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Ten Bottles

Yesterday at six o’clock, I hover over my tablet like a hawk out on a hunt, constantly refreshing the Too Good To Go app until I see the ‘reserve’ button. I then clicked on this as quickly as possible, and then spent the next two minutes in intense concentration of completing the transaction!

This afternoon, D and I went off to collect our deeply discounted surprise box. It contains ten bottles of beers, some of which we have never tasted.

Hey, I am not so slow after all.

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Ten Positives

Ten employees at the Colruyt in Kuurne were tested positive for Covid19! Ten! Not one, or a pair… TEN! This is waaaay too close to home for comfort.

Who has been stupid? Or at least, who has been reckless? Will anyone be held accountable to have caused this cluster outbreak? The frustrating thing is that I know for sure that I will never get any answers for these questions. As with most news regarding the pandemic, this information will slowly dissipate without any reasonable follow ups. And then, it will also gradually disappear from the public’s memory.

A baffling and worrying case…

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From A Different Angle

In order to give myself a different angle of seeing things, I looked up the number of deaths caused by something else.

The World Health Organization estimated that 9.6 million people died of cancer in 2018 alone. This year, millions have already lost their lives to cancer, and that is after suffering for god knows how long…

These numbers are truly depressing and shocking, but an important reminder that there has always been bigger darker dangers lurking among us. No amount of money can buy you good health. Yet for the majority of us, it only takes some simple efforts to maintain a healthy self.

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Endive Soup

For breakfast/brunch this morning, I finished consuming a big bowl of endive soup. As I have mentioned before, these home grown endives are going to last us till the month of May. I estimate that we have enough endives to make one more round of endive soup. We are talking about four huge servings of soup here. I have definitely reached my yearly endive quota.

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Our weatherman Frank said that we shall receive 12 hours of sunlight today. The following days are predicted to be sunny as well. Vitamin D and solar energy are much needed positive elements in this time of global health crisis.

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Life Goes On…

Earlier this week, D and I turned our mattress. It is something we do once a year to make the mattress last longer, and for us to clean the inside of the bed frame.

This morning, as part of my spring time projects, I started cleaning the shower. While I was cleaning out the shower gutter (yuck), D announced that he is going to go buy fuel for the lawnmower. Thus, I promptly left the shower head in a limescale remover solution. The shower glass will be for tomorrow. I went outdoors to remove piles of accumulated cat poops (double yuck) from the lawn. Good grief, we do not want D running over these with his lawnmower!

Today, 375 Italians died of Covid-19. But as I look out at our newly mowed lawn, it is a reminder that life goes on despite all the tragedies around us…

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Solar Panels

Today is an important day. By the end of today, D and I shall have 10 solar panels on our roof. We will be part of the population who converts sunlight into electricity!

In less than four hours, the two very efficient workmen installed the solar panels and had all the necessary electronics set up. The panels were already generating energy before the wires were in place.

I am looking forward to sunny days, changing some of my housekeeping habits, and seeing the significant decrease in our traditional electricity usage.

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Homo Deus

In about a week’s time, I read and finished the paperback version of Sapiens. What an incredible read filled with mind-blowing stories.

Today, I started reading the second book by Professor Yuval Noah Harari. Imagine my delight when I saw an image of my favourite artist Pieter Brueghel on page 7 of Homo Deus. Then on page 52, he mentioned Mr. Data and Captain Kirk!

Oh my goodness, I am probably going to love this book.

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200th Lokaal

Today, Lokaal in Deerlijk is celebrating its 200th Friday market. But before D and I went there to join the celebration, I stopped by the bank to do some currency exchange via the ATM.

At Lokaal, we bought meat, about 800g of carrots and some mixed mushrooms. After some wine tasting, we sat down to have one drink each. D had a brown beer, whereas mine was a non-alcoholic apple-ginger juice. I am starting my bit of Tournée Minérale a few days earlier so that I may break my fast at the beer festival in Brugge tomorrow.

Today is also Brexit day. Great Britain leaving the European Union had half the people celebrating, while half are mourning. I personally do not have much feelings nor opinions about this. Ten years here in Belgium, I have yet to visit England…

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Where Is Everyone?

While randomly reading stuff on the internet not too long ago, I came across the term Fermi Paradox. For days, I was completely obsessed by the phenomenon some called The Great Silence.

The following is an excerpt from

Moving back to just our galaxy, and doing the same math on the lowest estimate for stars in the Milky Way (100 billion), we’d estimate that there are 1 billion Earth-like planets and 100,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.