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Gung Hei Fat Choi

As I age, I find myself getting increasingly sentimental over festivals and rituals which I grew up knowing in Malaysia.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house so that I do not have to perform my Saturday chores on the first day of Chinese New Year. I even cleaned the windows, and tidied up the front and back yards. That’s not the end of my festive craziness. I prepared a Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner consisting of five different dishes plus steamed rice. The names of these dishes have good meanings. And the number ‘six’ is considered lucky.

Today, the celebration continues. Cheers to a happy and prosperous year of the rooster. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Hei Fat Choi!

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Neighbourly Gatherings

Yesterday evening, we attended the ‘Winter BBQ’ organized by our neighbours. This time was not exactly a barbecue, but a hired food truck serving fries and deep fried meat. Food was okay and drinks were plentiful. But the most important thing is that we met up with our neighbours and reinforced our neighbourly ties. Having skipped the last two gatherings in winter of 2015 and summer of 2016, I was quite taken aback on how much some of the little ones have grown. Kids, we do not call them spuds for no reason!

Today, we rest…


Good Bye 2016

I did a bit of my usual Saturday chores, dealt with my hobby business, paid a bit of attention to tonight’s dinner, and suddenly it is 5pm?! This last day of 2016 is just flying by swiftly at warp speed.

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Putteke Winter


Last evening after dinner, D and I biked(Yes, I did?!) to De Gavers for Putteke Winter. We did the 5 kilometre walk along the forest path, saw some light shows, music performances, and took pictures. All the walking in this cold weather made D hungry, so he ate fries and drank a beer before we biked back home.

De Gavers is one of my favourite places on Earth. Now I can say that I love it by day as well as by night.

Happiness is when one does not need to travel very far to witness an interesting and lovely event. That and not falling off my bike in a dark and rainy winter night.


Another Nine Eleven?

The unthinkable has just happened. The impossible candidate has been elected to become one of the most powerful person on Earth. Time to panic? Hide? Run?

Red alert, shields up and evasive maneuvers! Now is when we gather our wits about, then make our next moves swiftly and with precision.

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On this grey Sunday afternoon, D and I walked to the meeting centre to attend a local trade fair. There were quite a lot of people attending the free event. We met and talked to a couple of the trades people, got a free glass of beer and enjoyed our short walk.

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Open Bedrijvendag 2016


Today is Open bedrijvendag. D and I visited some companies in the region, learned how certain things work, drank free beers and ate free fries. Just another Sunday afternoon in Belgium. We even had Belgian weather to go along with the Belgian activities.

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Today is Dag van de Landbouw (Day of Agriculture). D and I visited a cow farm, a technical school surrounded by an apple orchard, and lastly a hop farm which is also a brewery. After that we went to the city centre of Popperinge for Lekker Westhoeks. That means more eating and drinking…

It was a Sunday filled with enjoyable activities.