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Haunting Reminder

Yesterday, D and I went to the fifth edition of E-Commerce Xpo in Kortrijk. Even though most of the talks will be unsurprising and maybe downright boring, I do enjoy the free sandwiches and drinks they have at the event. I can be such a glutton.

I was my happy carefree self till I heard my ex-employer mentioned by the keynote speaker in one of her afternoon sessions. For goodness sake, it has been eleven years since I left Zappos. I am still hearing its name and greatness, and of all places here in Belgium. Is this going to haunt me till the end of days? After that, happy self turned into confused self. Nevertheless, I was still able to gobble down several sandwiches and a few drinks before leaving the venue.

Today, I cannot bring myself to attend. The mention of Zappos reminded me of how I was shaped during my early 30s. Reminded of the rough plans and vague destinations I had before Belgium. It is a sign and a knock on the head. I need to sort things out.

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Just Beer 2018

At around 4pm yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the second edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. We brought along our old glasses from last year’s event, earning us an extra token each.

My four tokens for the day lasted less than a hour because D and I used them up to attend a work shop. We were served fresh oysters, three glasses of beers, and another two Thai dishes prepared by Michelin star chefs. Boy was that a good deal!

After the workshop, we roamed about, tasting different beers, and only got home after 8pm.

More today…

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New Builds & Local Artists

Yesterday was Nieuwbouwzondag. Armed with a list, D and I went to visit a few locations in the afternoon. Fortunately, D’s list only included one nieuwbouw location. We are no longer interested in yet another new building nor the real estate representatives who are only friendly when they smell a potential profit.

The rest of the list consisted of participants of Buren bij kunstenaars. We first visited a nice couple, whom are long time friends of D’s parents. The woman turns out to be an amateur painter. We came across D’s parents, looked at the paintings, sat a bit to drink something at the couple’s back yard, thanked them, bid our farewells and proceeded to the next location on our list.

Before the end of the afternoon, D and I managed to visit four more locations. Some of the artwork are quite impressive. Two of these places offered free drinks. Most of them were happy and excited to talk about their work. Just a bunch of friendly people wanting to show their work to the public.

Our last location was a story apart. D opened the front door, which was unlocked, and we walked into a very cramped front room. We then stood unnervingly in the creepy cluttered art storage area, waiting for somebody to show up. After a few minutes, we quietly left the place and returned home. That was a weird experience…

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Not Paranoia

Today, I came across yet another article which detailed and confirmed the fact that our modern day gadgets are spying on us. It is entitled Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia.

I shall not, in this lifetime, willingly own an iPhone. I shall continue being the proud owner of a Google-less Android phone. I do have to be more diligent when it comes to my tablet. Leaving it on the night stand next to my bed after I have read my e-books is not such a smart practice.

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Pineapple Dress & Savings

A clothing store nearby is having its spring warehouse sales. So, D and I biked over to check it out. Just like previous times, the venue was completely packed with people franticly hunting for a good deal on clothing and shoes. It was crazy, and a bit scary! Funny thing is, despite not needing anything, D and I bought three items. One of the items is a fun and girly pineapple dress…

After an early dinner in the evening, D and I biked (yes I did) to the library. We attended a talk by Michaël Van Droogenbroeck outlining the financial alternatives to boring old savings accounts. Even though the presentation was on the mild side for me, I did acquire some information which deserves further follow up on my part.

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Free Flower

D and I went to visit a local garden store this afternoon. It is their open-door day to celebrate the completion of a new store section. We got a free pot of white chrysanthemums. Nice… another one to my ever growing collection. We ate some cake, drank some juice, bought something and was out of there in a bit. It is a good way to lure in customers. There shall be more people tomorrow. Friday afternoons are mainly for retired people.