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Free Magazines

I have used some of my frequent flier miles from Delta and United, subscribing to magazines for my family members in the US. One of these days, I seriously need to look into the other areas where I can take advantage of all my accumulated miles. It definitely won’t hurt to get other freebies besides magazines. Maybe get more comfortable seats, gain access to some cool airport lounges and services, or even fly free! Why not and what the hell is stopping me?

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Strategic Thinking

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job:

Executives must extract themselves from day-to-day problems and do the work that aligns their job with the company’s strategy. They need to be armed with insights that predict where best to focus resources. And they need to build a coalition of support by inviting those who must execute to disagree with and improve their strategic thinking. Taking these three practical steps will raise the altitude of executives to the appropriate strategic work of the future, freeing those they lead to direct the operational activities of today.

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On this grey Sunday afternoon, D and I walked to the meeting centre to attend a local trade fair. There were quite a lot of people attending the free event. We met and talked to a couple of the trades people, got a free glass of beer and enjoyed our short walk.

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Trickle-Down Economics

A 2015 report by the International Monetary Fund argues that there is no trickle-down effect as the rich get richer:
If the income share of the top 20 percent (the rich) increases, then GDP growth actually declines over the medium term, suggesting that the benefits do not trickle down. In contrast, an increase in the income share of the bottom 20 percent (the poor) is associated with higher GDP growth.
-Source: Wikipedia

The trickle-down theory is absolute bullshit. It is a fairytale told by the rich and powerful to the poorer, ill-informed, consumer class on which they rest upon.

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East To West

Today is the first day of the month. I need to balance, analyse and update all personal accounts and financial matters spanning three separate continents. I call it East to West financial management.

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The Big Short

A few days ago, I watched The Big Short, a comedy-drama based on a true story depicting the global financial crisis of 2008.

You must be asking: Huh? Comedy drama? Financial crisis? Boring?

I must admit that I had mixed feelings when reading the film’s introduction. I see-sawed between comedy (hate) and finance (love). What a wonderful surprise to find the film absolutely entertaining and memorable! Somehow, the light-hearted aspects of the film had contributed much in making this otherwise very technical and tedious topic… understandable, interesting and human?

The Big Short is fantastic and will definitely be on top of my movie list for a while.

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12 Powerful Habits

I recently read an article entitled 12 Powerful Habits I Have Stolen From Ultra-Successful People. The following are the 12 habits and how I fare in comparision:

  1. Waking up early – I wake up early most days of my life.
  2. Making lists – What can I say, list making is an obsession.
  3. Habit stacking – This comes naturally with the early mornings.
  4. Stretching – Can be improved.
  5. Listening to podcasts – Do audio books count?
  6. Meditation – Part of my morning routine.
  7. Reading – All my life.
  8. Writing –  Since I can write.
  9. Defining the most important task (MIT) – I think I am good at this, but can be better.
  10. Doing the affirmations – Need to pay attention and put more effort into this area.
  11. Visualization – Can be better and for longer terms.
  12. Exercise – Not my thing. However, I can never stay still for too long unless I’m sleeping.
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Interbank Transfer

Thanks to internet banking, it is now so easy to transfer funds between banks. I still remember the days when one needs to withdraw money at one bank and then make that terrifying trip to deposit the funds at another bank, all the while praying that one will not be robbed along the way.