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My home in Malaysia is only a street away from a football field. So, almost every day you will see people playing football, hockey or some other field sports.

When I was a university student in Michigan, some school friends and I went to a home game of American football (rugby). I remember having a fun time eating hot dogs and drinking Mello Yello (school events are almost always kids-friendly, thus alcohol-free) while watching the game. I can not recall much of the match since I did not understand it and never really bother to.

I have also been a spectator to an ice hockey game at the university’s ice rink. Because it was more than 20 years ago, all I remembered was players crashing violently onto each other and on hard surfaces of ice, cement barriers and some transparent non-glass dividers. It was brutal!

In 2011, when visiting my sister and her husband in Seattle, D and I were invited to a baseball game. That was also a fun and unique experience.

The uniqueness of my spectator sports experience peaked today. D and I biked to the football stadium here in Harelbeke to watch the European Quidditch Cup!

Football, field hockey, cricket, American football, ice hockey, and baseball… none of these prepared me for the strangeness of quidditch. Turning an imaginary sports from the Harry Potter universe into this real life four games combo must have involved a lot of tweaking. The part of my brain which savours fantasy and magic refused to bend to reality. Real life quidditch was weird, confusing and maybe a bit too real for me. To the fans, it proves to be a highly energetic and very exciting event. To each his own.

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Chicken Leg Math

A chicken has two legs – unless it is handicapped. Each chicken leg is comprised of a thigh and a drumstick.

Back in the days, dad will buy one chicken from the market every Saturday. That was our weekly chicken consumption, unless there were feast days in the week. It that case, there shall be two chickens.

The two thighs and two drumsticks were divided among the four children. If you get the drumstick this week, you will have the chicken thigh next week. And so it goes… fair and logic sharing. Personally, I see no big difference between a thigh or a drumstick. I was just grateful to have half a chicken leg on my plate every Sunday.

And now, let me get to the point. First, Math does not lie. Second, my parents are good and fair people. So, to the claim that one child might have been showered with more than half a chicken leg every week, do check and review your memories. Be reminded that by making such a remark, you are actually questioning the decency of my parents. Please put a cork in this nonsense.

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Math Progress

In the period of two weeks, I have moved from basic arithmetic to algebra II. I could not help feeling a bit proud of myself when I discovered that I was still able to solve semi-complicated mathematical problems. Who would have thought that I have retained so much from my school days, more than 25 years ago!

My objective is to progress to the point where I can understand and solve calculus problems. That was my mathematical level (limit) before I went to business school in the 90s. Business mathematics and case studies only required easy statistical analysis which were mostly solved with the help of computers.

Yep, calculus, the final challenge.