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Riding The Waves

How does a nation of quarantine-tired people deal with an earlier-than-expected second wave?!

To be sure, there will be those (hopefully a majority) who will bite down and deal with this next coronavirus infection like good calm obedient citizens. But I fear that there will be quite a few that would probably just throw up their hands, and convert themselves into some idiotic rebellious ‘bug chasers’.

Regardless of how we will be dealing with this second wave, I know this one thing: One might not die from it but may suffer life-long physical and mental damages. Heck, I can probably get it, not suffer at all but kill someone else by passing it along unknowingly. That is not something I want to have on my conscience. I am suppose to live till age 107. That is a long time to be guilty of anything!

In the months to come, I shall try my best in reading my personal collection of books, practice my calligraphy brush strokes, paint some still life (I was very good at this in school), start and finish some long-delayed home maintenance, take care of my garden, and continue having fun in my culinary experiments.

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Higher Ground

As long as there are people, there will be disputes. And unfortunately, the nastiest quarrels often happen amongst family members. Sibling rivalries being one of the most intense and severe.

When someone makes you feel rotten, it is actually futile to response in kind. An eye for an eye way of doing things are usually pointless. Life has taught me that it is best to take the higher ground. Staying calm, taking a step back, and just letting things simmer over are simpler ways to deal with most disagreements. It is an act of kindness to all those involved, especially towards oneself. Response in kindness, not react in vengeance. We all have just this one very short life. No repeats.

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Everyday, I encounter a significant amount of news and information. Some of these will keep my mind busy for a while, but I seldom get any proper follow ups nor closures.

  • Who was the 12 year old girl who died of Covid19? Where did she get it from?
  • Why did the 20 year old cyclist die of a heart attack, after having had a medical check-up a week earlier?
  • What happened to the 10 infected employees at Colruyt, Kuurne?
  • Does Sweden really have a plan?
  • How do you measure a nation’s mental well-being?
  • Why does the German series Dark have to be that complex?!
  • Where do our neighbourhood’s rainwater run-offs flow to?

I have so many questions… about so many things!

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Second Lock-downs

People who live in Peking, Leicester, Lerida, Melbourne, and Lisbon had to be placed under a second round of lock-downs. These seemingly milder quarantines are enforced in order to curb the recent increase of new coronavirus cases. I feel sorry for the people who have to endure yet another challenging period…

This health, economic and psychological crisis is far from over, and that is a fact. Survival of the fittest and most adaptable.

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Fun Fairs

While watching television last evening, the visual of a funfair triggered a realization on my part. I told D that I have never been to any of the annual funfairs in my hometown. Friends and family (usually Chinese Malaysians) cautioned that these local fairs are best avoided if one does not want to be robbed or harmed. Supposedly, these not-so-fun fairs are crawling with petty criminals, gang members and sexual predators.

I have been to many funfairs in the US and Belgium, and have enjoyed most of them, but do not ask me about the ones in Lahad Datu. Never been and never will…

Certain places are simply off limits. That is a learned thing, programmed in my mind, never to be forgotten. Most first world citizens cannot comprehend that.

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At age 19, I had to leave my home town and crossed the state in order to go to upper secondary school. A few years later, I crossed the South China Sea to attend college. In 1993, I crossed the Pacific Ocean for a university degree in the United States. After graduation, I returned home and worked as an administrator at a life insurance agency. After half a decade of insurance sales, claims and administration work, I decided to return to college for something else. So, I crossed the Pacific Ocean once again to attend college classes to become a graphic designer. This was the trajectory which I took for my education.

This past weekend, I was told that we need to fill our lives with the occasional impulses. I made a gentle remark saying that I have moved from Malaysia to the US, and then here to Belgium. I asked if those moves were impulsive enough. The dialogue came to a quick end…

As I have mentioned before, the first paragraph of this blog post only depicts the path I took in my quest for higher education. Ask me about the shit storms and epic tales I had to endure for my career and my overall well-being. Grandma lived till age 93. Mom is a healthy and alert 77 year old. So, if I am to have a relatively long life, I have to guess that my life story is far from being over.

Iceland? New Zealand? Finland? Who knows?!

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Quarantine Break

This afternoon, D and I headed off to one of our favourite butchers to purchase some meat. This outing includes a lengthier than normal car ride, some scenic views and meat purchase that will last us for weeks. A damn good quarantine break.

After acquiring €60 worth of quality meat, we proceeded to Lokaal for a loaf of bread. I initially intended to stay in the car, but curiosity got the better of me. In the end, I purchased a little something from almost every stall. And since we were there already, might as well go all out and have a drink at the café. D and I had two beers each, and enjoyed being amongst people again. We have both missed this tremendously…

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Stress Pimple

For eight weeks, I have been an image of cool and calm. I thought I was okay all this time.

When I woke up too early in the morning, I blame it on the daylight and our open-plan house. For falling asleep on the sofa, I blamed it on the lack of sleep or the allergy medication I took. Then I had a cold sore which lasted for two weeks in April, followed by a blood shot eye a week ago. I am currently sprouting the third stress pimple since the lock-down.

Cold sores and stress pimples only occur when I have to think and plan a lot, travel long distance, or attend high-stress family gatherings.

In actuality, I am quietly worrying about everyone I care about. What is happening where they are? What are they doing to protect themselves physically and mentally? What kind of risks are they exposing themselves to? In so, I am not okay…

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Rule Of Game

When I was born in the 70s, Malaysia was no longer one of the many colonies of the United Kingdom. But even though the colonizers were gone, many of their governing and administrative systems remained. So, I really did grow up playing by the rules of the once ruling British Empire.

In a blink of an eye, the weakened UK was replaced by the United States of America. America as number one world power was not too much of an adjustment. The English language is still widely used, Christianity is spreading and establishing itself across the continents, and most of us still dressed the same. The rules to the game did not change much.

Now on the world stage – The United Kingdom is barely limping, the nations of Europe are a bunch of selfish bastards, and America just freaking shot itself (several times) in the foot!

There is a worrying possibility that the next one on the world throne will probably not play by the same rules. How are we to play the game with rules set by an ant-hill nation? How to survive surveillance capitalism? Big data manipulations? I really do not know…

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Inner Animals

Unless you live on a moon base, there is always a possibility of becoming the link (idiotic or not) in spreading this highly infectious and deadly virus.

Practising social distancing can be a truly painful experience for some of us homo sapiens. We are after all social animals…

Nevertheless, the cold hard fact is that the experts are still baffled by this virus. Please care (love) enough to stay away from others, for as long as possible, in the attempt of breaking the chain of infection. We have a few choices in this matter; to be temporary antisocial animals, sick animals or dead animals!