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Real Food

D and I went out to buy food this afternoon. We did not go to a grocery store but to three different places to get meat, potatoes, fruit juice, butter, mushroom, and some fruits. All the running around made us both very thirsty so we sat down to have a drink at the Lokaal in Deerlijk after we were done with our grocery.

I spent about €90 for this afternoon’s food purchases. It was not an expensive trade off because my fridge and pantry are now loaded with real food which will last me for weeks. The objective is to cook and eat decent healthy meals so that we do not have to spend our old days paying the doctors’ salaries!

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Planting Out

This morning, I moved and planted out several pots of vegetables which I have started indoors. These included a courgette plant, two yellow bell peppers, two red bell peppers and a pot of cili padi plants which never bear fruits in the two years I had them.

Even though it is the middle of May and the temperature is still a bit too cold for comfort, several of these plants are getting too big for their pots. Some of the leaves on the round courgette are turning yellow. Therefore, I shall risk a bit of a temperature shock on this specific plant instead of having it die indoors from stunted growth. The bell peppers I have a lot to play with since these were sprouted from store-bought paprikas.

Fingers crossed!


Zero Waste

Last evening, D and I biked to the library to attend a talk about Zero Waste. Despite the title, we all know that the main goal of this awareness talk is the more practical and realistic objective of waste reduction.

The lively presenter Vanessa shared with us 65 tips on how we may reduce our garbage output and live a plastic(less) lifestyle. Except for bringing my own product containers and bags when doing grocery, I can proudly say that I have been practising most of these alternatives for many years.

In solving a problem, one needs to look at the source. The source of our ever-growing waste output is directly linked to our mindless over consumption. If one does not consume, one does not create waste. Simple logic.

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Vulcan Logic

A few years ago, I told D that he has to be smart when trying to get his point across to me. He would need to use Vulcan Logic to break down my reluctance and stubbornness, in order to convince me to see his side of things.

Well, he did it. I was convinced to cycle to Kortrijk for the Mayday event yesterday! My slight dizziness and coughing fit did not seem to have affected my bike ride by much. To my pleasant surprise, I am not even suffering from any muscle pain today. Admittedly, the coughing fit got worse, but the cold evening was to be blamed for that – not the cycling.

Yep, one will not be able to argue against Vulcan Logic.


Hair Trimming

I have not had a haircut since the summer of 2017. Two weeks ago, I got really tired of my long hair and decided to trim a little bit of the shaggy ends. Before I start cutting, I watched a couple of online videos as guideline. Then armed with a pair of scissors and a comb, I trimmed off a few centimetres on my first attempt. Wearing a sweater with horizontal stripes was helpful. My DIY hair trimming went on quickly and effectively.

It has been 14 days since I started this experiment on myself. I have cut my hair shorter and shorter in five attempts. In total, I have probably trimmed off a total of 15 centimetres and will stop for now.

When I was in my early teens, I was cutting other people’s hair without fear or failure. My then hairdresser said that I am one of those people who are just daring with the scissors.

Trimming my own hair has been a successful endeavour. It was an opportunity to use a skill that I am gifted with. The whole process has even proved to be rather therapeutic and I am quite please and satisfy with my lighter shorter hairstyle.

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Month End Errands

The month of April is at its end. So, this afternoon, D and I went out to do some month-end errands to refill our pantry. First, we purchased some beers. Then, we went to the Delhaize next to the beer place to buy Marmite. We then went to another grocery store to buy four crates of sparkling water. The last thing we did before heading home was going to the Lokaal at Deerlijk to buy a box of fruit juice and some meat for the next few days. We did not stay to drink this time because D has tasted everything and I am avoiding alcohol and cold drinks because of a persisting cough. There will be plenty of opportunities for that after I have recovered.

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Not too long ago, D came home with lots of stale bread and fresh eggs from his sister. The old bread were meant for my parents-in-law’s friends who will use the bread as animal feed. Since some of the bread were still quite good, I cubed them up after removing the crusts, and stored them in the freezer for later use. The eggs, I just cleaned and store in the fridge.

Today after lunch, I used eight cups of frozen bread cubes, and nine eggs to make a casserole dish known as strata. After putting this together in less than 30 minutes, I placed the dish in the fridge so that the bread will soak up the custard properly. I may decide to bake it this evening or tomorrow morning.

I think I shall never run out of ways to use up a lot of eggs.


April Planting

The weather has been lovely for more than a week now. Flowers are blooming, greens are shooting out all over the place, and it is difficult to stop myself from sowing whatever I came across in my collection of seeds.

There is order in the seemingly chaos though… I promise.

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Weird Weed

The super dry and hot summer last year has contributed to an unsightly front yard full of weed. And these are not the typical dandelions which I have managed to put under control over the years. I do not know these unwanted plants… they can be a cure for cancer for all I know.

Yesterday, I spent hours (yes, hours!) tidying up the front and back yards. When I heard D declaring that he is not going to mow the lawn anytime soon, I stopped cat poop removal and concentrated on weed removal instead.

Yard work is hard work, especially this time. My thighs are sore from the repetitive squatting.

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Preventive Care

“Sometimes we detect things at the early stages and it will be manageable,” said my doctor. “Alright then set me up for the mammography,” I replied, making a you won face. Even though I am not at risk of having breast cancer, it is best to get the screening done. Last time was seven years ago!

I had my bi-annual OB-GYN check up done yesterday. And before I left the hospital, a mammography has been set up in mid-April. In the next few months, I will need to make an appointment for a yearly dental check up. Maybe I will also throw in a general medical check up and had my eyes tested this year.

Preventive healthcare is annoying as hell. No one likes them, many are scared of them, but they are damn necessary. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”. Nobody is getting younger…