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Admin & Flying

Good grief, we are to fly off to the US today and there are still matters to be settled with the bank. This is very stressful for my 73 year old mother. At this point, I took on the role of dictator-first-born and commanded my father to stay put in the hotel room while mom and I go to the bank. My battery level is at its all time low, but I may not rest yet. I need to maintain sanity and control in order to bring my parents safely and calmly back to Seattle.

Today is going to be a long day…

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Dinner With Family


In honour of my dearly departed grandmother, it is my parents turn to invite the family members to dinner this evening. Not wanting the usual unhealthy fare from the city, my parents opted to go to a venue suggested by my youngest uncle. The drive there was quite exciting for the place is tucked in a secluded valley in the middle of Kota Kinabalu. In keeping with the ecological concept, the restaurant serves mainly local, home grown produce. The food was tasty but a bit expensive by Malaysian standards. Though there were complaints of smells coming from the chicken coop, everyone seemed to have had a good time at Signal Hill Eco Farm Restaurant.



Two years is far too long to be away from one’s country. Especially if one has fixed assets, several bank accounts and ongoing financial responsibilities. What a day trying to get my parents financial matters in order! Phew!

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North Sea Crab


This morning, D cycled back from the Thursday Market with two humongous North Sea crabs and a wide grin on his face.

Neither of us had eaten these European specimens before, so it was a challenge. I cleaned the crabs the best I can, remembering fondly that this was my father’s task back in Malaysia. Then D and I both agree to a cooking time of 10 minutes.

To our amazement, these were cooked perfectly and was absolutely delicious. They were so succulent and sweet, reminding me of the mangrove crabs I grew up eating. Tonight’s dinner took more than three hours, but it was worth it! Ketam-o-ketam, how have I missed you…