April Planting

The weather has been lovely for more than a week now. Flowers are blooming, greens are shooting out all over the place, and it is difficult to stop myself from sowing whatever I came across in my collection of seeds.

There is order in the seemingly chaos though… I promise.

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Spring Forward

Today, we moved time an hour forward. So in the next couple of days, little adjustments will be made to our daily routines. These include waking up later in the day, having our meals 60 minutes earlier, and experiencing later sunsets. My afternoon computer time will be affected by the setting sun. I have to move important computer time to the mornings to avoid afternoon glares. Ah well, one adapts when one needs to.

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E3 2019

It is the E3 cycling event in Harelbeke again. At around 11am this morning, D and I walked to the buses to see if we may spot a few well known cyclists. Then, we went to the podium to see the introductions of the cycling groups. The start of the race was at 12.15pm, and as usual short-little-me only caught a glimpse here and there through the gaps amongst the crowd. I made up for it by holding the camera up high and clicking randomly.

Before heading home, D and I lined up to get a free serving of fries each. There were quite a lot of shuffling and pushing – ah yeah, free food.

Once a year in March, we may walk in the middle of the street. Last evening, we even got to bike in the middle of the street like the cyclists did today. But that’s a story for another time…

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Weird Weed

The super dry and hot summer last year has contributed to an unsightly front yard full of weed. And these are not the typical dandelions which I have managed to put under control over the years. I do not know these unwanted plants… they can be a cure for cancer for all I know.

Yesterday, I spent hours (yes, hours!) tidying up the front and back yards. When I heard D declaring that he is not going to mow the lawn anytime soon, I stopped cat poop removal and concentrated on weed removal instead.

Yard work is hard work, especially this time. My thighs are sore from the repetitive squatting.

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Moody Glares

I was planning to clean up the front garden today. Removing weed and nasty piles of cat poop so that D may mow the lawn sometime this week. However, that is not happening because it is just too damn windy and cold.

Doing online mathematics exercises, going through my Python lessons, and reading articles on my computer were good options, but the strong glares from the back window were too much for my poor eyes. So I chose to read a magazine in the living room and eventually fell asleep on the sofa. I probably did not sleep that well last night.

Oh well, sometimes one just needs to slow down, take a break and go with the flow.

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Preventive Care

“Sometimes we detect things at the early stages and it will be manageable,” said my doctor. “Alright then set me up for the mammography,” I replied, making a you won face. Even though I am not at risk of having breast cancer, it is best to get the screening done. Last time was seven years ago!

I had my bi-annual OB-GYN check up done yesterday. And before I left the hospital, a mammography has been set up in mid-April. In the next few months, I will need to make an appointment for a yearly dental check up. Maybe I will also throw in a general medical check up and had my eyes tested this year.

Preventive healthcare is annoying as hell. No one likes them, many are scared of them, but they are damn necessary. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”. Nobody is getting younger…

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Spaced Out

People tell me stuff. I think it has to do with the fact that I do not talk much, thus making me a good listener. And maybe it has to do with this trustworthy face of mine, who knows…

However, I was not such a good listener last evening. I caught myself spacing out several times during my weekly chat with my parents. There are big chunks of the two hour chat which I can no longer recall, especially when mom was recounting old stories or her daily activities this past week.

The mind wanders, it is a fact.

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Quince Liqueur

The quince liqueur concoction has been marinating in a glass container in the utility room since last October. Today, D and I decided that it is time to bottle it up.

First, I separated the quince peels and spices from the liqueur with a metal sieve. I then poured the liqueur into two glass bottles and store these away in our booze shelf.

Then, I went to my vegetable patch to bury the filtered peels and spices along with the accumulated kitchen scraps.

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The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers & cities; but to know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.

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Who’s Recording?

Just read What Google Knows About You.

Out of the six suggested methods of limiting what Google knows, I am only able to protect myself with the first three. I am constantly signed in and use email regularly. To my surprise, I also seem to watch quite a number of YouTube how-to videos – and Google knows!

My question is, who exactly is the watcher? Is it like your creepy nosy neighbor? Or is it more similar to your loud mouth cousin who cannot keep any secret? The general consensus says that it is a humongous emotionless electronic brain which filters out the juicy stuff, trading these off to businesses, which will then haunt you with your own regurgitated data.

Which is it?