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Good Quality Meat

I came to a realization that I have not bought pork tenderloin from any grocery stores since being a customer of Puur Vlees. I told this to D with a bit of a surprised tone because I never thought I will be so easily won over. This afternoon, we walked away from the butcher with almost 5 kilograms of meat. The freezer is yet again my best tool in mindful frugal consumption and storage.

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Just Beer 2018

At around 4pm yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the second edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. We brought along our old glasses from last year’s event, earning us an extra token each.

My four tokens for the day lasted less than a hour because D and I used them up to attend a work shop. We were served fresh oysters, three glasses of beers, and another two Thai dishes prepared by Michelin star chefs. Boy was that a good deal!

After the workshop, we roamed about, tasting different beers, and only got home after 8pm.

More today…

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Ladder & Veggie Stew

Not long after lunch, D and I set up the ladder inside the house so that we may reach and clean our roof-side windows. We have two of these unreachable windows and the last cleaning of the outside glass was many years ago.

It took us about an hour of trial and error to get one of the bigger windows relatively clean. I think we should have a redo when we start on the smaller window next week. At this point, we have yet to develop a more efficient approach and method.

Later in the afternoon, we went to buy meat straight from the butcher at the farm. If one wants to eat meat, at least make sure that it is quality product that comes from ethical farming and breeding. Next, D and I ran some little side errands of buying a bike light, a silly impulse purchase of cheap coloured lights, and a bit of grocery before heading home. After a short stop to unload our afternoon purchases, we drove off to Lokaal, met up with D’s mom whom has registered herself and I to eat hutsepot (a vegetable stew). An evening filled with good food, good drinks and cheerful company.

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Quince Jelly

D and I embarked on a mini culinary adventure together and made quince jelly. No fingers cut, no eyes taken out, no hot jelly splatters and no yelling. After all the labour intensive steps, and the massive cleaning up, we now have 14 jars of beautiful orange-coloured jelly cooling off on the counter. The funny thing is, neither D nor I are jelly fans.

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Potato Croquettes

I own a croquette press, which I have gotten from my mother-in-law many years ago. So, about three years ago, I tried and made potato croquettes successfully. Then the press was promptly stowed away in one of my many kitchen shelves and duly forgotten.

Yesterday, I announced to D that we shall have croquettes instead of our weekly fries on Saturday.

Dang, making croquettes sure was labour intensive. There were so many steps involved, so many things that needed to be done. Peeling, boiling, mashing, pushing the mashed potato through the press, cutting it up, letting it cool overnight, then dredging it in flour, egg white and breadcrumbs. Holy crap, and the cleaning up afterwards!

As of now, the croquettes are still to be fried up and eaten. Let’s hope that the whole process will be worth my while.

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As summer ends, there was a sudden inflow of ripe tomatoes. D and I simply cannot consume these fast enough. Not wanting to toss anything and having no more room in the freezer, I decided to make spicy ketchup according to a recipe I found online.

The end product tasted like ketchup, but has the consistency of soup. Maybe the tomatoes I used were too watery? Maybe I should have left the pot uncovered when cooking? Next time (I am pretty sure there will be a next time), I shall strain the tomatoes first and then add a teaspoon of corn flour to thicken the concoction.

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Grape Pie

Today, I made a grape custard pie from scratch by following a recipe D got from an on-line acquaintance.

The pie turned out to be quite tasty. But if I am to make it again, I shall reduce the butter and sugar required. I will also add a tablespoon of corn starch to firm up the custard mix.

Cooking is experimenting and learning. I love it!