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As summer ends, there was a sudden inflow of ripe tomatoes. D and I simply cannot consume these fast enough. Not wanting to toss anything and having no more room in the freezer, I decided to make spicy ketchup according to a recipe I found online.

The end product tasted like ketchup, but has the consistency of soup. Maybe the tomatoes I used were too watery? Maybe I should have left the pot uncovered when cooking? Next time (I am pretty sure there will be a next time), I shall strain the tomatoes first and then add a teaspoon of corn flour to thicken the concoction.

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The pile of unread magazines have grown quietly and steadily in the past weeks. It is getting on my nerves…

This means that it is time for the remedies. There will be no library visits in the near future, an hour every morning dedicated to reading at least one magazine, and very limited computer time. Maybe I can even throw in an hour of reading time in the evening.

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City Fair

Yesterday evening, D and I went to witness the fireworks which was part of this year’s city fair.

This Sunday afternoon, we biked there again to join the festivities. Thanks to the good weather, the turn out was incredible. Crowds of people were gathered around the multiple locations or stands providing food, drinks and entertainment such as music, fun fair games and rides.

D and I walked around enjoying the sight and sounds. Drank a few beers, bought some dried sausages, ate a local pastry, and then biked back home to a simple grilled steak dinner. 

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Grape Pie

Today, I made a grape custard pie from scratch by following a recipe D got from an on-line acquaintance.

The pie turned out to be quite tasty. But if I am to make it again, I shall reduce the butter and sugar required. I will also add a tablespoon of corn starch to firm up the custard mix.

Cooking is experimenting and learning. I love it!

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17 Years Ago…

Today, 17 years ago, was the horrible day that devastated and changed many lives. Let us never forget.

A few months earlier, 17 years ago, I met a friendly New Yorker on the plane to Sabah. J was touring Malaysia and I was going home after acquiring my student visa to the US. We remained friends all these years.

July, 17 years ago, I left my home town for the fourth time in my life. I went back to college in Kalamazoo to acquire a diploma in graphic design. In doing so, I have readjusted and redirected my life path once again.

To me, 2001 will never be only that one terrible day which poison has scattered fear and discord into our hearts. We just have to realize and admit that there were many good days when positive and wondrous things have simply occurred. Such is life…

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Monuments 2018

For this year’s Open Monumentendag, D and I decided to go a little bit farther than Kortrijk. In doing so, we discovered that Heuvelland is a popular destination for the weekend tourists. While staring at the crowds, we even crossed the French border unknowingly – yep, it was that close to France.

Our first monument of the day was a vineyard. We took photos, walked a bit, climbed a bit of a hill and ended up doing half a cable ride for free?! Don’t ask how…

Our next monument was German trenches from the first world war. The guide was very thorough in his explanation and interjected his facts with some interesting stories. Again, we walked about the site, took photos and then moved on.

Monument number three and number four on our list were no longer accessible due to administrative and time limitations. So, D and I went back to Harelbeke to check out a local product market event. We drank a beer each, said hi to the mayor and enjoyed the sunset before heading back home. 

Despite the two sites we were not able to visit, it has been yet another lovely Sunday.

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Eight Euro Short

This Friday afternoon, D and I went to Kortrijk to check out a 3-day side-walk sales. As usual, I am the least interested half when it comes to buying non-food items. My head started to spin after half an hour of clothing stores.

Fortunately, we proceeded to the next thing on our afternoon agenda without much delay. D and I dropped by our go-to Asian market so that I may purchase a few items I need. On our way home, we stopped by the local grocery store to take advantage of certain coupons and promotions. My shopping cart balance was €8 short of getting a discount. Damn, sometimes you just cannot have it all.

After I have put away the grocery, D and I biked to the Lokaal. We bought a loaf of bread for tomorrow and some meat for next week. Even though we were tempted to order snacks, D and I managed to convince each other to just have one drink each. We then biked back home to prepare a late dinner. Money saved.


New Prospects

It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.

~Nikola Tesla