camera. Not once did I need to use my cell phone.

Despite the fact that D was suffering from a cold and pollen allergy, we walked about the city after the museum visit. We went to drink beers at a very crowded beer café. While enjoying our beers, we thought it is best that we should stay in the city for dinner to wait out the after-work weekend traffic. We walked from the café to a well-liked ramen noodles bar, had our delicious and simple dinner and then head home to West Flanders. Since neither of us finished our huge bowls of noodles, we even have takeaways for tomorrow!

Ghent is always a pleasure to visit.