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Pancake Robot

It is open-door-day at a DIY store this afternoon. So, D and I went to take advantage of some free drinks and pancakes while doing some light shopping. It is really impressive how the pancakes were made. The pancake stand has a machine which squirted out the batter on a huge hot plate in three orderly rows. The stand can handle hundreds of orders and need only be manned by two individuals. A person to flip and move the pancakes into a pile, and another to sell and serve these to the customers. The robot makes delicious pancakes and can be entertaining as well.

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Putteke Winter 2018

Yesterday evening after dinner, D and I biked slowly to Putteke Winter 2018. We spent the first hour watching a Snow Globe Circus performance, which I find quite entertaining. Then we took the 3.5km stroll into the forest and by the lake. Along the trial were several light installations, mini performances, and art displays. One of these art, I find rather disturbing. I don’t know, I find a display featuring hundreds of soft toys hung or tied to a tree super creepy…

D and I did not stay to drink or eat this time. Instead we cycled home to enjoy warm cups of chocolate milk in the comfort of our living room.

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I found out about Dag van de Wetenschappen (Day of the Sciences) from tv and from reading the free weekly regional newspapers. So this Sunday afternoon, D and I went to visit a college called VIVES in Kortrijk. Frankly, I am curious about the higher education infrastructures here. The visit to the campus brought back some memories of my university days in Michigan. Ah those cold dark days where one scurried from one building to the next to attend the day’s lectures.

After an hour at the college, we went to Kortrijk to check out the koopzondag. Can you believe that the parking at the mall was full at 4pm?! D and I only did some window shopping. Neither of us need anything. And hey, we got a free glass of sparkling wine each, courtesy of the mall.

Later, we walked to the city centre and saw part of a car rally event. We then proceeded to one of our favourite beer places and had a couple of beers each. Since we were sitting comfortable and I really do not feel like cooking a rushed dinner, we decided that we shall order sushi to take away and to eat at leisure back home.

This Sunday is about sciences, shopping, beers and sushi.


Adopted Sculptures

This morning, D and I went to De Palingbeek to adopt a few commemorative sculptures made by volunteers and dedicated to the victims of the Great War. We picked them up from the cold wet field which was no man’s land a hundred years ago, brought them home and laid them carefully on our living room’s floor. They shall be cherished and cared for as long as D and I are alive!

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Today we commemorate the end of the First World War a hundred years ago. D is experiencing the commemoration by having a drink at the city hall with his fellow city dwellers. Meanwhile, I chose to remain home to think of the lost of lives during this horrible phase of our world history, in peaceful stillness.

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Just Beer 2018

At around 4pm yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the second edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. We brought along our old glasses from last year’s event, earning us an extra token each.

My four tokens for the day lasted less than a hour because D and I used them up to attend a work shop. We were served fresh oysters, three glasses of beers, and another two Thai dishes prepared by Michelin star chefs. Boy was that a good deal!

After the workshop, we roamed about, tasting different beers, and only got home after 8pm.

More today…



It has been raining since the wee morning hours. In the afternoon, the wind has strengthened thus making the rain fall almost horizontal.

There will be no complaints about this dreary weather, especially not from me. Heck, Mother Nature is giving my windows a good rinse. My outdoor plants and the lawn getting a much needed soak. I believe that the water cistern should be all filled up by now. Who dares to complain when ponds, lakes and rivers are getting a healthy refill?!

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New Builds & Local Artists

Yesterday was Nieuwbouwzondag. Armed with a list, D and I went to visit a few locations in the afternoon. Fortunately, D’s list only included one nieuwbouw location. We are no longer interested in yet another new building nor the real estate representatives who are only friendly when they smell a potential profit.

The rest of the list consisted of participants of Buren bij kunstenaars. We first visited a nice couple, whom are long time friends of D’s parents. The woman turns out to be an amateur painter. We came across D’s parents, looked at the paintings, sat a bit to drink something at the couple’s back yard, thanked them, bid our farewells and proceeded to the next location on our list.

Before the end of the afternoon, D and I managed to visit four more locations. Some of the artwork are quite impressive. Two of these places offered free drinks. Most of them were happy and excited to talk about their work. Just a bunch of friendly people wanting to show their work to the public.

Our last location was a story apart. D opened the front door, which was unlocked, and we walked into a very cramped front room. We then stood unnervingly in the creepy cluttered art storage area, waiting for somebody to show up. After a few minutes, we quietly left the place and returned home. That was a weird experience…

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Glitter & Glamour

A few weeks ago, D won two tickets to a show called The Art Of The Teese. Yesterday, we drove to Antwerp after lunch so that we may spent some time enjoying the sights and sound of the largest city in Flanders before the evening show.

After a few hours of wandering about, D and I stopped by a café for drinks and a bit of a rest. I happily discovered a wonderful apple ginger concoction which I am sure I can recreate at home. Yeah to that!

Later, we moved on to a restaurant next to the café to have a bit of a snack and to drink beers we never had before. What a unique venue it turned out to be. The dark interior is decorated with religious statues of the Catholic church. The menus are leather-bound. The wooden furniture dark, stained and heavy. One just cannot stop looking around discovering little visual surprises at every nook and cranny. D and I laughed when we noticed an out-of-place statue of a Roman centurion. We should have asked why that one was placed there.

After finishing our drinks at Elfde Gebod, we walked leisurely to the performance hall. I noticed that many amongst the audience were dressed up, obviously also fans of Dita Von Teese. The two-hour show was a beautiful celebration of glamour, glitter, sensuality, and sexiness. D and I had fun and were truly entertained. For a moment there, it also made me miss glittery Las Vegas…