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Who’s Recording?

Just read What Google Knows About You.

Out of the six suggested methods of limiting what Google knows, I am only able to protect myself with the first three. I am constantly signed in and use email regularly. To my surprise, I also seem to watch quite a number of YouTube how-to videos – and Google knows!

My question is, who exactly is the watcher? Is it like your creepy nosy neighbor? Or is it more similar to your loud mouth cousin who cannot keep any secret? The general consensus says that it is a humongous emotionless electronic brain which filters out the juicy stuff, trading these off to businesses, which will then haunt you with your own regurgitated data.

Which is it?

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Chicken Leg Math

A chicken has two legs – unless it is handicapped. Each chicken leg is comprised of a thigh and a drumstick.

Back in the days, dad will buy one chicken from the market every Saturday. That was our weekly chicken consumption, unless there were feast days in the week. It that case, there shall be two chickens.

The two thighs and two drumsticks were divided among the four children. If you get the drumstick this week, you will have the chicken thigh next week. And so it goes… fair and logic sharing. Personally, I see no big difference between a thigh or a drumstick. I was just grateful to have half a chicken leg on my plate every Sunday.

And now, let me get to the point. First, Math does not lie. Second, my parents are good and fair people. So, to the claim that one child might have been showered with more than half a chicken leg every week, do check and review your memories. Be reminded that by making such a remark, you are actually questioning the decency of my parents. Please put a cork in this nonsense.

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Onion Soup

This morning, D and I went to the farmer to buy potatoes, onions and chicory roots to grow our own endives. This will be our third time planting and harvesting before the warmer days arrive. D and I had been so successful in endive planting that I am actually eating second generation endives!

While D was away this afternoon, I decided to make some onion soup based on a French bistro recipe. I did not have french bread nor cheese, so I ended up with a simplified version of this well-known classic. Next time, I shall use butter, instead of olive oil, to caramelize the onions to a golden brown. Despite missing two ingredients and looking a bit paler than the photo, the simple soup is delicious and satisfying.

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Delivering Happiness

I finally got hold of the book Delivering Happiness.

Like a time machine, the book enabled me to travel back 20 years in time. The pre-2008 events had me going, ‘Ah, I have heard of that story…’, or ‘Oh, I was there when that happened.’, or ‘I was one of them!’. Many of these were happy memories which made me smile.

The post-2008 stories were enticing because they let me know how the company did afterwards. How bizarre that I am able to picture what many of the contributors look like! To remember how they were like as coworkers!

I left Zappos and the US more than 10 years ago – in pursue of happiness. Up till now, happiness has been constantly generated, delivered and received with an open-mind.

Hey, why weren’t there any Star Trek references?!

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Life Stories

Each of us are composing our own life stories everyday that we live. Some among us will be fortunate enough to have an incredible story to tell. An exceptional few will have their wonderful tales continued on in the form of legacies.

Having read many autobiographies, I know that I am in the process of writing my own life story, each day that I live. However, it is not until today that I realized that I am not just the writer, but also the editor and reader of this story. As long as we still breath, there may always be reviews, rewrites, and for our life stories to move onto an unexplored path.

Damn, I have just wowed myself!

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March Ahead

The month of February has come and gone in a wink of an eye. And I have successfully participated and lived through a campaign known as Tournée Minérale. This being my second time participating in the movement, I know beforehand that a month of not drinking alcohol is really not difficult. Just like in 2017, I was determined enough to say no to the temptations that crossed my path. Alcohol is not such a big deal in my life. The alcohol-less month will actually make me drink less in the long run. Win-win!

Since today is the first day of March, I may normally allow myself an alcoholic drink. However, I am not because I need to make up for that one day at the Bruges Beer Festival.

I might drink tomorrow. Or maybe a week from now. Since the days are still grey and gloomy, that refreshing glass of alcoholic drink is not necessarily and may wait…

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Math Progress

In the period of two weeks, I have moved from basic arithmetic to algebra II. I could not help feeling a bit proud of myself when I discovered that I was still able to solve semi-complicated mathematical problems. Who would have thought that I have retained so much from my school days, more than 25 years ago!

My objective is to progress to the point where I can understand and solve calculus problems. That was my mathematical level (limit) before I went to business school in the 90s. Business mathematics and case studies only required easy statistical analysis which were mostly solved with the help of computers.

Yep, calculus, the final challenge.