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Too Ambitious

I started early in the morning…

First, I thawed the frozen items that were to be part of my dim sum fillings. By lunch time, I was already making my little spring rolls with all the ingredients I have chopped up and spiced accordingly.

By evening, I have completed items four of eight. Phew!

At 11pm, I realized that I have been too ambitious wanting to finish everything and sell them off before the trip. Parents are still here and they need to enjoy the days they have left in Belgium. I am unable to make food and go sightseeing at the same time. The love ones are always my priority. Dim sum will have to wait.

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We had a simple family gathering at our home this afternoon. One last time for the family to spend some moments with each other before some of us move and travel onwards. Who knows when we are going to see each other again. Overall, it was a lovely Sunday afternoon drinking coffee, eating cake, chatting and playing with the two young boys.

Jibber Jabber

Busy Friday

This Friday became really productive after lunch. First it was a short bike ride with D to the post office to mail off a letter to a Malaysian bank. Yep, snail mails are still in use apparently!

When we got home, our neighbour handed us a package which was ordered yesterday. This got me into my geek mode whereas I started plotting my steps in replacing my damaged Nexus 7 screen.

Around mid afternoon, we took my parents to Lokaal for one final Friday before they leave for the US next week. We had a good time drinking, eating and buying local produce.

In the evening, we joined the neighbours for a few drinks to finalize the last play street (speelstraat in Dutch). After serving the neighbours some of my dim sum things, I got several orders to make them. This before my long trip to US?!

It has been a good and busy Friday indeed…

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Soft Things Do Not Break

It’s the hard things that break; soft things don’t break. It was an epiphany I had today and I just wonder why it took me so very, very long to see it! You can waste so many years of your life trying to become something hard in order not to break; but it’s the soft things that can’t break! The hard things are the ones that shatter into a million pieces!
~C. JoyBell C.

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Calm Down

After dinner this evening, my parents went to the Zwevegem International Beer Festival with D and I. My intention was for my parents to experience a unique and interesting European event. We had a good time drinking beers and people watching.

When we got home and everyone has settled in, I just have to check my email one last time. It happened then, the tablet slipped off my fingers and tumbled down the stairs, hit the concrete floor causing the screen to crack in several spots. As a result, I can no longer unlock and gain access to my device. The gadget cost me $300 four years ago. If I want to use it again, I will have to shell out around $50 to replace the screen.

It has been a long day of putting out virtual bonfires, a bit too much alcohol, a tired brain, an email addiction and life’s little accidents. I need to calm my soul, slow down and take more careful steps.

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Boycott Fail

Four years ago, I wrote this. Well, I have just booked some air tickets on the same airline I am supposed to avoid at all cost. I guess ‘monetary cost’ was a strong enough reason for me to allow myself to be herded about the internet like some digital life stock. I do not like my decision. I do not like how I am currently feeling regarding this matter. I guess we just need to face it and hope for the best.


Water Level

It has started raining since early this morning for an entire day. As a result, the water level of our cistern had increased significantly. We are officially back into the ‘safe’ zone. The lawn and vegetable garden are also looking better. Thank goodness!

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Rain At Last

The rain water cistern has been empty for almost two days now. So, imagine our relief when it finally rained today. A short 30-minute downpour actually filled the cistern up with 25cm worth of rain water. Phew…


Beautiful North Sea sunset viewed from the West Flemish Coast.

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Sunday Sunset