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Stretched Too Thin

Someone in the family has been stretched too thin for months now. I am truly sorry for her. Having been in those situations many times in life, I know how stressful it is to be relied on by too many people. You begin innocently by putting out other people’s fires. Then suddenly you are starting to forget things. By the time you realise that you are being drag into a never-ending tunnel, you are already so deeply buried it is difficult to escape on your own.

I have been there, I have done those. My current lifestyle has allowed me to develop the wonderful kung-fu of saying no. Being kind to oneself is not a wrong-doing.

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Vegetable Dump Soup

Today is the day that I finally use up the rest of the cabbage. It has lived happily for more than two months in the fridge, contributing to countless number of dishes!

The following are the ingredients of my vegetable dump soup: a shallot, a mid-sized potato, leftover leek white, some sad looking lettuce leaves, chives, and leek greens which I was re-growing in a big cup. The soup was cooked for half an hour, mixed, and was enjoyed during lunch. It was really tasty and satisfying.

Been a while ago since I made a dump soup of this calibre. I feel good being able to use up so many bits and pieces most people would just toss into their garbage.

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Neighbourly Gatherings

Yesterday evening, we attended the ‘Winter BBQ’ organized by our neighbours. This time was not exactly a barbecue, but a hired food truck serving fries and deep fried meat. Food was okay and drinks were plentiful. But the most important thing is that we met up with our neighbours and reinforced our neighbourly ties. Having skipped the last two gatherings in winter of 2015 and summer of 2016, I was quite taken aback on how much some of the little ones have grown. Kids, we do not call them spuds for no reason!

Today, we rest…

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Banking Nature

I have just finished watching a documentary called Banking Nature. I am going to need some time to digest the information I have just been exposed to. I know for sure that I will not be able to prevent myself from over-analysing this matter. And how can I? They have just shown the jungle of Sabah for a couple of minutes. Finance, nature and home. Not something I can la-la-la away that easily.

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Forward Fifty

Tomorrow, I turn forty-six!

I started today by taking a walk. My destination was the nearby grocery store. Might as well make the best of it by combining exercise and an errand, no? At the end of my grocery shopping, I was carrying – not one – but two bags of grocery back home. My purchases consisted of a week’s worth of fruit and vegetable, my birthday meal, and meat for two dinners. Nothing clears the head better than fresh air and a light drizzle. And a small dosage of freedom and independence can only lift the spirit.

Tomorrow, I will be embarking on a five-year journey towards the grand age of fifty.

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Nature Shows

I totally love nature shows. When I was 3 or 4 years old (I remember being shorter than the TV), I would be mesmerized by the nature programs on TV. What is so damn interesting about a man climbing steep hills gathering birds eggs, remarked an uncle to me once. I did not reply. I still do not have an explanation to this quirky lifelong fascination. Had I become a biologist, that would have answered a lot of questions…

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Naggy Old Lady

Not long ago, I read an article linking alcohol consumption and cancer. In the same week, there was a TV program discussing the same research and findings. As a result, I have made it one of my 2017 objectives to significantly cut down on alcoholic drinks. The fact is I am too young to be drinking alcohol!

Speaking of new year’s objectives, one of grandma’s saying came to mind recently. Grandma said that she does not want to turn into a naggy old lady because it is annoying and useless. Hence, it is also one of my 2017 objectives to prevent myself from turning into a bitter and irritating individual. And grandma… grandma was calm and peaceful till the very end of her life. Bless her soul.