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Ten Bottles

Yesterday at six o’clock, I hover over my tablet like a hawk out on a hunt, constantly refreshing the Too Good To Go app until I see the ‘reserve’ button. I then clicked on this as quickly as possible, and then spent the next two minutes in intense concentration of completing the transaction!

This afternoon, D and I went off to collect our deeply discounted surprise box. It contains ten bottles of beers, some of which we have never tasted.

Hey, I am not so slow after all.

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Mint Sauce & Strawberry Daiquiri

After harvesting a few handfuls of fresh mint from the vegetable patch, I made a small pot of mint sauce for the first time. I shall try this on the barbecued meat later. Mint is really not my thing, but I have so much of it, I had to do something right?!

Also, I used some of last year’s frozen strawberries to make a strawberry daiquiri. What you know, I have all the ingredients all this time… One more round, and I will use up all of the frozen strawberries and make some space available in the freezer. Just in time for this year’s harvest in June.

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Grey Shrimp Croquettes

In a while, I will be deep frying two grey shrimp croquettes for D and I. This starter dish will be dressed up with some salad greens and edible flowers.

We need to enjoy life to the fullest. Be thankful of all the good things we have. D and I will be doing that by enjoying the delicious North Sea garnaalkroketten this Sunday afternoon. Yum yum!

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Once A Week Grocery

Last week’s grocery consisted of seafood, fruits and vegetable. This Friday, I decided to stock up on meat from Puur Vlees. Because it is way out of our city limits – the guilty pleasure purchases D and I made here are usually quite significant.

For now, I have organized my €80 worth of meat purchase into the fridge. Tomorrow, I will divide these into proper portions and store them in the freezer. With a bit of meal planning, D and I will be able to enjoy these high quality meat for several weeks.

Next week, I might brave the warehouse-style grocery store and do some bulk purchasing to replenish my staple foods. We shall see how things will be by then.

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Fruits, Veggies & Seafood

This morning, D and I patiently endured the long lines and anti-virus health measures in order to supply ourselves with fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood. Our purchases were made at two local stores within the city limits. Harelbeke is good this way, the city has almost everything! At the end of our errand run, we stopped by the baker to pick up the loaf of bread ordered yesterday. Welcome to the new normal of grocery shopping.

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Endive Soup

For breakfast/brunch this morning, I finished consuming a big bowl of endive soup. As I have mentioned before, these home grown endives are going to last us till the month of May. I estimate that we have enough endives to make one more round of endive soup. We are talking about four huge servings of soup here. I have definitely reached my yearly endive quota.

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Today, I am going make kimchi. It shall contain napa cabbage, pak choi, garlic, onion, radishes and carrot strips. Maybe I will be able to use up the kimchi spices I bought months ago. Sorry baby… the utility room will be stinky for a few days.

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Consuming Leaves

At lunch, I finished the endive dump soup I made three days ago. Then, I ate a batch of stir fried cauliflower leaves. What do you know… I had a vegan lunch and it was almost zero waste!

Later, I shall try to make savoy cabbage chips. I hope the chips will be yummy enough for D to enjoy them as well.

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No Shortage Of Endives

Yesterday, I made an endive quiche. This allowed me to use up six plants, the rest of my mozzarella and some cheddar cheese. Right now, the half consumed quiche (yeah, I was that fast) is covered and stored in the refrigerator, waiting to be eaten at the next meal.

This morning, I harvested a couple of endive plants from the bin in the utility room. I used these newly harvested plants to make a big pot of endive soup. Into the pot, I also added a carrot, a potato, more endives, and some leeks. Pretty much a dump soup.

If my estimation is correct, there shall be no shortage of Belgian endives in the month of April…

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Local Efficiency

At five thirty yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the Lokaal at Deerlijk to pick up our order. Each online orders were well organized and placed on the tables at the vicinity. There were at least five people working. Three of them were in charge of picking up the grocery and setting them on a table where the customers may conveniently bag their purchases. There were two people at the cash register. They were also the first to greet you and ask for your order number. There was no crowd when we were there and people were respectfully distancing themselves from each other.

The system worked wonderfully. And I will continue buying from our local farmers and butchers as long as this last. I will not overbuy. I shall aim for consistent mindful consumption. Stability is something we all need in this time of hefty imbalances.