Pre-Christmas Week

It is eight days till Christmas. In order to get things done smoothly without having to be trapped amongst the stressy holiday crowds, I planned and decided to get things moving along earlier than most people.

After inviting the parents-in-law to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner with us, D and I made a quick online order from our go-to butcher. We decided to pick-up our order on the feast day itself so things are fresh and I do not need to fuss with making space in the fridge.

In the afternoon, we went to one grocery store, bought the things we would need, and got that one off our to-do-list. One down… and ten more to go!

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Pancake Robot

It is open-door-day at a DIY store this afternoon. So, D and I went to take advantage of some free drinks and pancakes while doing some light shopping. It is really impressive how the pancakes were made. The pancake stand has a machine which squirted out the batter on a huge hot plate in three orderly rows. The stand can handle hundreds of orders and need only be manned by two individuals. A person to flip and move the pancakes into a pile, and another to sell and serve these to the customers. The robot makes delicious pancakes and can be entertaining as well.

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Warm Honey Water

I woke up with a sore throat this morning, suspecting that I might have been infected by D’s mom who was having a coughing fit this past weekend.

Well, there is nothing I can do about it but to let it run its course. To sooth my aching throat, I am drinking warm honey water. This warm drink is an age old remedy which helps lessen the effects of coughs and colds. I drink to a speedy recovery.

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Savoy Cabbage Rolls

I made cabbage rolls for dinner tonight. This time, I need not soften the cabbage leaves by boiling. Instead I have discovered a handy technique where one can effectively soften cabbage leaves by the simple process of freezing and thawing.

I filled these cabbage leaves with rice and lentil. Spiced them up with a bit of ginger, garlic and curry powder. These are then cooked in a home-made tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious!

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Social Media Outbursts

Oh it is so very easy to post personal opinions on any social media platforms. We are damn courageous to let it out when we are behind the screens (digital shields). Aren’t we all so clever, to know what is happening in our world, all the time? We are so well-informed by the gazillion tweets and heeds, which appear every five seconds at our finger tips. Do you not see that I am just embracing the freedom of speech when I choose to lash out in public?

Well, does the public really care about your take on politicians, foreigners, family, friends and enemies? Even if someone responded, are they really on your side or do they just want to appear cleverer than you by adding something (anything)?

For years now, I have heard many declarations and threats of people who will leave their countries (homes) if a certain person becomes president. I have yet to see someone do it…

Until one has walked (barefoot) in the steps of a village girl who has to collect drinking water from the river, be a bit considerate with your words.

Be responsible.

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Breakfast Quiche

This morning, the dump-it-all-in quiche I made yesterday became a very satisfying breakfast quiche. Nothing beats having a piece of warmed up home-made quiche on a gloomy and rainy day. That the dish is made mainly of vegetables and with food waste avoidance in mind, priceless!

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Putteke Winter 2018

Yesterday evening after dinner, D and I biked slowly to Putteke Winter 2018. We spent the first hour watching a Snow Globe Circus performance, which I find quite entertaining. Then we took the 3.5km stroll into the forest and by the lake. Along the trial were several light installations, mini performances, and art displays. One of these art, I find rather disturbing. I don’t know, I find a display featuring hundreds of soft toys hung or tied to a tree super creepy…

D and I did not stay to drink or eat this time. Instead we cycled home to enjoy warm cups of chocolate milk in the comfort of our living room.

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Simplification Of Personal Finances

I strongly believe that one’s personal finances should be simplified in steps as one ages. This simplification process is the best deterrent to any stressful confusions, possible deceptions and costly negligences. Therefore, close those unnecessary accounts, choose the services of a no-bullshit financial institution (I know, these are so rare), do not let greed or jealousy guide you, and stop making life-altering financial decisions by age 53!