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Free Beers

This afternoon, we went to a furniture store to look at stuff. And then we all sat down to order and be served free drinks. Mom and dad were so surprised that a business can actually survive years of providing free drinks to the people, who are not necessarily buying anything! Ah, the beauty and craftiness of Belgian businesses remains a mystery to us Asians.

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Cousin, Mustard & Coffee

Today in Gent, the four of us met up with my cousin who has lived in Belgium for a year. Family meet up aside, I took this opportunity to buy a jar of mustard and some coffee at local businesses that I have known for years. Going to Gent still feels like going home. I am pretty sure that I will feel the same if I ever visit Las Vegas and Lahad Datu.

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Best Days

I am 46 years old. That’s not young, and neither is that old. I am healthy and my life is in order.

When I was a teenager, I promised myself that I will not wait to travel. I will see the world every chance I get when I still have all my teeth. Travelling while I can still eat, can walk and can sleep well.

Is it not logic then that I refuse to spend the best time of my life at a demanding job, grinding away my precious time at the hamster wheel? All this at the expense of my health and time on earth. Nope, I shall spend the best days of my life doing what I enjoy the most. Being useful where it is most needed. Not living the standard conventional ways that many adhere to. I am going to leave these boring stuff for later…

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Lake & Market

Yesterday, I took my parents for a walk around the Gavers lake. Despite the sub-tropical heat, we enjoyed our walk. My parents were impressed by the nature this area has to offer and took lots of photos.

This morning, dad joined D and I to the Thursday Market. We bought a lot of fish and fruit.

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D and I filed our taxes ten days before the deadline. This was done on-line and took less than 30 minutes. Preparation is key here and I have been accumulating the necessary data and documents since the beginning of the year. Always be prepared, especially when it comes to taxes.