Cultural Dance

Yesterday was lost to long distance travel. By the time we reached our lodging, we were all at a half-comatose stage and were not functioning at optimum level. I personally do not remember much of the exhausting day. 

This afternoon, we went to a familiar shopping mall a taxi ride away. We ate something at the food court. Later, mom went to get her hair done while the three of us roamed around the mall, posting for photos, watched a cultural dance at 4pm. We ended the day with a lovely sushi dinner. 

The Kadazan cultural dance was certainly the highlight of my first day back in Sabah.

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Off We Go

The airport shuttle arrived at our front door at 9.45am this morning. That marks the beginning of our trip to Sabah. Now, there will be two flights, one long transit, and one taxi ride to reach our destination. 

Let the journey begins!

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Flying East

A few days ago, I booked and confirmed four airline tickets back to Sabah for a part holiday part administrative trip.

Now, the search for a decent and agreeable lodging begins. I have to keep in mind that mom despises hotels, dad loves his space, and D would probably be happy if there is a pool he can swim in. Thus, I am narrowing my options down to holiday apartments in the city. Fingers crossed!

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Gung Hei Fat Choi

As I age, I find myself getting increasingly sentimental over festivals and rituals which I grew up knowing in Malaysia.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house so that I do not have to perform my Saturday chores on the first day of Chinese New Year. I even cleaned the windows, and tidied up the front and back yards. That’s not the end of my festive craziness. I prepared a Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner consisting of five different dishes plus steamed rice. The names of these dishes have good meanings. And the number ‘six’ is considered lucky.

Today, the celebration continues. Cheers to a happy and prosperous year of the rooster. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Hei Fat Choi!

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Still Here

Dear grandma, it has been a year since you left. But to me, you are not really gone.

I woke up each morning with the baby pillow you made next to me. I see you in mom, my family and myself. Your words still ring in my ears. The warmth of your kindness still presence. When I go to sleep each night with baby pillow over my one ear, I know deep down that you are still here…

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Almost 28°C!

With temperature hovering around 25 to 28°C, taking an afternoon nap seemed to be the only alternative and wise thing to do. However, as afternoon naps often do to me, my brain is all mushy at the moment. How did I ever survive the Malaysian climate?

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Admin & Flying

Good grief, we are to fly off to the US today and there are still matters to be settled with the bank. This is very stressful for my 73 year old mother. At this point, I took on the role of dictator-first-born and commanded my father to stay put in the hotel room while mom and I go to the bank. My battery level is at its all time low, but I may not rest yet. I need to maintain sanity and control in order to bring my parents safely and calmly back to Seattle.

Today is going to be a long day…

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Dinner With Family


In honour of my dearly departed grandmother, it is my parents turn to invite the family members to dinner this evening. Not wanting the usual unhealthy fare from the city, my parents opted to go to a venue suggested by my youngest uncle. The drive there was quite exciting for the place is tucked in a secluded valley in the middle of Kota Kinabalu. In keeping with the ecological concept, the restaurant serves mainly local, home grown produce. The food was tasty but a bit expensive by Malaysian standards. Though there were complaints of smells coming from the chicken coop, everyone seemed to have had a good time at Signal Hill Eco Farm Restaurant.