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All In

I did not get the chance to turn on my computer until now, which is an hour before dinner time.

The reason is because I have been busy making little spring rolls, rebuilding my inventory of home-made appetizers.

And I love it this way. There is no half way for me most of the time. If I am into something, I am all in!

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Snowy December Errands

Frozen roadways full of slushy two-day old snow did not stop D and I from going out with the car. First, we went to our baker for a loaf of fresh bread. Then we proceeded to the Asian market in Kortrijk for a bag of rice and a few food items I needed for my hobby. After that, we purchased enough groceries at our local store to get a free bottle of sparkling wine. We got home just before lunch time after a quick stop for potatoes.

The snow is melting gradually. My pantry is full. And I am going through my pile of reading materials in the comfortable warmth of our living room…


Snow Day

It snowed this morning. And for once, the temperature was low enough for the snow to stay for a few hours. Enough time for the neighbourhood kids to have some winter fun.

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the snowy winter view from our warm home. Though, I have a feeling that ‘snow carpets’ are going to be rarer here as our planet gets warmer.

Ah well, enjoy it while it last and be prepared to adapt to future climates. That much we can do.

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Yet Another Friday Bike Ride

It rained earlier in the day. Then it got a bit windy in the afternoon. Sunset would be around 5pm. And my dear man wanted us to bike to the Lokaal. He would bring along a backpack to carry our grocery. Along the way, we would need to do a small detour to replace a pyjama set which was a size too small.

Despite my somewhat weak protests in the beginning, we ended up accomplishing all of the above. On the way home, I had to bike with a non-working front bike light which decided to die on me today. All I can say is that I am glad I am now sitting in front of the computer writing the tale of surviving yet another bike ride. Ah, the things we do for love…

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Thoughtful Tuesday Walk

This morning, I walked to the local Delhaize to do some light grocery shopping. I also wanted to take advantage and pick up a few items which are on promotion. Buy-one-get-one-free is really hard to resist!

Today is also my dear niece’s 10th birthday. Happy birthday Ally!

It might seem strange to certain people that I can still remember things that happened around me when I was ten. Thus, how can one forget an eventful year like 2007?! Aside from the excitement of becoming an aunt, it was the year when the last Harry Potter book came out. It was the year my youngest brother married and we all had a wonderful family reunion. Last but not least, it was the year that I left the US for Belgium.

Ten years now… no regrets.

Jibber Jabber

Sunday Hospital Visit

After a good and simple Sunday lunch at D’s parents, the four of us attended the open-door-day of the dialysis department at the hospital. Our visit came with a guided tour around this specialized wing of the hospital, explanations on how the machines work and coffee at the end. I find the provided information rather bland, and boring at certain points. There is a possibility that the medical team wanted to keep things clinical and non-emotional. Nonetheless, I think a bit of human touch would not have hurt.

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Winter Lights

Last evening, D and I went to ‘Putteke Winter’ at the Gavers. Because of the event’s distance from our home, we biked there just like we did last year. Driving there and trying to find a decent parking would be ridiculous.

We had a lovely walk around the lake to enjoy the light displays and performances. After that, we met up with D’s mom for a drink.

One does not need to travel far to enjoy life’s little offerings.

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Average People

From an article entitled Why Most People Will Remain in Mediocrity:

  • Most people will never become truly successful.
  • Most people are not willing to fail.
  • The mediocre majority doesn’t value learning.
  • Winners act like winners before they become a winner.
  • You seek money and titles, not experience and transformation.
  • You spend more time being jealous than working on succeeding.

In conclusion:

  • Choose success over mediocrity.
  • Choose learning instead of entertainment.
  • Choose personal growth instead of jealousy.
  • Choose what you want, not what anyone else wants.