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Snowfall 2019

Today, we woke up to the first snowfall of the year. Yeah!

A pretty snow carpet laid in our backyard before the morning was over. In the mean time, I managed to conjure up an excuse to go to the shed. I just wanted to walk in a snowfall, leave some footprints in the fresh snow and revoke my strange liking for white winters.

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Stay Home Sunday

Yesterday evening, D and I went to have dinner at our friends’ home in Kortrijk. Main dish was Moambe Chicken, the national dish of Congo, served on a bed of rice with a side of cassava (manioc). Dessert was a home-made blueberry cheesecake. Food was interesting and satisfying. Our friends were hospitable and chatty. All sorts of drinks were flowing generously while we talked and laughed. D and I only stopped drinking, shortly before we put on our jackets to leave!

After such an evening, we are making today a stay-home Sunday.

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Unbearable Clutter

Just read an article from The New York Times entitled The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter.

The last paragraph sums up what I have been clamouring about all these years:

Dr. Saxbe agreed that a good way to declutter is to keep items out of the house in the first place. She urged shoppers to consider whether they truly need an item or if it will add to their home’s sense of dysfunction. “Once it’s in the house, it’s really hard to deal with. You get attached to the things you own,” she said.

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Pumpkin & Endives

I spent most of yesterday wrestling a humongous pumpkin, turning it into purée, cubes and storing these up for future culinary uses.

This morning, I harvested some of the Belgian endives from the utility room. I made endive soup again. For dinner, I shall try to make witloof met ham en kaas. This is a classic Belgian casserole dish where ham wrapped Belgian endives are cooked in a cheese sauce. I never need to make this dish because D and I get this prepared for us by his mother several times a year. However in our current situation, extraordinary time (endive overload) calls for extraordinary cooking efforts. Let us hope that tonight’s dinner will not be a dissapointment.

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New Plates

After 10 years of white square plates, D and I decided that it is time for an update to our dinnerware. So with the gift certificate we got from the parents, we bought ourselves a set of rounded, non-white plates and bowls.

Dinner does look fancier on these plates, even if I am serving the normal fare.


Tasks Divide & Conquer

D’s mother needed computer help, and I have some household basics which have been on the shopping list for quite some time.

Instead of postponing and spreading these tasks to next week, D and I decided to divide and conquer.

On his way to the parents’ home, D dropped me off at the grocery store. And hour later, we went home together having provided the necessary IT support and bags of household staples.

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Third Option

Yesterday, I phoned the local hospital to make an appointment for a medical check-up. The call went first to a language option menu where I may choose Dutch, French or English! Ten years here and I suddenly have an option of using English to book my appointment.

Well the funny thing is that I chose Dutch in the end. It just felt more normal speaking Dutch to a Flemish receptionist. And I have practised the sentences so many times in my head before the call. Besides, I have had made similar calls in the past years without encountering any issues.

The English option offered by the hospital did surprise me. This may mean that the hospital is becoming more global – possessing experts who cater to a diversity of patients. A good thing then.

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Endives Overload

For brunch today, I had two big helpings of endive soup, which I made yesterday. Damn, there is still so much left in the pot…

This morning, D and I harvested five plants which were starting to bolt. I cleaned these up and stored them in the refrigerator to stop any further growth. That being done, we still have more than 20 plants which will be ready for consumption by end of this week! Either we eat witloof till they flow out of our ears or we seriously have to find ways to give them away!

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January Sales – Part One

Instead of piling everything on this coming Shopping Sunday, I have decided to do part of the Kortrijk city winter walk and January sales this afternoon. D and I were able to take our time and enjoy these activities at a slower and less stressful pace.

After Kortrijk, we went to Lokaal to do some grocery for the weekend. We met a few people whom we know and thus spent some time with them drinking, chatting and laughing.

In the evening when we got home, I quickly cook up a chicken curry and rice dinner.