Adopted Sculptures

This morning, D and I went to De Palingbeek to adopt a few commemorative sculptures made by volunteers and dedicated to the victims of the Great War. We picked them up from the cold wet field which was no man’s land a hundred years ago, brought them home and laid them carefully on our living room’s floor. They shall be cherished and cared for as long as D and I are alive!

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Haunting Reminder

Yesterday, D and I went to the fifth edition of E-Commerce Xpo in Kortrijk. Even though most of the talks will be unsurprising and maybe downright boring, I do enjoy the free sandwiches and drinks they have at the event. I can be such a glutton.

I was my happy carefree self till I heard my ex-employer mentioned by the keynote speaker in one of her afternoon sessions. For goodness sake, it has been eleven years since I left Zappos. I am still hearing its name and greatness, and of all places here in Belgium. Is this going to haunt me till the end of days? After that, happy self turned into confused self. Nevertheless, I was still able to gobble down several sandwiches and a few drinks before leaving the venue.

Today, I cannot bring myself to attend. The mention of Zappos reminded me of how I was shaped during my early 30s. Reminded of the rough plans and vague destinations I had before Belgium. It is a sign and a knock on the head. I need to sort things out.

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Today we commemorate the end of the First World War a hundred years ago. D is experiencing the commemoration by having a drink at the city hall with his fellow city dwellers. Meanwhile, I chose to remain home to think of the lost of lives during this horrible phase of our world history, in peaceful stillness.

Food & Drinks

Good Quality Meat

I came to a realization that I have not bought pork tenderloin from any grocery stores since being a customer of Puur Vlees. I told this to D with a bit of a surprised tone because I never thought I will be so easily won over. This afternoon, we walked away from the butcher with almost 5 kilograms of meat. The freezer is yet again my best tool in mindful frugal consumption and storage.

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Second Clean Up

D and I cleaned the roof side window one more time this afternoon. We have figured out a better way to work with our ladder and methods this time round. Yeah to that one clean window. Unfortunately, we can never reach the smaller and higher window with our ladder. That one will have to be cleaned from outside. Someone will need to climb on to the roof to access it. Maybe I will do that next year…

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Just Beer 2018

At around 4pm yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the second edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. We brought along our old glasses from last year’s event, earning us an extra token each.

My four tokens for the day lasted less than a hour because D and I used them up to attend a work shop. We were served fresh oysters, three glasses of beers, and another two Thai dishes prepared by Michelin star chefs. Boy was that a good deal!

After the workshop, we roamed about, tasting different beers, and only got home after 8pm.

More today…

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Ladder & Veggie Stew

Not long after lunch, D and I set up the ladder inside the house so that we may reach and clean our roof-side windows. We have two of these unreachable windows and the last cleaning of the outside glass was many years ago.

It took us about an hour of trial and error to get one of the bigger windows relatively clean. I think we should have a redo when we start on the smaller window next week. At this point, we have yet to develop a more efficient approach and method.

Later in the afternoon, we went to buy meat straight from the butcher at the farm. If one wants to eat meat, at least make sure that it is quality product that comes from ethical farming and breeding. Next, D and I ran some little side errands of buying a bike light, a silly impulse purchase of cheap coloured lights, and a bit of grocery before heading home. After a short stop to unload our afternoon purchases, we drove off to Lokaal, met up with D’s mom whom has registered herself and I to eat hutsepot (a vegetable stew). An evening filled with good food, good drinks and cheerful company.


Old Medicine

Since this summer, I had a stubborn insect bite on my leg which refused to heal. For months, it will occasionally become itchy and inflamed. Fed up and bothered by this, I decided to use a very old salve (probably many years expired) that I kept around because it was something I grew up knowing. I started the experiment of applying Nixoderm on my little annoying skin infection in the beginning of this week. What you know… the damn thing is actually drying up?! Healed by some expired but trusted old medicine.



It has been raining since the wee morning hours. In the afternoon, the wind has strengthened thus making the rain fall almost horizontal.

There will be no complaints about this dreary weather, especially not from me. Heck, Mother Nature is giving my windows a good rinse. My outdoor plants and the lawn getting a much needed soak. I believe that the water cistern should be all filled up by now. Who dares to complain when ponds, lakes and rivers are getting a healthy refill?!