Into A Bucket

We need to wash our hands more often than usual these days. Not an ideal situation because the water supply is dwindling rapidly. It has also been the driest and sunniest April and May in Belgium since the 1800s! We need rain and are not getting any for two months now.

As a simple water saving solution, I have placed a bucket in the sink to catch some of our ‘hand washing’ water. This slightly soapy water is then re-use for mopping the floor (also a good way to cool down the house), or for watering the flower beds and veggie patch.

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Ten Bottles

Yesterday at six o’clock, I hover over my tablet like a hawk out on a hunt, constantly refreshing the Too Good To Go app until I see the ‘reserve’ button. I then clicked on this as quickly as possible, and then spent the next two minutes in intense concentration of completing the transaction!

This afternoon, D and I went off to collect our deeply discounted surprise box. It contains ten bottles of beers, some of which we have never tasted.

Hey, I am not so slow after all.

Jibber Jabber

Falling Asleep

Unless I am deeply engrossed in a good book, or had consumed too much caffeine, I never had problem falling asleep. D said it is unbelievable how fast I can doze off to sleep, it is almost like a super power!

No tricks here… The only requirements are a day well lived, plus a clear conscience.

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Travel Plans On Hold

A trip back to Malaysia was in my travel plans this year. There are several things to take care of back home (yes, home). A tropical vacation of meeting friends and family, closing a couple of credit card accounts, finalizing one insurance policy, and dealing with a pile of paperwork. I was even considering a quick visit to Lahad Datu, and maybe even squeeze in a day trip to Danum Valley…

All those plans went up in smokes, thanks to the contagion. Travels, especially international travels, will not be a smart thing to do until everyone is vaccinated! Bloody hell!

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Mint Sauce & Strawberry Daiquiri

After harvesting a few handfuls of fresh mint from the vegetable patch, I made a small pot of mint sauce for the first time. I shall try this on the barbecued meat later. Mint is really not my thing, but I have so much of it, I had to do something right?!

Also, I used some of last year’s frozen strawberries to make a strawberry daiquiri. What you know, I have all the ingredients all this time… One more round, and I will use up all of the frozen strawberries and make some space available in the freezer. Just in time for this year’s harvest in June.

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Grocery Shopping Loophole

Last Friday, I mentioned that I might brave the local warehouse-style grocery store to stock up on necessities. Well, D and I did that a few hours ago this afternoon. According to the employee guarding the entrance, only one of us are allowed to go in. But we took an extra shopping cart and promised the TSA disinfectant-spraying person that we shall pay separately. “Loopholes…”, said D quietly and triumphantly to me.

Schools are partially reopened since yesterday. This coming Thursday is the Ascension of the Lord – a feast day here. No doubt there shall be lines at the grocery stores. Maybe it was our good timing or maybe it was just pure luck, but there was no line when we arrived, but a relatively long one when we left. Phew!

Our freezer, fridge and pantry are now filled up with necessities and goodies. On top of that, D and I did not have to line up to enter the grocery store. It has been a good day.

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Grey Shrimp Croquettes

In a while, I will be deep frying two grey shrimp croquettes for D and I. This starter dish will be dressed up with some salad greens and edible flowers.

We need to enjoy life to the fullest. Be thankful of all the good things we have. D and I will be doing that by enjoying the delicious North Sea garnaalkroketten this Sunday afternoon. Yum yum!

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Once A Week Grocery

Last week’s grocery consisted of seafood, fruits and vegetable. This Friday, I decided to stock up on meat from Puur Vlees. Because it is way out of our city limits – the guilty pleasure purchases D and I made here are usually quite significant.

For now, I have organized my €80 worth of meat purchase into the fridge. Tomorrow, I will divide these into proper portions and store them in the freezer. With a bit of meal planning, D and I will be able to enjoy these high quality meat for several weeks.

Next week, I might brave the warehouse-style grocery store and do some bulk purchasing to replenish my staple foods. We shall see how things will be by then.

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Stress Pimple

For eight weeks, I have been an image of cool and calm. I thought I was okay all this time.

When I woke up too early in the morning, I blame it on the daylight and our open-plan house. For falling asleep on the sofa, I blamed it on the lack of sleep or the allergy medication I took. Then I had a cold sore which lasted for two weeks in April, followed by a blood shot eye a week ago. I am currently sprouting the third stress pimple since the lock-down.

Cold sores and stress pimples only occur when I have to think and plan a lot, travel long distance, or attend high-stress family gatherings.

In actuality, I am quietly worrying about everyone I care about. What is happening where they are? What are they doing to protect themselves physically and mentally? What kind of risks are they exposing themselves to? In so, I am not okay…