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Hanging Between The Trees

It was Open Gaversdag yesterday afternoon. Because I was unable to pre-register for any of the activities this year, we just roamed about happily among the crowds after parking our bikes. First, D and I went to the beehives, then the petting zoo, and ended up at the café drinking a beer each. We met a couple we knew, chatted a bit, drank some more and then continued with our walk.

We saw our favourite ice cream lady, waved and walked on to the swimming zone, then proceeded to the forest area. Before I realised it, D and I both had on climbing gears and were swinging about the trees. Boy did we had fun!

D parents, whom we met up later at the café terrace, were already informed of our monkeying antics. News travelled faster than D’s photos if you know people. Ha!

Not feeling like cooking dinner, we biked to a nearby brewery brasserie. I ordered the steak tartar which I have been craving for a while now. D had the stew. The simple dishes, served with fries, were washed down with beers that were brewed at location. After the enjoyable dinner, we biked home leisurely.

What a wondrous Sunday afternoon …

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Bicycles, Beers & Wontons

Yesterday was the first day of the International Beer Festival at Zwevegem. Despite the fact that I was having a dizzy spell, D had managed to convince me that we should cycle there. Having done it once before, and not wanting anyone of us to drink and drive, I agreed. Now that I am better at cycling, the 6-kilometre bike ride was not as daunting and was quite enjoyable. And holy crap, a glass of well-chilled beer can be so ridiculously good when one had to huff and puff to get to the location of the festival.

This afternoon, most of the neighbours will get together for the last speelstraat. I made some wontons in the early afternoon, to be fried up and served when D and I join the drinking later in the day. It is a small gesture on our part. We are not kids haters and definitely can be friendly and generous in our own ways.

Summer is almost over and I suspect that my tenting nights are rather numbered…

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New Venue

This Friday afternoon started with some beer purchasing. Well, isn’t that promising already?

After purchasing the beers, we drove on to D’s sister. D needed to fix a computer issue she has been having on her laptop. The IT support session turned out to be a bit longer than we anticipated but when it was done we continued on to Puur Vlees for our next week’s meat supply. There is no arguing that the meat from this butcher is amongst the best I know, but I still think the place is a bit too far of a drive. Ah well, I will try to make up for it by being a flexitarian more often.

When we reached home, we quickly stored away our purchases of beers and meat and headed off to the Lokaal. Today, Lokaal will be at its new location for the first time. And because it was a celebration, there were free food, free drinks and also live performances. I get to enjoy celebrating this event amongst the people and did not have to cook dinner this evening. Yeah to that.

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This afternoon, D and I visited a fruit orchard owned by our go-to fruit seller. We first went on a fun cart ride amongst the fruit trees. The cart was pulled by a tractor and we had a very entertaining guide. After the ride, we went on to taste some yummy mixed drinks. I even got a printout with all the recipes for the drinks that they served. After sharing an apple based beer, taking some more photos, and enjoying the good weather, we went home to have a home-cooked meal of steak and fries.

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Sinksen 2018

It is Pentecostal Sunday, and there were much to do at the Sinksenfeest in Kortrijk. D and I went in the afternoon to check out the largest rommelmarkt in Belgium. Despite the crowd, we bumped into D’s parents and friends, and the six of us went for a drink together. After that, D and I said our goodbyes and moved on to do our own things. We drank some more beer while listening to loud music, visited a book store, took pictures, looked at some performances, roamed around some more, sat at the river bank to take in the sights and sounds, and then went home for a home-cooked steak dinner. We need not overdo it… there shall be plenty of sinksenfeest in the years to come.


Birthday Meet Up

This afternoon, D and I went to a friend’s birthday bash. There were familiar and unfamiliar faces at the gathering. One of the nicest thing at an event like this is meeting up with the friends, especially ones we have not seen for a while. As with most gatherings, this one did not fall short on its flow of gossips, laughter, eye-popping declarations, and keep-it-in-your-head observations. And of course, there was an abundance of food and drinks.

Later in the evening, D and I went to support the birthday boy’s DJ-ing gig at a hip and new restaurant in Oostend. We had a lovely time chatting, laughing, sharing food, drinking and listening to music.

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Mother’s Day 2018

Today is Mother’s Day. In the morning, I sent the the obligatory text messages to mom and the mother-in-law. I decided not to email the entire family like I usually do. Keeping a low profile this year…

At around 11am, D and I cycled to the football stadium. We went there to witness and cheer on the eight groups of cyclists who were cycling 1000km for Kom Op Tegen Kanker. There were plenty of supporters, freebies, food and drinks stands, a few familiar famous personalities, music and such. We stayed until almost 2pm and boy was I hungry!

In the afternoon, we went to D’s parents for tea time and to celebrate mother’s day. Four hours later, we left for home and had our late home-cooked meal at around 9pm. What a long and eventful day.

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Openwervendag 2018

Today’s Sunday afternoon was spent visiting interesting building sites. At most sites, we were offered free drinks after each visitation. One site even offered free sandwiches. We ended the day by visiting the brewery Vanderghinste and had two free beers each. Yep, Free drinks, free food, a 5-stories vertical ride by a crane, and beautiful weather. Just a typical sunny spring Sunday in Flanders.

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Friday Thirteen

I woke up from a bad dream and got up at 4.30am this morning. In the utility room, I found a strange water leakage from the boiler. I wiped up the water and dried the floor in no time. Then proceed to work off my restlessness by roaming about the living room – quietly. I drank a coffee, put away the dishes and crawled back into bed for a sublime 2-hour morning nap.

In the afternoon, D and I went to the recycling park to drop off some plastic packaging, a water filter, and our lawn clippings. We then proceed to Kortrijk to check out this year’s Paasfoor (Easter Fun Fair) and ate some fried dough.

After Kortrijk, we went home to pick up crates of empty water bottles. The supposedly brief visit to Lokaal for a drink and some quick purchases ended up longer than planned because we met an acquaintance of D. Some strange and interesting information turned up in our conversation. We live in a small world!

Our last stop of the day before heading home was to a nearby Carrefour to stock up on sparkling water and drinks. Well, that was my Friday 13th. I am probably going to pass out on the sofa later this evening…

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FACTS 2018

During the 90s when I was a student in Kalamazoo Michigan, I got completely hooked on The X-Files. I watched the series faithfully every week until I left the United States for Malaysia at the end of 1994. Fortunately for me, The X-Files was so popular that it was also broadcast back home, with only a one-year lag. My youngest brother and I watched the series together. We often got freaked out, quite confused, but loved every bit of it. M left for college in the late 90s and I went back to college for the second time in 2001. Our college lives simply made watching TV a low priority activity and something that we no longer have time for. Nevertheless, my fascination for the series and its characters never wane.

Today at FACTS, I attended the Q&A sessions of Manu Bennett (Crixus from Spartacus), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington from Stranger Things), Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark from Game of Thrones) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully from The X-Files)! This year’s FACTS was fun, interesting, entertaining and all that. But at this moment, only one thought burns in my head – Holy crap! I just saw Agent Scully!