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Foreplay 2017

D and I went to the first edition of Foreplay in Ghent. The theme of the conference is “Technology in the city of people”. My main reason of going to this all day conference was to listen to Aral Balkan, someone whom D follows on Twitter. The conference was interesting and I did learn a few new things here and there. I cannot help but think that it would have been even more inspiring if I still live in Ghent.

The event was free. And so was breakfast, lunch, and the after conference network reception. And because this is Ghent, we were served insect appetizers (along with your typical boring non-insect kind). All this food and we can wash them down with a choice of red wine, white wine or the infamous beer “From Sewer to Brewer“. Yep, I ate insects and drank the piss beer! Ha!

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Too Ambitious

I started early in the morning…

First, I thawed the frozen items that were to be part of my dim sum fillings. By lunch time, I was already making my little spring rolls with all the ingredients I have chopped up and spiced accordingly.

By evening, I have completed items four of eight. Phew!

At 11pm, I realized that I have been too ambitious wanting to finish everything and sell them off before the trip. Parents are still here and they need to enjoy the days they have left in Belgium. I am unable to make food and go sightseeing at the same time. The love ones are always my priority. Dim sum will have to wait.

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Pool, Pasar & Korean

In the morning, D spent some time in the pool while I soaked my feet and took photos. Later we went for a walk along the waterfront all the way till the city’s wet market. Our senses were pleasantly bombarded by the many fresh produce that were displayed in old wooden stalls. We bought fruit and vegetables, and decided to come back again.

In the evening, we walked to a Korean restaurant we know from previous visits. The Korean owners recognized my parents and we were greeted with many friendly smiles and warm handshakes. The food was wonderful and we had a lovely meal despite the reduced portion and inflated prices.

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Food Trucks In Kortrijk

After dinner this Sunday evening, D and I went to the HAP Food Truck Festival in Kortrijk. I had to laugh when I saw the sign shown in the photo above. It says ‘Asian Street Food, Made by Belgians’. Now, don’t you just love them for being that honest?!

After sharing a dessert and a beer while listening to live music, we enjoyed a brisk walk in the city before heading home.

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Hippie Omelette

In the process of harvesting some radishes, I have also snipped off a handful of young arugula leaves, some radish leaves, and a few edible arugula blooms. The radishes were eaten by D with much delight. I tossed the greens into a 2-egg mixture and made myself a hippie omelette. This, I ate happily at lunch with some fresh white bread. Simply wonderful…

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Easter Abundance

Behold the Easter lunch at my in-laws!

Needless to say, the exaggerated quantity of food plus a family full of picky eaters, meant an abundance of leftovers. My well known reluctance to throw food and my ability of eating the same things over and over again has resulted in a fridge full of ‘Easter lunch takeaway’. I think I have at least eight boxes of food consisting of pasta salad, potato salad, cold meats, deviled eggs, and all sorts of greens. Well, I definitely know what I will be eating in the next two to three days.


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Ice Tea Promotion

D’s favourite non-beer beverage is on promotion! Therefore on this cold Tuesday morning before lunch, we went to the local grocery store with the car. It was a one-for-one free promotion, and the drinks will only expire in August, so we bought six. Heck, why not? Five of these 6-packs are now nicely tucked away in the utility room. I am rather pleased with the 50 percent savings, and knowing that D probably has enough bottled sparkling ice tea to last him the entire summer.