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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~Jim Rohn

My mom, my si-fu, made discipline and structure an important aspect in our home life. Growing up, I am instilled with the life structures of fixed meal times, nap times in the afternoons, time for school work and revision, outside play time at 4pm, time to read, tv time and bed time at 8pm. In such, I have been building bridges to accomplish my goals and objectives all the years of my life.


Free Mini Pancakes

It is that time of the year again. The local home and garden store is having its annual open door day. So, it is free drinks and mini pancakes for D and I. Since it is still alcohol-free-February, I only drank lemonade while D decided to drink a cola lemonade mix he fondly called Spezi. Spezi is a generic term turned into a brand. Reminds me of Shandy, a drink which can be made by mixing ginger ale and beer.

The long lines of people resulted in hurried and undercooked mini pancakes. Thus, we did not eat that many this time. And they were never free because I always buy something in the end. Books, kitchen utensils, food, home and garden stuff … these things make my wallet lighter all the time!

Food & Drinks


I discovered a wonderful bread product known as bagels when I was a student in Michigan. I loved them so much I was having them for breakfast as well as for lunch. Since I cannot seem to find them here in West Flanders, my next cooking endeavour will be to bake a batch of bagels and have these taste like the ones I remembered. This shall be fun.

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Untimely Downpour

I planned to bury my compost and do some tidying up in the backyard today. However, that will not be happening because it is raining heavily at this moment. There is also strong wind gusts to take into account. I would have acted on my plans if I only have to deal with the occasional gusts. But gardening in side-way downpours is just a bit too crazy, even for me…

So, garden work is postponed to another day and I spent some of this freed-up time baking my second banana cream pie.

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Chocolate Mousse & Ginger Beer

Today, I am the mad scientist, in my kitchen…

First, I made chocolate mousse by mixing and using up the rest of my cooking chocolate and some chocolate eggs we got last year. It was a while ago since I made this, and the first time I ever mixed chocolates. I think my mixing bowl was a bit too warm when I put all the ingredients together. The end result turned out a bit runny than usual. Well, we shall see if it stiffens up after cooling down in the fridge for a few hours. Fingers crossed.

Then, I continued on to make ginger beer with some previously frozen ginger skins and some expired Champagne yeast. I won’t know whether the yeast are still good until I see bubbles from the brewing container. Again, fingers crossed.

Regardless of the results, I have taken actions on my simple intention of ridding the pantry of old chocolates and expired yeast.

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Free Magazines

I have used some of my frequent flier miles from Delta and United, subscribing to magazines for my family members in the US. One of these days, I seriously need to look into the other areas where I can take advantage of all my accumulated miles. It definitely won’t hurt to get other freebies besides magazines. Maybe get more comfortable seats, gain access to some cool airport lounges and services, or even fly free! Why not and what the hell is stopping me?


Amazing Trench Composting

I have been trench composting around the shed for many years now. Definitely for more than five years, maybe seven years? It amazes me how efficient Mother Nature works. Regardless of the limited space I have and the almost weekly composting, I hardly come across earlier ‘dumpings’. Everything gets re-absorb back to the soil so quickly. Even during the winter months!

Food & Drinks

Banana Cream Pie

My latest kitchen adventure is shown in the photograph above. It is a banana cream pie I made a few days ago.

Given that it was my first attempt, I decided to play it safe by using a pre-made short crust pastry and a box of cream filling mix. All I needed to do was rolled out the pie crust and baked it according to instructions. The preparation of the cream filling required even less effort. I just added milk to the dry ingredients, mixed and placed the mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes. The rest of the pie was just assembling work.

Despite the not-made-from-scratch ingredients, the pie was adequately tasty to be completely consumed within 48 hours. Next time, I am going to try a different type of crust and maybe make my own cream filling.

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Course Corrections

I came upon an excellent article entitled If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think. Now, how can I not read and learn from that?

So according to the article, the 5 aspects that we need to pay attention to are as follows:

  1. Organizing your life.
  2. Plan and invest in your future.
  3. Tracking important metrics.
  4. Prayer and meditation to reduce noise.
  5. Move toward your goals every single day.