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Unbearable Clutter

Just read an article from The New York Times entitled The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter.

The last paragraph sums up what I have been clamouring about all these years:

Dr. Saxbe agreed that a good way to declutter is to keep items out of the house in the first place. She urged shoppers to consider whether they truly need an item or if it will add to their home’s sense of dysfunction. “Once it’s in the house, it’s really hard to deal with. You get attached to the things you own,” she said.

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Pumpkin & Endives

I spent most of yesterday wrestling a humongous pumpkin, turning it into purée, cubes and storing these up for future culinary uses.

This morning, I harvested some of the Belgian endives from the utility room. I made endive soup again. For dinner, I shall try to make witloof met ham en kaas. This is a classic Belgian casserole dish where ham wrapped Belgian endives are cooked in a cheese sauce. I never need to make this dish because D and I get this prepared for us by his mother several times a year. However in our current situation, extraordinary time (endive overload) calls for extraordinary cooking efforts. Let us hope that tonight’s dinner will not be a dissapointment.


Tasks Divide & Conquer

D’s mother needed computer help, and I have some household basics which have been on the shopping list for quite some time.

Instead of postponing and spreading these tasks to next week, D and I decided to divide and conquer.

On his way to the parents’ home, D dropped me off at the grocery store. And hour later, we went home together having provided the necessary IT support and bags of household staples.

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January Sales – Part One

Instead of piling everything on this coming Shopping Sunday, I have decided to do part of the Kortrijk city winter walk and January sales this afternoon. D and I were able to take our time and enjoy these activities at a slower and less stressful pace.

After Kortrijk, we went to Lokaal to do some grocery for the weekend. We met a few people whom we know and thus spent some time with them drinking, chatting and laughing.

In the evening when we got home, I quickly cook up a chicken curry and rice dinner.

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Pie Time

It is the second day of the new year and I am already actively not wasting food. First, I took the two apples that have been sitting in my fruit basket on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks. Then, I went to get one more apple from the batch which I am storing in the garden shed. With some sugar, butter, eggs, and a store-bought puff pastry that will be expiring tomorrow, I made a simple apple pie by lunch time.

New year, new pie, less waste.

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A Healthy Pace

A lot of people experience the accomplishment complex during the end of the year. Most of us have sadly ended up procrastinating over the grand plans and wishes we have made in the beginning of the year, and now feeling extremely guilty for being an underachiever.

Not me man… I have learned from the flu of 2018. From now till New Year’s Day, I shall pace myself and not overdo anything. Life is too short to be running around like a headless chicken and jeopardizing my precious health. Saying no, delaying things and taking baby steps are the way to go…

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Shop Some More

Tomorrow will be the beginning of the weekend as well as the start of Christmas vacation this part of the world. Because most people are still in school or at work this afternoon, D and I were able to continue our pre-holiday errands without much delay. Has avoidance of the holiday crowd become an important modern day survival skill? I wonder…


Pre-Christmas Week

It is eight days till Christmas. In order to get things done smoothly without having to be trapped amongst the stressy holiday crowds, I planned and decided to get things moving along earlier than most people.

After inviting the parents-in-law to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner with us, D and I made a quick online order from our go-to butcher. We decided to pick up our order on the feast day itself so things will be fresh and I do not need to fuss with making space in the fridge.

In the afternoon, we went to one grocery store to buy the few things we listed on our shopping list. One store down, ten more to go?!

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Savoy Cabbage Rolls

I made cabbage rolls for dinner tonight. This time, I need not soften the cabbage leaves by boiling. Instead I have discovered a handy technique where one can effectively soften cabbage leaves by the simple process of freezing and thawing.

I filled these cabbage leaves with rice and lentil. Spiced them up with a bit of ginger, garlic and curry powder. These are then cooked in a home-made tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious!

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Simplification Of Personal Finances

I strongly believe that one’s personal finances should be simplified in steps as one ages. This simplification process is the best deterrent to any stressful confusions, possible deceptions and costly negligences. Therefore, close those unnecessary accounts, choose the services of a no-bullshit financial institution (I know, these are so rare), do not let greed or jealousy guide you, and stop making life-altering financial decisions by age 53!