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Down & Out

I wanted to write that I will be putting a fight against this horrendous virus infection. But as the day went by, my body started to ache all over and my head felt like it was filled with lead. That’s it people, I can no longer function properly. Down and out. Slaapwel.

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Ginger Root

A friend once told me that the Cantonese people are known for their heavy usage of ginger root.

So, maybe it is the Cantonese in me that is calling out for ginger lemon tea in order to suppress the beginning of a cough. For lunch today, I made carrot soup so that D may have something warm for his quizzy stomach. But I inadvertently spiced this with a bit too much grated ginger. Luckily, D’s fine palette is in a coma right now?!

At this moment, my brain is actively recalling and searching out recipes that include ginger root as one of the ingredients. Who knows, maybe this culinary preference is going to speed up D’s recovery and strengthen my immunity. One can hope…

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Pick Me Up Walk

Holy crap, I needed to get out of the house! It was smelling like sick and fever in here.

So despite it being rather windy and my head feeling weird, I went out. I made my slow walk to the baker to buy a loaf of white bread, and then to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

It did me good.


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Sick Days

D got really ill starting Saturday evening. By Sunday, he was down and out. He was not able to hold in any food, and was having sudden coughing fits which woke him from his naps throughout the day.

Although I was not feeling well myself, my household routines and restless character kept me going. After taking one long nap yesterday afternoon to make up for lost sleep, I just carried on with my weekend. I kept one eye on a sick and exhausted D, prepared food, and did my weekend chores. Most importantly, I made sure that I take care of myself so that I do not fall sick next.

It sucks to lose precious time because we are sick. No one wants to be weakened by illnesses and be reminded of our immortalities. But that is life. Once a while, we have to turn everything off and put life on pause. Rest and recovery.


Forty Seven

Despite the misty day and sunless weeks, the universe is celebrating my birthday today. My orchids are in full bloom. A lovely white lily bloomed from an indoor plant a few days ago. I have been getting well wishes from my friends and family for an entire day. I had a home-made pizza for lunch adorned with greens from my garden. The parents-in-law came for a visit and brought gifts. This evening, there will be cocktails and a sushi dinner for two. Woohoo!

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My Own Two Feet

I have errands planned out for this afternoon. D will drop off some jars and bottles at the glass collection point while I return library books and maybe borrow a few new ones. Then, we are to do our weekly grocery at the local supermarket, getting some items on promotion and also ingredients for tonight’s dinner. But then, the car will not start because it has been idle for a week and the battery died during the past two nights of freezing temperatures.

When it comes to errand runs like this, my own two feet would have been the most reliable. If only… my grocery list did not include a crate of beer.

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Family Mysteries

I am spending way too much time watching tv. I find myself getting more and more tired and annoyed of the mindless stories, lame plots and weak characters shown on screen.

As antidote to this annoyance, I have started to divert some of my attention towards the stories of my ancestors. Having barely scratched the surfaces, I have already come to the discovery that my Chinese-born maternal grandmother had spent most of her life growing up in Singapore instead of China. A big part of her family left China in 1929 during the Chinese Civil War. Uncovering information regarding my family members (real people) and their life paths (real stories) is far more interesting than any tv series.

As of now, asking questions and creating rough time lines are my only methods on unearthing some family mysteries. I have not started to search for Chinese, Singaporean or Malaysian documents because I doubt that enough (if any) of these survived the years of wars, foreign occupations and migrations.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not too long ago, D and I were given a bagful of chocolate figurines. There is no way we are to consume all these before they turn stale. So, I searched the internet and found a few recipes which use leftover chocolate as one of their ingredients.

This afternoon, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. I think they are a bit on the sweet side for me, but they are what chocolate chip cookies should be in terms of texture and taste. Maybe they are even good enough to share?