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Difficult Books

Since young, I have this tendency of reaching for reading materials that is a bit ‘out of my league’.

Reading English story books was a challenge when one was only eight years old growing up in Lahad Datu. Then one day, I was breezing through these. At the same time, I was also reading comic books and fairy tales in Chinese. The complexity of the Chinese language and culture did not deter me, it was too much fun to give up. Then there were cook books with foreign and unknown ingredients, old history books with epic tales, and my mother’s business motivational books. I encountered mysteries, fantasies and science fiction in my early teens and never let go of the latter. Borrowing text books belonging to a classmates older sister, I was into Malay literature for months.

Living in Belgium, reading materials in Dutch was a necessity turned habit. After a while, whatever I read will just translate into knowledge, awareness, and information – regardless of the language. Give me something to read, anything.

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Savoy Cabbage

Last week, I bought a beautiful head of savoy cabbage to make the vegetarian cabbage rolls I have been craving for since the beginning of the year. I first made these in 2014 and they have turned out to be really tasty, and healthy. This time, I added meatless tomato based pasta sauce to the rice and onion mix. They are simply delicious! This girl got her savoy cabbage fix

Creative Business

Efficient People

For the past week, I have to deal with a bit of clean up and simplification for my family members. Let’s just say that I like fast-moving efficient people. I simply would not have so many grey hairs today if I have had these people around me in the days when I have loads of administrative responsibilities.

Creative Business

Please Pay Up

I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in finance in the mid-90s. And then a few years later, I completed an associate degree in graphic design. At different intervals of my life, I have preferred one to the other and have intermingled both skills. These days, I am more into the finance world and is putting my creative side at rest.

This morning, I am doing what I have done for my mother over 15 years ago. I am helping her claim money that is rightfully due to her. I do this with the help of today’s technology, my detailed documentation, and a healthy dash of polite demands.

After years of crossing paths with all sorts of people, I do know how to say ‘please pay up’ very nicely.

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I just read that one out of ten Belgians take anti-depressants. Holy crap, that is some rather disturbing statistics?!

But then again, I have crossed path with many unhappy and toxic people. What I noticed is that these negativities usually spawn from boredom, lack of structure and unhealthy lifestyles.

Having some sort of structure is important to me. Every night when I go to bed, I know that I will eagerly get up the next day because I have things to do. It is simple, you either plan and decide what to do with your time (your life), or end up being jostle around by unwarranted factors.