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For Sale

I will be selling a few things on the second-hand market – 2dehands. These include gadgets (new and old) which I never plan to use anymore, books read ages ago and no longer be re-read, a few pair of shoes maybe and miscellaneous unloved items which someone else can cherish and make use of.

The extra cash will be a nice motivational nudge towards my objective of simplification and de-cluttering.

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Account Closed

I have been working on closing a no longer necessary bank account since June this year. Today, I received the confirmation of closure. Why so long, you ask? You see, I was dealing with this matter remotely and had to adhere to Sabahan time and mode. Phew… at least it is over now. Financial simplification is the way to go.

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Foreplay 2017

D and I went to the first edition of Foreplay in Ghent. The theme of the conference is “Technology in the city of people”. My main reason of going to this all day conference was to listen to Aral Balkan, someone whom D follows on Twitter. The conference was interesting and I did learn a few new things here and there. I cannot help but think that it would have been even more inspiring if I still live in Ghent.

The event was free. And so was breakfast, lunch, and the after conference network reception. And because this is Ghent, we were served insect appetizers (along with your typical boring non-insect kind). All this food and we can wash them down with a choice of red wine, white wine or the infamous beer “From Sewer to Brewer“. Yep, I ate insects and drank the piss beer! Ha!

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Free Beers

This afternoon, we went to a furniture store to look at stuff. And then we all sat down to order and be served free drinks. Mom and dad were so surprised that a business can actually survive years of providing free drinks to the people, who are not necessarily buying anything! Ah, the beauty and craftiness of Belgian businesses remains a mystery to us Asians.

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Airport Shuttle

Before our flight back to Belgium, we were faced with some transportation dilemmas. After weighing my three options of family pick-up, train and airport shuttle; I quickly opted for the last. Admittedly, an airport shuttle costs more than four train tickets. But I am pleased with my decision because we do not have to trouble anyone, there is no need to wait, no need to drag our luggages about, and get driven straight to our front door. I am always willing to pay more for convenience and time.

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Battle Tired

This afternoon, my parents returned from their three-day stay at Lahad Datu. A trip to the old house in our hometown has both energised and exhausted my mom and dad. They have accomplished much during the short stay. Most importantly, they have reconnected with several of their old acquaintances. This will be useful in our future trips back.

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Taxing Taxis

Coming from a third world country, I have always accepted taxi services as an important part of the Malaysian society. It is the occasional unethical and unruly drivers which I cannot stand.

Thus, we tried an app known as Grab for the first time today. D and I were torned between our hate for the uber-ishness of this system, but can’t help loving the ease of use, the low cost and the friendly drivers we have met so far.

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Coupon Points

After returning a library book, I stopped by the grocery store to buy a few things. Two of the three items I bought came with extra coupon points. I collected 300 points while spending less than €15. I believe I have just achieved a personal best!

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Innovation Planning

The following paragraph is an excerpt from an Inc article entitled Don’t Look for a Great Idea. Look for a Good Problem:

In addition to strategic planning, or planning based on things we know or think we know, we need to start innovation planning, or planning based on things we need to learn to solve new and important problems. That’s how you quest. You don’t plan the journey as much as you prepare for it.

Reading this article made me think of the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”.