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The fact that I love to read is not a secret to anyone who knows me well. Great books are simply one of life’s best treasures!

Aside from loving to read, I tend to also have this need to write. I started writing a diary entry every evening before bed when I was in my early teens. When my life got too busy for these quiet reflections, my written entries morphed and took the form of wild scribbles, and multiple to-do lists.

Now, I have my blog posts.

Jibber Jabber

One Magazine Left

After weeks of diligently going through the pile of unread magazines which I have neglected during the months of my parents visit, I am finally down to one magazine. I have learned many a new and interesting things – in Dutch nonetheless. It is great that my brain is still pretty spongy.


Mid November Errands

This afternoon, we went to the container park to toss some things into their respective recycling bins. Then, we went to two Asian markets to get what I need (and more…). After that, we dropped by at a Colruyt that we have not visited for more than a year. It is quite funny how we forget the layout of the grocery shop and were finding it quite a challenge to find things. Lastly, with a car full of grocery, we went to our local potato farmer and bought our monthly ten kilograms worth of potatoes.

Health, Human Nature

Lazy Brain

I have wrote about this before. That people are getting stupider by the day because of our current technology.

Today I read a scientific research which claimed that the brain will conserve energy and not make the effort in remembering things, if it knows there is a computer in the vicinity! God damn, with our smart phones literally glued to our palms, does that mean that we are heading towards an eventual brain atrophy?

Belgium, Food & Drinks

Food & Beer

Finally, a beer festival in Kortrijk!

D and I went to the first edition of Just Beer at Kortrijk Xpo. A good selection of reasonably priced beers, food pairing workshops (see free food above), and a more ‘civilized’ crowd of beer tasters.

We sincerely hope there will be future editions.

Movies, Books & TV Shows

How To Age

I have chosen the non-fiction book which I am going to read next. The main motivation and reason influencing this choice is my dear grandma, my parents who are in their 70s, and the future D and I.

How To Age by Anne Karpf is available at the local library. It is only available in Dutch, but I think I can handle that. It will be amongst my next library lending.

Belgium, Creative Business, Events

E-Commerce 2017

This is the 4th time D and I attended the e-commerce conference at Kortrijk Xpo. Not much has changed in this year’s event when compared to the ones in past years. We saw the same businesses manning the 20 or so conference stands. Similar freebies – consisting mainly of stationery items – were given out to the conference goers. The talks regarding technology, trends, and the future of e-commerce within the Benelux sounded the same to me.

The only exception was the keynote speech which took place in the beginning of the conference. The speaker is from London, spoke in English, and told of things beyond the Belgian borders.

Other than that, everything has remained the same, including the free sandwiches and drinks.