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Rule Of Game

When I was born in the 70s, Malaysia was no longer one of the many colonies of the United Kingdom. But even though the colonizers were gone, many of their governing and administrative systems remained. So, I really did grow up playing by the rules of the once ruling British Empire.

In a blink of an eye, the weakened UK was replaced by the United States of America. America as number one world power was not too much of an adjustment. The English language is still widely used, Christianity is spreading and establishing itself across the continents, and most of us still dressed the same. The rules to the game did not change much.

Now on the world stage – The United Kingdom is barely limping, the nations of Europe are a bunch of selfish bastards, and America just freaking shot itself (several times) in the foot!

There is a worrying possibility that the next one on the world throne will probably not play by the same rules. How are we to play the game with rules set by an ant-hill nation? How to survive surveillance capitalism? Big data manipulations? I really do not know…

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For years now, I have always wanted to attend a very Belgian sport event known as cyclocross (cyclo-cross in English). My wish came true this evening.

What an experience it was to see these sportsmen and sportswomen, performing unbelievable maneuvers with their bicycles. What an event!

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A Fantastic Day!

After almost a week of gloomy Belgian weather, sunlight has finally broken through the clouds at intervals today. As a result, our brand new solar panels did their job converting sunlight into electricity. How strange it was to see the meter turning backwards because unused energy was flowing into the grid.

Later in the day, D and I heard the wonderful news that his father will be getting a new kidney! I am overjoy and fill with thankfulness right now. We are all holding our breaths and wishing him a successful operation. Oh finally, after all those years…

It started out as a good day, with the occasional sunny breaks. It is now a fantastic day!

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Bruges Beer Festival

Yesterday was the 13th edition of the Bruges Beer Festival. D and I had probably attended four or five of this particular event. This time would be the first time that we went when there was still daylight.

Experience taught D to request for half a tasting glass of beer when he wanted to taste a new beer. This way, he paid less, we got to taste more beers, and no headaches afterwards!

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200th Lokaal

Today, Lokaal in Deerlijk is celebrating its 200th Friday market. But before D and I went there to join the celebration, I stopped by the bank to do some currency exchange via the ATM.

At Lokaal, we bought meat, about 800g of carrots and some mixed mushrooms. After some wine tasting, we sat down to have one drink each. D had a brown beer, whereas mine was a non-alcoholic apple-ginger juice. I am starting my bit of Tournée Minérale a few days earlier so that I may break my fast at the beer festival in Brugge tomorrow.

Today is also Brexit day. Great Britain leaving the European Union had half the people celebrating, while half are mourning. I personally do not have much feelings nor opinions about this. Ten years here in Belgium, I have yet to visit England…

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Harari’s Insights

D and I left the house at 3.30pm this afternoon to attend a talk by Professor Yuval Noah Harari at the KULAK in Kortrijk. The talk will only begin at 4.45pm – there is no lack of enthusiasm here!

Even though I am still brain-chewing the information from the keynote speech, and an interview I watched on the computer, the following are issues that I personally find significant:

  • Learn to know and accept yourself. This will make you better at fending off outside manipulations.
  • Constantly learn new and diversified skills. Reinventing oneself is a necessary maneuver to avoid becoming a member of the useless class.
  • The three existential dangers our world is facing are nuclear arms races, ecological breakdowns and technological disruptions.
  • Our climate issues can be solved with 2% of the global GDP. This is what some countries pay for their national defense.
  • Humans are very good at amassing power, but have problem translating that into happiness.
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Dog Year Errands

Year of the dog ends today.

This made me moved my Saturday chores a day earlier, so that I do not sweep and clean on the first day of Chinese New Year! Apparently, the core culture is still strong and deep in me.

Also this week, I was emailed a 10% discount code from one of our butchers. Not one for passing on a good deal, D and I went to Wakken to purchase meat that will last us for at least two weeks. On the way, we stopped at a store to buy some mussels (discounted) and a fish for my new year menu.

May it be a year of overflowing abundance ~ nien nien yue yie!


Birthday Bike Ride

It was my birthday yesterday. It was also the official opening of the new lock in Harelbeke. So instead of cooking up a birthday dinner, I prepped myself up for the first bike ride of the year, injured right hand and all.

The bike ride went smoothly. The opening event began with speeches and was concluded with a brief show of fireworks. A walking route around the lock was then opened to the attendees. We were also treated to the occasional showcases along the way.

After the walk, D and I stopped by the city’s New Year’s gathering. I was a wee bit disappointed that there were no free drinks. Knowing that we will become poorer if we stayed around all these overpriced food and drinks, we decided to purchase some fries from the frituur and then head home.

The ride back was a bit of a slow struggle for me, but I was glad that I did it anyway. So, hooray for this birthday girl who refused to let age, inexperience and injury from stopping me.