Cap Gris Nez


D and I went to Cap Gris Nez, France with a couple of friends this Sunday. It was a wonderful day-trip of Northern France with its breath-taking sceneries, seafood platters, war bunkers and grazing animals. I was so delighted to be able to see the White Cliffs of Dover from across the English Channel!

By the end of the trip, I petted a couple of friendly donkeys. One of them even nibbled on my fingers while I was feeding it.



Our backyard is dotted by random clover patches. The typical gardening norm is to spray and kill these with chemicals. Since that is a big no-no for me, I just use a hand held garden fork to remove and reduce the clover patches. This manual activity is surprisingly therapeutic and ensures that the patches do not get out of control. I really do not mind the clover patches in the lawn. Especially when honey bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

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Today is Dag van de Landbouw (Day of Agriculture). D and I visited a cow farm, a technical school surrounded by an apple orchard, and lastly a hop farm which is also a brewery. After that we went to the city centre of Popperinge for Lekker Westhoeks. That means more eating and drinking…

It was a Sunday filled with enjoyable activities.

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Grape Juice 3

This afternoon, D and I went to the parents and harvested a whole lot of grapes. I got the biggest pot out, cleansed half the harvest, and boiled the first batch of grapes. I am currently filtering the juice with a cheese cloth and sieve. Pouring this into little jars and placing them in the fridge for now. By tomorrow, I shall have enough grape juice to supply the entire neighbourhood!


Fifteen Years Ago

Fifteen years ago today, I was finishing my graphic design homework and preparing to go to class in the afternoon. Later, I was glued to the television, seeing images that will be stuck in my head forever. After finding out that school is closed for the day and next, I tried calling a friend who lives in Manhattan, but the lines were down. To my relief, J replied my email two days later saying that she is alright.

Fifteen years ago today, I was in the same time zone when the towers fell. Fifteen years ago today, my future shifted.