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Autumn Garden Clean Up

It is about 10°C outdoors. But a little bit of cold is not going to stop me from cleaning up the back yard. So, I spent about an hour this morning burying my kitchen scraps, removed fallen leaves from around the fruit trees, took out some die-hard dandelions, removed some thick moss patches with the rake, and then raked some compost into those unsightly bald spots in the lawn. My take is, one can always do garden work as long as it is not raining!


Autumn Rain

It has been dry for weeks. As a result, most of the lawns in our neighbourhood have this unhealthy yellowish tint. That will not be the case any longer, for it has been raining cats and dogs for the entire day today. So glad that I do not have any outdoor errands.

Human Nature

Instinctive Reactions

…the basic idea is that in many situations, you’re reacting with instincts programmed into your dinosaur brain, rather than thinking through a situation. If you’re in your dinosaur brain, you’re going to play out a 6 million-year-old program, and nothing good is going to happen.
~Albert Bernstein, clinical psychiatrist

Jibber Jabber

New Pocket

Holy crap, I just spent most of this Saturday afternoon putting a new pocket in one of D’s pants. First, I had to remove the old and worn out pocket. Then, attach a ready-made pocket using the sewing machine and whatever sewing skills I have. Judging from the end results and D’s expression, I say I did quite a good job. Not bad for a first attempt.

Human Nature, Malaysia

Still Here

Dear grandma, it has been a year since you left. But to me, you are not really gone.

I woke up each morning with the baby pillow you made next to me. I see you in mom, my family and myself. Your words still ring in my ears. The warmth of your kindness still presence. When I go to sleep each night with baby pillow over my one ear, I know deep down that you are still here…