Into A Bucket

We need to wash our hands more often than usual these days. Not an ideal situation because the water supply is dwindling rapidly. It has also been the driest and sunniest April and May in Belgium since the 1800s! We need rain and are not getting any for two months now.

As a simple water saving solution, I have placed a bucket in the sink to catch some of our ‘hand washing’ water. This slightly soapy water is then re-use for mopping the floor (also a good way to cool down the house), or for watering the flower beds and veggie patch.

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Mint Sauce & Strawberry Daiquiri

After harvesting a few handfuls of fresh mint from the vegetable patch, I made a small pot of mint sauce for the first time. I shall try this on the barbecued meat later. Mint is really not my thing, but I have so much of it, I had to do something right?!

Also, I used some of last year’s frozen strawberries to make a strawberry daiquiri. What you know, I have all the ingredients all this time… One more round, and I will use up all of the frozen strawberries and make some space available in the freezer. Just in time for this year’s harvest in June.

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Fruits, Veggies & Seafood

This morning, D and I patiently endured the long lines and anti-virus health measures in order to supply ourselves with fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood. Our purchases were made at two local stores within the city limits. Harelbeke is good this way, the city has almost everything! At the end of our errand run, we stopped by the baker to pick up the loaf of bread ordered yesterday. Welcome to the new normal of grocery shopping.

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Endive Soup

For breakfast/brunch this morning, I finished consuming a big bowl of endive soup. As I have mentioned before, these home grown endives are going to last us till the month of May. I estimate that we have enough endives to make one more round of endive soup. We are talking about four huge servings of soup here. I have definitely reached my yearly endive quota.

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Edible Spring Flowers

It was a darn good decision to leave the radish and borage plants to overwinter in the vegetable patch. For most of this month, I get to enjoy these beautiful spring flowers, with the knowledge that they are edible! Honey bees, coming out of their winter hibernation, simply love them.

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Wiggle Space

Yesterday was Earth Day. As I read some of the related articles online, I realised that I have been adhering to a rather green lifestyle all these years.

I have two simple reminders for myself to make my existence on this Earth a happy one. First, do not be too greedy. Second, always leave yourself some wiggle room. In our life’s journey, it is really okay to back down and step back once a while. Taking a break is not a sin, insatiable growth is…

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Fence Side Flowers

Yesterday, I started sowing summer flower seeds along the back yard fence. This will be one of my gardening experiments of the year.

Because it was sunny, dry and windy, I had to sneeze almost all the time and needed to pause once a while to blow my runny nose.

I will continue again later today, and finish up with the seed sowing. Damn… I already had a full blown sneezing episode this morning when I cleaned the windows. Now, I have to prep myself for another round of allergy attack.

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Employees at a chicken processing factory in Oklahoma had to pay their employer 10 cents a day to acquire face masks in order to protect themselves from the virus. Oh that just gets my blood boiling! The nerves!

How does one deal with things like this? My very first step will be turn on my boycott mode. Then, I shall gradually wean myself off the services and products of these evil businesses. Training myself to need less, thus consuming and depending less on those who built their empires of greed from the exploitations of others.

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Delightfully Enough

In 2009, I read and re-posted a light hearted story about the business man and the fisherman. The message really struck a chord with me more than 10 years ago. I think I shall remember it for a long long time…

Moments like this, I thought of our baker Franky. He and his wife Maggie never expand, never bake enough bread for their demanding but loyal customers, and close shop as soon as their bake goods are sold off. The couple also go on these crazy lengthy vacations every year, probably drinking beers and enjoying the sun?!

And then, there is this friendly fruit seller Arne. He would cheerfully admit that the fruit issues (drought, too much rain, EU embargo on Russia) do not really affect him, because his is a humble enterprise.

That being said, I am thankful I have enough of the things that matters most; love, health, wealth, common sense, plus the bits and pieces that make life delightful.