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My Brilliant Friend

I have just finished watching an 8-part series known as My Brilliant Friend.

The story depicts the trials, tribulations and triumphs of two girls growing up in an impoverished town in Naples. As much as I have enjoyed the miniseries, which ended up in a sad and angry note, I was not exactly overjoyed to learn that there might be a subsequent season. Somehow, I do not feel the need nor desire to follow the story any further.

Well, I shall decide when and if it gets broadcasted on Belgian television again…

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Cold Phase Four

It has been four days since I caught a cold from D. I was counting my blessings the first three days because all I had was some sneezing, a slightly sore throat and mild congestion. In comparison, I was doing rather well.

Today, things took a turn for the worse. I woke up from a restless night sleep, my head feeling heavy and pressured. After I read (an activity which is also a habit), my vision got blurry. I do not feel that well and I do not like it.

Maybe I should give up the struggle to stay upright and active; and go take a nap. It is, after all, a luxury I can afford.

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Calligraphy, Math & Python

I am one of those people who will never get tired (nor too old) of learning and improving my skills.

This morning, I practiced calligraphy on unwanted paper. This way, I may reduce and recycle the paper mountain ever so slowly and also improve my brush strokes. Writing Chinese characters has always been a challenge to me since my primary school days. In my younger days, I could never find the time nor patience to achieve a decent standard in calligraphy. Maybe now…

In the afternoon, I did some online mathematics quizzes. Damn, it felt like playing an intriguing computer game. After that quick hour of math, I went on to the next challenge I set up for myself. I began to look into and try to learn a programming language called Python. I already know six human languages, why not learn a non-human one and see how far that goes?

It is never too late to learn something.

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Howling Winds

It has been windy for days. With sudden downpours and wind gusts at more than 20 km/h, there is no way one can do any yard work.

Today, I just took it easy and completed my indoor chores at a comfortable pace. When there was a short break in this deary Belgian weather, I would step out to the shed and back, quickly doing what needs to be done.

This is also a good moment to go through my food storage, using up some items from the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Into my dump soup goes some homegrown endives, pumpkin puree, and a few late summer tomatoes. Healthy, yummy and with minimum food waste.

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No Breakfast

I grew up believing that breakfasts are the most important meals of the day. That one’s life will be unhealthy and duly shortened if one skips this very important meal.

One of my unpleasant childhood memories would be the mornings when I had to force myself to eat before school. There was also that disgusting feeling of having to puke afterwards because I ate hastily and under pressure…

According to this article, my responses toward breakfasts were not entirely abnormal. I have always believe that my body knows itself well. That I do not eat breakfast because I just simply do not need that meal so early in the day!

So from now on, I shall not feel bad for not having a meal in the morning. It is okay if lunch becomes the first meal of my day.

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Time & Attention

In my part of the world, I have learned and thus made it a common practice to end formal communications with the phrase ‘thank you for your time and attention’.

Time is general. Everyone has 24 hours a day, without exception. Attention however is how we treat and use time in our own unique way.

There is an endless number of things that we spend our time and attention on. A finicky baby, a growing child, a needy spouse, friends, playful pets, a sickly parent, and so on and so forth. And now more than ever – the damn smart phones with all the frills!

Time stays the same, 24 hours a day for each and everyone of us. Our attention on the other hand has become a valuable commodity. Our attentions are being harvested by big companies, which will then process, digest, and regurgitate this back to us in the form of advertisements, suggestions and bias opinions.

Simple common sense allows us to manage our time wisely. But guarding our attention and fighting off all the worldly distractions is an entirely different battle of this age. A battle in which some of us are not even aware of…

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The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.
~George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman