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Deep Fryer & Barbecue

The deep fryer has been cleaned two days ago after I dumped the icky old frying fat. This morning, I filled the clean fryer with seven blocks of frying fat, which have to be melted beforehand. Having completed this ‘quarterly’ task, I shall be able to use the deep fryer till end of this year. Yeah!

In the afternoon, I started on an unpopular task of cleaning the barbecue before winter. It is going to be a two to three day task again. The cooked on grime is simply nasty, but someone has to do this. Well, I am definitely grateful that I only have to clean the entire thing once a year! And oh… the unusually warm weather makes this chore less daunting. So, that’s cheerful.

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October Garden Work

It is not rainy nor windy today. A perfect day in October to do some speedy garden clean up. Buried my kitchen scraps – noticing the empty nut shells – which is typical this time of the year. Enjoyed the sunlight a bit while picking up fallen leaves and twigs in my vegetable patch and flower beds. Some fresh air, some sunlight, some exercise and then back to my cosy warm home.

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From the article My Incredibly Simple Guide To Stoicism—Learn Wisdom You Can Practically Use:

  1. We don’t control events, but we do control what they mean.
  2. Disruptions to serenity cannot be avoided.
  3. You must disrupt yourself.
  4. In good and bad times we have a choice.
  5. Make it a habit of looking inward.
  6. Being paranoid and fearful will destroy you.
  7. Anger will not help you.
  8. Everything takes up space.
  9. Practice poverty.
  10. You protect everything you have, why not your mind?
  11. Don’t wreck the purpose of your life by trying to impress others.
  12. Without proper training, you’re a fool.
  13. Your mind becomes what you think consistently.
  14. You don’t know everything.
  15. Think of your problems in relation to the sky.
  16. Forget stereotypes and labels: concentrate on character.
  17. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Do something inspirational yourself.
  18. There is never an end to the personal development journey.
  19. Work is good for you.
  20. Don’t make life harder than it is. It’s your choice.
  21. How you handle disaster is everything.
  22. Seek out obstacles.
  23. You have one job and only one job.
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Green Tomatoes

What do you do with green tomatoes which will not ripen anymore because of the drop in temperature? You eat them…

Thanks to the internet, I found a healthier alternative to fried green tomatoes. And yum, baked battered green tomatoes are fantastic!


Yard Waste Recycling

Yesterday, D went over to the two back neighbours and trimmed the ivy hedges on their sides of the fence. D did a quick efficient job and did not bring back too much ivy cut-offs like a couple of years ago. Reason being that he did not wait too long this time to trim the hedges.

This afternoon, we trimmed our side of the ivy hedge. Our hedge also did not produce too much cut-offs because I have been slowly but consistently trimming the ivy since spring.

When the yard was tidied up, we loaded three bags full of yard waste and took these to the container park (recycling park). What a wonderful feeling knowing that all these yard waste will be turned into rich compost in a few months time.


Afternoon Yard Work

It will start raining tomorrow for the next few days. So, D and I did some yard work while it is still dry. D mowed the lawn, I trimmed some ivy and cleaned up the vegetable patch. Nothing beats making the garden presentable while getting some exercise and fresh air.


Smart Ironing

This morning, I looked at the humongous pile of clean laundry that needs to be ironed and went ‘urgh…’.

Then, I decided to be smart and will deal with this annoying task in batches. I will iron a bit today, a bit tomorrow and maybe a bit in later days. Sooner or later next week, I’ll be ironing the last piece. Divide and conquer is the way to go.

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I got up at 7.30am this morning.

A few hours later, I have cleaned the guest room and returned it to its original state before my parents visit.

At this moment, I am cooking a pot of tomato sauce to use up all of the overripe tomatoes I got from the in-laws. After all the heavy American food and air plane food, a simple tomato pasta dish will be a perfect dinner for me.