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Easter Barbecue

Yesterday on Easter Sunday, the family gathered at D’s parents, just like we did on new year’s day.

After the two boys did their egg hunting, we all sat down on the terrace to have our meal. The weather was perfect. Lunch was barbecued côte à l’os, a variety of grilled sausages, hand-cut fries and salad of home-grown vegetables. The red wine I drank during the wonderful meal was a Bordeaux from 1996!

For dessert, we had an option of fruit salad, tiramisu, or a jam tart I made.

A lovely Easter Sunday spent with the family…

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Saturday Farmers Market

This morning, D and I went to the new Lokaal at Heule. The general produces are similar to those offered at Deerlijk. But of course, a different location meant that we were buying from different producers.

After a bit of browsing, D and I sat down at the bar area where I had a ginger ale and D a beer. Someone did a good job setting up a cosy and trendy bar area. D and I enjoyed ourselves and even came across a few familiar faces during our time there.

The market is new, but I am sure it will grow more popular as time goes by. Mindful consumers will make sure of that.



No one looks forward to medical examinations. Who in their right minds will skip and jump joyfully into a medical research facility?

Adhering to the advice of my gynaecologist, I am to go for a mammogram this afternoon. My last one was 7 years ago. And I do know enough people who did not survive cancer. The memory of them helps me face any necessary preventive care procedures with calmness.

The two medical staff I encountered were friendly and did their work very diligently. I have to admit that this thoroughness made me worry and uneasy at times. Thankfully, I was told right away that everything is in order. Those were the loveliest Dutch words of the day! Amen!

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Endive Spring Rolls

This afternoon, I embarked on a mini food experiment and made five endive spring rolls. The main purpose was to use up some old and wrinkled spring roll wraps, the rest of the leek greens, some shallot and to reduce my endive inventory.

The filling, which consisted of 90% chopped up endives, turned a bit too soggy during the frying process. Since deep fried anything is palatable, the end product was promptly eaten up. Another similar attempt will not be repeated in the near future.

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Fibre Fixed

A few months ago, D won two tickets to the Fibre Fixed exhibition at Design Museum in Ghent. Since the tickets will expire by Easter, we thought it is best that we make the trip to one of our favourite cities this Friday afternoon.

The exhibition about carbon and synthetic composites was interesting. I took quite a lot of photos with my old school camera. Not once did I need to use my cell phone.

Despite the fact that D was suffering from a cold and pollen allergy, we walked about the city after the museum visit. We went to drink beers at a very crowded beer café. While enjoying our beers, we thought it is best that we should stay in the city for dinner to wait out the after-work weekend traffic. We walked from the café to a well-liked ramen noodles bar, had our delicious and simple dinner and then head home to West Flanders. Since neither of us finished our huge bowls of noodles, we even have takeaways for tomorrow!

Ghent is always a pleasure to visit.


Sudoku Winner

For several months now, I have been happily solving the Sudoku puzzles one may find in the city’s monthly magazine. I did the puzzles for fun. And for a laugh, I submitted these solutions to enter the monthly Sudoku competition held by the city’s administration.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the city on Monday afternoon, informing me that I am the winner of April’s Sudoku competition. I was told to go by the city hall to collect my prize. How cool is that?!

At around eleven this morning, I took a lovely walk to the city hall to collect my €10 gift card. This, I was informed, can be spent at the many businesses in Harelbeke. How blissful it is to have received a small reward and becoming one of the winners. Furthermore, my name will appear on May’s edition of the city magazine. Awesomeness!

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Not too long ago, D came home with lots of stale bread and fresh eggs from his sister. The old bread were meant for my parents-in-law’s friends who will use the bread as animal feed. Since some of the bread were still quite good, I cubed them up after removing the crusts, and stored them in the freezer for later use. The eggs, I just cleaned and store in the fridge.

Today after lunch, I used eight cups of frozen bread cubes, and nine eggs to make a casserole dish known as strata. After putting this together in less than 30 minutes, I placed the dish in the fridge so that the bread will soak up the custard properly. I may decide to bake it this evening or tomorrow morning.

I think I shall never run out of ways to use up a lot of eggs.

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FACTS Spring 2019

Three out of the seven guests showing up at this year’s FACTS are well known villains in films and tv series.

Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) was a charismatic person. He spoke his mind and was quite funny. Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) whom story D and I were most eager to hear has alas seemed too tired or too jet-lagged to share his very interesting life. He has lived a life that can easily top any standard Hollywood film. Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal Lecter in the tv series Hannibal) turned out to be very charming and interesting. No wonder he is very popular amongst the female fans who called themselves Fannibals; female fans of Hannibal.

Thumbs up to the three screen villains born this side of the Atlantic!

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Little Consumers

Yesterday, D and I went to Kortrijk to buy tickets for an upcoming event. Unfortunately, the shop has stopped selling these since last October, and we would need to purchase the tickets online. So, D and I did some window shopping at the mall and went for a short stroll in the city before proceeding to our other errands. Before leaving the mall, D purchased a nice summer jacket which he really like.

Kortrijk on a Wednesday afternoon, when school was out, were crawling with teenagers! The heaviest concentration seems to be at the the mall. I noticed that a lot of them were actually buying things and have little shopping bags with them. When I remarked that kids are spending their parents earnings, D reminded me that our niece has been working in the weekends to earn some extra cash.

I am all for the hard-working teenagers. I find it wonderful that some youngsters are becoming aware of the rewards they can get in exchange for their time and energy. Hopefully, they are also appreciating and saving their earnings for greater goals, and not be converted into little consuming zombies by the big businesses.

We live in a different and more challenging world now. A lifestyle of mindless and endless consumption is simply unsustainable.