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Chicken Fillet

D had to go get bread this morning. So, I asked him to drop by the grocery store to take advantage of a one-plus-one-free promotion. I currently have 1.5 kilogram worth of chicken fillet which I have cleaned, separated into individual containers, and stored in the freezer. Chicken breast meat is a freezer staple in this household.

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Savoy Cabbage

Last week, I bought a beautiful head of savoy cabbage to make the vegetarian cabbage rolls I have been craving for since the beginning of the year. I first made these in 2014 and they have turned out to be really tasty, and healthy. This time, I added meatless tomato based pasta sauce to the rice and onion mix. They are simply delicious! This girl got her savoy cabbage fix

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Home-Made Fries

It took me an entire week plus a day to recover from this horrendous 2018 flu. Today is definitely a better Saturday than the one last week. I completed all my Saturday chores without having to deal with muscle aches or dizziness. Therefore, it is time to celebrate the return of my health with some home-made fries. Back to enjoying making meals for D and I.

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Ginger Root

A friend once told me that the Cantonese people are known for their heavy usage of ginger root.

So, maybe it is the Cantonese in me that is calling out for ginger lemon tea in order to suppress the beginning of a cough. For lunch today, I made carrot soup so that D may have something warm for his quizzy stomach. But I inadvertently spiced this with a bit too much grated ginger. Luckily, D’s fine palette is in a coma right now?!

At this moment, my brain is actively recalling and searching out recipes that include ginger root as one of the ingredients. Who knows, maybe this culinary preference is going to speed up D’s recovery and strengthen my immunity. One can hope…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not too long ago, D and I were given a bagful of chocolate figurines. There is no way we are to consume all these before they turn stale. So, I searched the internet and found a few recipes which use leftover chocolate as one of their ingredients.

This afternoon, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. I think they are a bit on the sweet side for me, but they are what chocolate chip cookies should be in terms of texture and taste. Maybe they are even good enough to share?

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Christmas Eve Dinner 2017

D and I pulled off another lovely Christmas Eve dinner celebration with his parents. We drank, we ate, we chatted, we laughed and simply spent some quality time together – as families should. Merry Christmas to all and a happy healthy 2018.

My wish is that my father-in-law will have a new kidney soon.

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Food & Beer

Finally, a beer festival in Kortrijk!

D and I went to the first edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. A good selection of reasonably priced beers, food pairing workshops (see free food above), and a more ‘civilized’ crowd of beer tasters.

We sincerely hope there will be future editions.

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Green Tomatoes

What do you do with green tomatoes which will not ripen anymore because of the drop in temperature? You eat them…

Thanks to the internet, I found a healthier alternative to fried green tomatoes. And yum, baked battered green tomatoes are fantastic!