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New Computer Time

Today, I reschedule my daily computer time. From now on I will only turn on my computer in the mid afternoon. This new adaptation means freeing up about two hours of daylight after lunch. Time for me to read, and to do non-computer related activities. I will adapt to this new schedule swiftly and perform my trio-continental tasks efficiently and effectively.

Choose life!

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The fact that I love to read is not a secret to anyone who knows me well. Great books are simply one of life’s best treasures!

Aside from loving to read, I tend to also have this need to write. I started writing a diary entry every evening before bed when I was in my early teens. When my life got too busy for these quiet reflections, my written entries morphed and took the form of wild scribbles, and multiple to-do lists.

Now, I have my blog posts.


Mid November Errands

This afternoon, we went to the container park to toss some things into their respective recycling bins. Then, we went to two Asian markets to get what I need (and more…). After that, we dropped by at a Colruyt that we have not visited for more than a year. It is quite funny how we forget the layout of the grocery shop and were finding it quite a challenge to find things. Lastly, with a car full of grocery, we went to our local potato farmer and bought our monthly ten kilograms worth of potatoes.

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For Sale

I will be selling a few things on the second-hand market – 2dehands. These include gadgets (new and old) which I never plan to use anymore, books read ages ago and no longer be re-read, a few pair of shoes maybe and miscellaneous unloved items which someone else can cherish and make use of.

The extra cash will be a nice motivational nudge towards my objective of simplification and de-cluttering.


Fixing Things

The damned softener dispenser is not working. Not even after I have cleaned it out according to on-line videos. Must continue to troubleshoot this issue. Not giving up this soon…

On the other hand, I am well on my way of fixing D’s 10-year old backpack with just a needle, some thread and lots of patience. No complex tools nor skills needed because low-tech works in this case. Well if you honestly think about it, many things in life are really not that complicated.


Just A Wednesday

After finishing my usual Wednesday’s chores in the morning, I went on to do some catch up reading. I think the pile of magazines is getting smaller.

In the afternoon, I turned on my computer and continued the process of changing my primary email account. So far so good…

Tomorrow, I shall return a couple of books, withdraw some cash, and do grocery before the Autumn school holidays.

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Digital Simplification

I have been spending a great part of today switching my primary email account away from a very well-known giant. They do not have the right in knowing and saving everything about my digital self. No business in meddling and manipulating my life.

If you think I am being drastic, read the article Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend. The following is an excerpt from the article just so you will get an idea of where I am going with this…

We need to break up these online monopolies because if a few people make the decisions about how we communicate, shop, learn the news, again, do we control our own society?

Thus, it is high time to cut off those digital tentacles. One at a time in order to regain some control over my own domain. Snip, snip!


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Account Closed

I have been working on closing a no longer necessary bank account since June this year. Today, I received the confirmation of closure. Why so long, you ask? You see, I was dealing with this matter remotely and had to adhere to Sabahan time and mode. Phew… at least it is over now. Financial simplification is the way to go.

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Deep Fryer & Barbecue

The deep fryer has been cleaned two days ago after I dumped the icky old frying fat. This morning, I filled the clean fryer with seven blocks of frying fat, which have to be melted beforehand. Having completed this ‘quarterly’ task, I shall be able to use the deep fryer till end of this year. Yeah!

In the afternoon, I started on an unpopular task of cleaning the barbecue before winter. It is going to be a two to three day task again. The cooked on grime is simply nasty, but someone has to do this. Well, I am definitely grateful that I only have to clean the entire thing once a year! And oh… the unusually warm weather makes this chore less daunting. So, that’s cheerful.