According to Wikipedia, melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in animals and regulates sleep and wakefulness. I personally find the following excerpt regarding blue light quite interesting and relevant to our modern lifestyles:

Blue light, principally around 460 to 480 nm, suppresses melatonin, proportional to the light intensity and length of exposure. Until recent history, humans in temperate climates were exposed to few hours of (blue) daylight in the winter; their fires gave predominantly yellow light. The incandescent light bulb widely used in the 20th century produced relatively little blue light. Light containing only wavelengths greater than 530 nm does not suppress melatonin in bright-light conditions. Wearing glasses that block blue light in the hours before bedtime may decrease melatonin loss. Use of blue-blocking goggles the last hours before bedtime has also been advised for people who need to adjust to an earlier bedtime, as melatonin promotes sleepiness.

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Scoring Points In Life

This Saturday afternoon, many are glued to the TV watching the World Cup match between Belgium and Tunisia. Because I cannot sit still for too long and because I have many things to do, I chose to leave the TV on to listen to the commentator and to glance at it now and then.

I was busy reading the current news and recommended articles on my computer upstairs when I came across an article written by Romelu Lukaku. Here is a note-worthy statement from the essay entitled I’ve Got Some Things to Say:

Those people weren’t with me when we were pouring water in our cereal. If you weren’t with me when I had nothing, then you can’t really understand me.

Fortunately for me, I never had to add water to my food or drinks. Physical hunger was never an issue in my life. Nevertheless, growing up in a what-was-then third world country, I did experience the lack of water, day-long black outs, unpaved roadways, and dealing with corrupted people. I know and therefore understand mental hunger and bitterness. I know how this anger can drive some of us.

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Yesterday, D and I crossed the border to do some grocery in France. The distance is not an issue to me because the French border is just a few minutes drive away. Nonetheless, the fact that it is a different country and economy prevents me from making this a habit. Cross-border grocery shopping is only done a handful of times a year.

For dinner tonight, I shall cook and eat my 99 cents artichoke. It has been a while…


More Sleep

I just read an article which encourages more sleep. Some of the interesting topics covered by the research are:

  • why 8.5 hours of sleep is the new eight hours
  • the genes that dictate if you’re a morning person or a night owl
  • why you should take a nap instead of meditating
  • how sleep deprivation can be a tool to fight depression
  • why sleep should be the new worker’s rights
  • and tips on how to get a better night’s rest
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Keep Pedalling

This Sunday afternoon, D and I cycled around the lake Gavers to get to a café owned by a small brewery. After two local brews each, we decided to take a different route home. At one point during this trip, the path got a bit rougher, the path was dotted with sizeable rocks and pits. All I could think of then was ‘please don’t fall, please don’t fall…’. In order to stay on my bike, I recalled one of Einstein’s quote and kept on pedalling like crazy. This helped me maintained movement and balance. It worked and I survived the bike ride! But oh my poor thighs!

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Strawberry Clafoutis

I have been harvesting strawberries for the past few days. Since I do not consume them fast enough, they are piling up in the fridge. So, this afternoon, I decided to turn my harvested strawberries into a sauce which I may pour onto ice creams and baked goods. Five minutes before I start, I changed my mind and made a strawberry clafoutis instead.

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Aerating The Lawn

This afternoon, D aerated our lawn with his father’s aerating machine. Together we raked up all the dried moss and dead bits of grass, filling up two bags. Although it is a bit late (and too warm) in the year to be aerating the lawn, D and I decided that we would not wait till autumn. We had to remove the two-year-old thatch build-up so that our lawn can grow and recover.

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Not Paranoia

Today, I came across yet another article which detailed and confirmed the fact that our modern day gadgets are spying on us. It is entitled Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia.

I shall not, in this lifetime, willingly own an iPhone. I shall continue being the proud owner of a Google-less Android phone. I do have to be more diligent when it comes to my tablet. Leaving it on the night stand next to my bed after I have read my e-books is not such a smart practice.

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Fleeting Beautiful Life

It is horrible that I have to find out about the passing of an ex-classmate via social media, but I guess that is how news travel nowadays.

Rest in peace, Helen. I shall always remember you as the friendly, smart and pretty classmate of 1984.

For it is up to you and me
to take solace
in nostalgia’s arms
and our ability
to create
the everlasting
from fleeting moments.

~ Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest